abandon mine

i discovered an abandoned mine in minecraft way down at the bottom of a huge crevasse i tunneled my way into and i found so much shit and also got killed by 900 spiders like twice rip.  i found a village and i’ve been slowly expanding it for ages.  breeding new villagers is kind of annoying but i’m holding out for a blacksmith at this point.  i have way too many shepherds.  bah.


concept: my room stays clean and i dont feel crowded. my window stays open so i constantly feel the cold air outside. the wind blows occasionally and sometimes my favorite song is the rain. i paint things on my wall so when my house is empty and abandoned someone will wander upon it n walk inside and wonder what kind of person wrote those things and why.

“You were never mine” (2017) submitted anonymously from USA - Abandoned Love series by Peyton Fulford

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“Being able to read people so well must be awesome!!”

It is HELL. Every twitch of a cheek, every sigh, every tapping of a hand I see anger and annoyance. Every side ways glance I see hatred. Every lack of reply screams abandonment at me- it helps nothing that I’m right. It makes it worse. I have it in my head that I can always tell when people are going to abandon me- but I ALWAYS think they’re going to leave. You can never convince me otherwise- I just know what people are like.

It’s hell knowing someone is going to go but not being able to tell anyone else why. “They didn’t reply as fast” “They sighed” to anyone else may seem absurd but I KNOW. I know what someone acts like when they’re about leave me- trust me it’s happened to me enough times. And there’s nothing I can do. I just sit there and wait for the abandonment I saw a long time coming.

One day, I will fully accept that you can’t be mine.

Just wait. // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #7