I can’t stop fawning over Charles Fauna and his new single Abandon. You might recognize this Brooklyn singer songwriter’s vocals from Glassio’s Morning House. He makes a compelling solo debut with his first single, a euphoric eruption of radiant soaring synths and sanguine throbbing beats. While Abandon’s name may have initially evoked solitude or desertion, that isn’t the sort of “abandon” Charles Fauna goes for on his sweeping anthem. Instead, he focuses on the idea of abandoning all that you know to embrace new beginnings. We more than embrace this new beginning that is Charles Fauna’s solo career.

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It’s scary to think how many people abandon their salah.

You’re not just abandoning what Allah has commanded, but you’re abandoning this protection.

Salah is our protection. Allah says,

“Indeed, prayer prohibits immorality and wrongdoing, and the remembrance of Allah is greater. And Allah knows that which you do.”


With every delayed or missed prayer you’re waging a war with shaytaan. You’re putting down the armour given to you by Allah, and have entered the battlefield with no protection.

“And whosoever is blinded from remembrance of the Most Merciful - We appoint for him a devil, and he is to him a companion.”


Do not be surprised then when you fall into all types of sin. Neglecting salah becomes the first step in the path to a lower life. If you want to turn your life around, wallah, focus on perfecting your salah.

It starts with salah.

You don’t need to have your life “perfect” before you begin to pray. That is a trick of shaytaan. Would you finish your car journey before filling up on petrol if you know your tank is empty?

Make salah your priority, and Allah will make everything else fall into place.

Don’t allow shaytaan to steal what is priceless. Don’t allow shaytaan to steal your eternal soul and everlasting ticket to paradise.

Safeguard your prayer.

Safeguard your prayer.

Remember - Things I learnt from the Quran

1. Not to forget the truth ever
2. Do not be sad because of people, be just and let God be the judge if the matter does not settle.
3. Forgive people quickly.
4. From God, there is wisdom, knowledge and everything you are seeking.
5. God is enough for you.
6. Be a responsible Muslim.
7. God will never abandon you.


Your lips
like the hip of
a flower,
and dewy,
Your kisses,
I ruminate
flowing down
my throat,
Even my poetry
is wanton
by such fantasy,
pulling you
gently into
my world…

“come abandon
your reserve…”
they whisper,
“and share
what the mind
has conjured…”

© SoulReserve 2017

I might get pissed for a minute but I’ll never abandon you. I don’t leave people and I think that’s why it hurts so bad when people leave me.

anonymous asked:

Heres a MYSME request like you wished lol RFA members reacting to their S/O leaving them? Im a shit for angst.


Yes you’re a shit.

I mean, I love angst too but an angst deserves a happy end! Like… UGH T_T

Okay, I’m gonna do this T_T I won’t do for Jaehee though, because I realized that I don’t know her personality well enough to even guess her reaction… I completely cannot imagine how would she act. But I’m going to go through her route soon and then I will edit this post and fill the gap.

So… here it goes:

◄ Zen ►

He doesn’t understand.

It can’t just get to him, for a moment he’s just dumbfounded.

And then he starts to ask. Why? What happened? Did he do something…? You weren’t a perfect couple, of course, but perfection doesn’t exist in this world. You argued a bit once a while, sometimes forgot about each other… It just happened. He wouldn’t ever think it was that bad for you.

Perfection doesn’t exist…?


He’s always thought of himself as of someone perfect.

But here you were, shining and filled with good he always desired. You were perfect in every single inch of your body.

Yet you left him. Because… he was worse…?

Of course he was… How could he even think that he’d be good enough for you…

He doesn’t want to lose you. But he doesn’t want you to suffer because of being with him…

He’s torn apart, so he keeps asking the same questions over and over again, hoping that it’d make him at least a bit more aware as to why.

He tries to carry on, but he can’t. He’s not able to focus on his work or to act as cherfully as before. 

There’s a paining burned gap in the centre of his heart.

Princess… …No, I won’t stop calling you that… No matter what you do, you’ll be a princess… even if I was supposed to become a pauper. Please… reconsider it. I want you to be happy, I truly do…”

◄ Jumin ►

He respects you.

There’s nothing he can do, other than to respects your will.

In quiet, emotionless voice he just asks: “Is there anything I could do to change your mind…?”

He has this slight glimpse of hope, but then you say that there’s nothing.

You’ve decided to leave him and he can’t do anything about it.

He used to control other people a lot, even when he didn’t want it. He used to know if something’s about to happen. But he didn’t notice. How could he not notice…?

He’s wrecked inside, but he lets you do whatever you want. He has to restrain himself from forcing you to stay. He knows that’s what he desires right now - to make you stay with him forever. But he respects you. He truly respects you.

All the women are the same, he used to say. 

He knows that you’re not like the others, but he can’t just put it together. 

You were supposed to stay by his side forever, so why did you left…?

He loses it. He completely loses it. Not even his Elizabeth 3rd can help him now. Never in his life has he felt so lonely.

He knows that he’ll never meet anyone like you and he doesn’t care anymore.

He stops to use the RFA messenger, acts as if the C&R didn’t existed. He’s completely wasted.

I have no right to say that… but if I could, I would keep you here forever so that you wouldn’t escape from me. Although right now, it doesn’t matter anymore… I would never want to hurt you like this. It’s your choice… Only yours.”

◄ Yoosung ►

He tries to say somthing, but his voice creaks down and he stays quiet.

He’s having so hard time, trying his best to keep his composure up. It seems so impossible right now, but he can’t show how weak he feels because of this…

So he smiles… and it’s the most devastated smile you’ve ever seen. It’s anything but happy.


You shouldn’t do this… You shouldn’t leave him…

“Wait… don’t leave… p-please…”

But you do and he can’t help it.

He’s alone now. Abandoned.

He falls. He completely loses himself. He feels just like a few years ago, when Rika passed away. No… He feels even worse, because you were supposed to be his and his only.

What can he do now? He believed that you’d be always by his side, but now he has nothing. 

Games? Screw them.

RFA? He doesn’t want to look at the chat as long as you’re still there.

It hurts, it hurts so much. Too much. He doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want anything. He’s not even sure if he wants to live anymore.

“Even since Rika left, I haven’t feel so… bad. Was that wrong… to hope for us? I don’t know what happened, I don’t know anything anymore… but how bad must I be to deserve the most important people always leaving me like that…?”

◄ Seven ►

“…” He stares at you for a while, his face emotionless. “Good” he speaks and turns around, as if he was the one who leaves.

He would never try to stop you. He always insisted on you leaving him and now you do. That’s how it should be. He doesn’t deserve anything more.

So why can’t he accept this? Why is he feeling so… empty?

He shuts his emotions now. He let them slip for a moment, for the mere while he let himself believe that he can be happy with you by his side…

He can’t.

He’s an agent. He must do what he’s supposed to. He will die without anyone noticing. No one will ever remember him.

How could it happen that he doesn’t want to live like this…?

Yet, he has no right to refuse.

He’s an agent, nothing more.

On the chat, he acts as if nothing happened. He tries his best to be like before, to once more become the person he was before he met you.

He keeps conviencing himself on that’s how it should be.

But the urge to hurt himself over and over is too strong for him to just ignore it…

“Huh…? … What are you saying, I’m fine… I told you that you should stay away… It’s a shame that you realized it so late, I shouldn’t have let you… like me… It’s not as if you’d worry about me now anyways… You’ve made your choice and that’s the best you could do… Just forget about me…”

Ce matin toutes les routes étaient bloquées à cause d'un incendie, impossible d'aller en cours en bus il me fallait marcher longtemps sous un soleil de plomb.
Arrivé à mi-chemin C. m'appele d'urgence pour m'informer que le cours est remplacé par un DS.
J'ai rebroussé chemin.

naked III 2

Here is my first painting combining face, primitive figure and landscape (beachscape) on a painting ‘stage’, to tell a story.

The face is the viewers (artists) self, the figure is their primal id and the landscape ‘screen’ is the placement.

Naturally, each viewer will see a different story, as does the artist, so no narrative is given, other than the writing on the stage –

reckless, abandon, euphoria, the dance of the free