Chairperson of the shack-dwellers' movement in South Africa was assasinated last night

Between half past six and seven last night an armed man burst into Thuli Ndlovu’s home in KwaNdengezi while she was watching TV. He shot her seven times and she died on the scene. There were two other people in the house at the time. One was Sphe Madlala, an 18 year old neighbour. He finished matric last year and did very well in physics and maths. Our movement has been trying to help him to get into university. He had come to the house to help Thuli’s 17 year old daughter, Sli, with her matric studies in maths and science. Sphe was also shot twice in the stomach but he survived. He underwent surgery at RK Khan Hospital at one this morning and remains in a critical condition. Thuli’s one year old son, Freedom, was also in the house at the time of the shooting. He was not physically harmed. Sli was in a separate outside room with her grandmother at the time of the shooting.

this is devastating

Our movement is shocked but not surprised. We have accepted that some of us will die in this struggle. We are well aware that our leaders have been removed from the housing list and placed on the death lists. Many of us have received threats. We knew that another assassination was coming. The only surprise was that many of us were expecting that it would be Ndabo’s turn. Senior police officers were also aware that another assassination was coming. They have done nothing to give protection to our members.

Our deep condolences go to Thuli’s family, to her mother and her children. We will do all that we can to support them and to make sure that Thuli is buried with all the dignity and honour that she was denied in life. She was a brave and strong woman. She will always be remembered and honoured in our movement.

We are facing a war. The struggle for land and dignity continues.

Lala ngoxolo qhawe, sizohlala sikukhumbula

Solidarity with the family of Thuli Ndlovu’, every member of Abahlali baseMjondolo, the Unemployed Peoples’ Movement, the Rural Network, and everyone standing up for human dignity against ANC thugs and corrupt police in South Africa. You will win this war.