☾ ➳   He tried REALLY hard not to laugh, he did - but he let out a huff of a laugh, which he covered by a drag of a smoke.  The bar was shit, but at the end of the world, what else could one expect - any bit of respite was good - any respite from his MIND was good - sometimes it felt as though it was ALL CAVING IN and fuck if a drink wasn’t cathartic sometimes.    All he wanted was to just have a moment to forget; the cravings, the past, the blood, the anger - but it never really abaited.

      LOS ABUELOS helped though - it was usually quieter in here than most places.

    He knew that Nadja worked here, or lived here, one of the two - it was where they’d spoken the first time - but the other girl, the one muttering curses and insults in SPANISH behind the bar - he didn’t know her.    And FUCK she was mouthy, he grinned into his drink.    He couldn’t speak Spanish all that well, but he could understand it - MS-13 and San Quentin taught him that.    His BEST guess was that this girl was Rosario    ( rosary - dragged his thumb across the tattoo on his hand with a touch on fondness )

          As the object of her tirade left, Angel turned on the stool - his heavy leather jacket was sat on the bar in front of him as he faced her; “pretty sure that guys nuts just crawled up inside him - or he WOULD if he could understand Spanish.”

      ( @incantevoles )