abandon house

people like the idea of a zombie apocalypse because they love the idea of

- shooting people with no remorse or guilt involved 

-rummaging through abandoned houses and taking their shit

-apocalyptic we’re gonna die fucking 

but there’s some drawbacks to this: 

-eventually bullets will run out if no one is making them

-eventually food is going to run out if no one’s making it, plus shooting animals? you’re running out of bullets. plants? no one to farm anymore jackass. 

-there’s no downside to apocalyptic fucking, i guess, except maybe you’ll get an STD and no medication to relieve it 

so stop wishing for an apocalypse assholes, you’re not as cool as you’d like to think and you’d probably get killed by bird flu. 

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Prompt: She had shattered the mirror, only to hope no one had heard her fist go through it. She was clean up the glass, not caring that her knuckles were bleeding. She heard a gasp come from the door that was now open. "You're bleeding."

Elyza felt like she had lost everything. Not only had she lost anyone she had ever cared about in her life. But now she and Alicia had been separated from Alicia’s family. It was her fault that they were now alone in a huge abandoned house. 

She had found solace in a small bedroom that was probably once used as a guest room for guests that could never find the time to stay over. The bed was made perfectly and more pillows than any human could ever used were laying on top. 

Elyza could feel the anger and guilt burning through her and causing her hands to clench into tight fists. Her lungs burned like she had been plunged into an icy bath and every breath was painful. Her head was actually spinning with fury. Her fist made contact with something and she felt a sharp pain as glass shattered around her. 

The mirror that had been attached to the large wooden dresser was now in pieces. Her anger now doubled as she bent down to start cleaning up the big pieces. 

She heard footsteps approaching quickly from the hallway and swore under her breath knowing Alicia had heard the mirror breaking. 

“Everything’s fine.” Elyza said without looking up from cleaning. 

“No it’s not. You’re bleeding.” Alicia walked into the room and grabbed Elyza’s injured hand. “What did you do?” She asked as she examined the cuts on Elyza’s knuckles. 

“I punched a mirror.” Elyza said simply with a shrug. She didn’t want to explain what had gotten her mad enough to punch a mirror in a abandoned house. 

“Why would you do that?” Alicia asked, pulling out a handkerchief from her bag and gently wrapping the wound. 

“No reason.” Elyza was being stubborn she knew it and so did Alicia judging from the look on her face. 

“Elyza.” Alicia gave her a look that Elyza took to mean don’t treat me like a child. 

“Fine. I’m just sick of screwing everything up. I shouldn’t be around people. I lost everyone I ever cared about and now you have too.” Elyza finally confessed, pulling her hand out of Alicia’s grasp. She stood up and sat on the soft bed. 

“You can’t blame yourself for everything that goes wrong.” Alicia walked over and sat next to Elyza. She put her hand on Elyza’s leg. “I don’t blame you. I’m happy to be right here with you.”

Elyza looked up in surprise. “Really?” She asked, no one had ever told her they were happy to be with her before. 

“I’ve never felt better about anything in this life.” Alicia smiled and moved her hand up Elyza’s leg. “I love you Elyza. I will follow you to the ends of this horrible place we call earth.” 

Elyza felt all the anger in her body being replaced by relief. “I love you too.” Elyza replied softly and kissed Alicia softly. Maybe this guest bed would get some use out of it now.  



Favorite Quotes

I used up some of my favorite Kurt quotes on the previous favorite quotes hiatus project post, but here are some of the others I like (I’ve ignored the Jeller classics, which have been giffed so well by others).

However, my current favorite is one that doesn’t lend itself easily to a gif: it’s from the beginning of Authentic Flirt (Episode 9) when Weller and the team have been hunting down the assassins in the abandoned house, and the last one falls to Reade. Jane asks: “What is this? Who are they?” And Weller dryly responds “Don’t know. It’s pretty hard to question them now." This from the guy who kills on sight every chance he gets! It gives me Strike Back happy feels too - Scott and Stonebridge in Shadow Warfare on their recurring quest to collect live "intel” for Locke.      

going abandoned house exploring for the first time in ages this week with potentially new exploring partners.. if it works out i hope they drag me out of my house to explore more than i do now

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My neighbourhood is filled with abandoned but well taken care of houses. I've learned a lot about it walking to work. I'm still looking forward to having enough saved up to move though.

That would make a really cool story to write… About the abandoned houses that always are kept maintained but no one ever sees anyone taking care of them… And maybe it starts as one house and begins to multiply… Omg this would be good!