some Ten x Rose ficart inspired by one of my all-time faves, Worthy of Her by @abadplanwellexecuted​. with a detail insert because i’m so pleased with their faaaaces

(this fic has all my favorite things in a story! like adventure! romance! banter! swords! a Big Damn Kiss™! yes. you should go read it. like right now.)

«[The Doctor] hums softly, pleased.  “I’ve had the same one for several weeks now.  Nearly every night, I dream that I am the captain of a ship with bright blue sails, traveling on an infinite sea.”

That gets her attention.  Rose inhales sharply, and he squeezes her shoulder gently, perhaps thinking that she’s still frightened.  Which she is, to be honest, but this is a different sort of fear.  His dream is just a little too close to the truth–is the Doctor leaking through?  Is this normal?  Is he ok?  She asks the first thing that pops into her head, by way of keep him talking.  “And how do you know it’s infinite?”

She swears she can hear him smiling, just a little, as he answers softly.  “Because I traverse every part of it.”

“Ah.”  She nods, thinking quickly.  “You realize that doesn’t really make sense, right?”

“Well, they’re dreams,” he says, voice still soft.  “Such is to be expected.”  

Rose nods again.  “Sure.  Just dreams.”  

“Aren’t you going to ask about my crew?” he asks after a moment.

“Is there a crew?”  She is surprised–his dream seemed so close to reality.

“Just one.”  He slides his fingers all the way down her arm and takes her hand.  “A most vexing young lady.  She is rather…troublesome.  And blonde.”

A slow smile spreads over Rose’s face.  “Am I on your ship with you?”

He puts some effort into making a shocked sound.  “Miss Tyler, intimating something like that would be very improper of me.”

Rose just grins in the dark.  “So what did she do that’s so…what was it?  Vexing?”

He is quiet a moment.  When he speaks, it’s with an entirely different tone–the teasing is done.  He sounds almost reverent.  “You sat on the prow of the ship as the storm rolled in, right out at the very edge of disaster.  You sat there and laughed, laughed at the size of the waves.” 

 “M’sorry,” she says softly, even though she’s not totally sure what she’s apologizing for.  But if this dream really is bleeding out of the Doctor’s subconscious, well…

“I tried to call you back.  Tried to take you to a safe port, tried to lash you down to the prow, tried everything to keep you from slipping into that abyss.  But you just laughed.  Like today,” he adds, stroking his thumb over the top of her hand.  “I bring you here to protect you from the Nameless, but somehow you end up standing in front of me.  You are the bravest person I know.”»

- The Air Near My Fingers, by ABadPlanWellExecuted & helplesslynerdy (Chap.7)

anonymous asked:

Looking for a tentoo/rose oneshot. They were at a bar and he was drunk and regaling all their torchwood friends about their past adventures or something, and she was observing him. After he got done talking to them, she went over, and he started differentiating between himself and 10, saying they were the same man for anything that they did that made rose happy, but weren't whenever it was something bad, like France. I think he forgot the name of the king's mistress, and called 10 a sod/cad.

We haven’t located anything like this. Can anybody else help? ~hl

ETA: @buffyann23 found this for us: 

Oxytocin (and other intoxicants) by ABadPlanWellExecuted (Tentoo x Rose, teen)

abadplanwellexecuted replied to your post:I’ve been pondering Paul Magr’s blog post about…

A lot of time with Moffat’s stuff, I feel like all the character are talking with the same voice, HIS voice. He’s got his one self-insert moffat and a chorus of moffat-juniors setting up witty wordplay serves for the main chararacter to return.

Yeah, definitely. It’s why I don’t “get” his dialogue, really. It’s all one voice and that voice is one I don’t really enjoy or understand most of the time. I think his background in sitcom-writing really, really shows.

«[The Doctor] hands Rose a spoon. She reaches forward tentatively and after bumping the plate, she grasps the small glass jar. “Wait,” she says, spoon mid-air.

“Do you need help with spreading the jam?”

“No,” she shakes her head. “I think I’ve got it. I just want to make sure that you haven’t been eating out of the jar with your fingers.”

Silence, then spluttering. She almost hears his face redden.

“That is a fresh jar.”

She can’t help but grin at how he sounds like a little boy caught in the act. “You didn’t even take a little bit off the top?”

He huffs. “All right, I took a little bit off the top once with my very clean hands. Though I’m bewildered at how you knew.”

“Oh, I’ve been around doctors before. Seems to be a running thing.”»

- The Air Near My Fingers, by ABadPlanWellExecuted and helplesslynerdy (Chap. 4)

During our 8-hour car ride today, at one point I asked my kids if they wanted to stop for a snack. They both said “YES!” at the same time. Then my 5-year-old daughter turns to my son and gleefully cries, “Jinx! You owe me some bacon!”

That’s my girl.

A Midsummer Night's Dream in the TARDIS

God dangit. I blame Littlewhomouse and abadplanwellexecuted for this…. 

  • Titania - Rose
  • Oberon - Ten 
  • Puck - Idris (aka Sexy) 
  • Lysander - Rory
  • Demetrius - Eleven
  • Hermia - Amy  
  • Helena - River 
  • Egeus - Donna 
  • Thesus - Jack
  • Hippolyta - Reinette
  • Philostrate - Nine 
  • Bottom - Adam 
  • Quince - Martha
  • Flute - Mickey 
  • Starveling - Wilf 
  • Snout - Craig
  • Snug - Strax
  • Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Mote, and Mustardseed - Merry Gejehl, Jenny (Doctor’s daughter), Timothy Latimer, …one more…

Why did I just do that? Why?

If someone wants to write it…definitely let me know. 




That was the first fic I’ve been hyper-invested in in a long time, and it was really, really good. Five stars, would read again, would recommend. 

Whew lawd. Now that I’ve emotionally exhausted myself with my fic anxiety, I’m going to bed.

«[Rose] grins before she turns to where she senses his presence. “Is there a clear path in front of me for a few paces?”

“A couple hundred meters, maybe. Why?”

She doesn’t answer, and instead takes off running. Her limbs groan after the weeks of disuse, but she feels more herself than she has since this whole thing began. That’s one of the things she hates most about the whole bleeding mess. She could run from monsters with the best of them.

You can’t run from being blind.

You can’t run from your best friend not being the same man.

But, for these few precious minutes, she pretends.

The air rushes past her ears, drowning out all other sound.She steps wrong on a clod of ground and loses her footing, falling forward. She catches herself on her hands inches above the ground.

“Rose! Are you all right?” [Dr. Smith] is now running towards her. After a split-second of self-assessment, the absurdity of a blind girl running willy nilly gets to her, and she starts to giggle as she rolls to her back.»

- The Air Near My Fingers, by ABadPlanWellExecuted & helplesslynerdy (Chap.9)

So… I just discovered the fanfiction of ABadPlanWellExecuted and I had to share because I absolutely love her writing! I’ve been binge-reading her work for the past two days. Love it!

Her Certain Dark Things series is all about brilliant, BAMF dimension-hopping Rose. Amazing portrayal of characters and really good plot! 

the air near my fingers is another new favorite of mine. It’s a chameleon arch story, which I love, and it’s very original. There are definitely twists that I didn’t expect and I loved it! (edit: forgot to add that this was co-written with helplesslynerdy)

Amazing author and I very highly recommend her stories.  Go read!

abadplanwellexecuted replied to your post: “David Tennant’s face is the alphabet. But the…

Dear Jamie, I try and try to foster my own gaggle of batshit crazy anons, but to no avail. I put out frootloops, built tiny wee madhouses, compare body parts to symbol sets, but nothing seems to work! What is the secret to your amazing success?

Oh man, it’s gonna be a really tough project, you’re gonna have to use your head, your brain, and your mind, too.

BOOM THAT WAS YOUR FIRST LESSON AND I BET YOU DIDN’T EVEN CATCH IT. That was a School of Rock quote. You have to present the opportunities for anons to come at you. What I should’ve done is screw the quote up. Who knows? Maybe I did! If I did, I’m sure someone will tell me!


Your second lesson is to vaguely insult teenagers. Don’t ever say it directly, just edge around it. I mean, here alone, the implication that it’s teenagers that are the anons is probably enough to get me started, but that’s some Inception-level shit. We need to work you up to that.

The third lesson is to seem cool. You don’t have to be cool, I’m not cool, but you have to seem cool, because people want to prove that they’re cooler than cool people. If there were a tiny runt dog, drenched in rain, even though it’s not raining, by the side of the road, would you want to tell that dog that his collar looks stupid? No, you wouldn’t. Now imagine a different dog in Ray-Ban sunglasses, and an Islands t-shirt (the band, not the land mass), and Chuck Taylor’s he painted himself in his garage-turned-studio. Don’t you want to knock that dog down a peg? I bet you do. Out of curiosity, did you picture a Corgi? I pictured a Corgi.

The fourth lesson is to get things a little bit sexy. People let their guards down when things are a little bit sexy. They want to tell you things, or they want to yell you things, and really, everyone’s just feeling a lot freer. You gotta loosen ‘em up, there are no inhibitions on your blog, your blog is Pleasure Island, and you know what people do on Pleasure Island? THEY MOUTH THE FUCK OFF.

The fifth lesson is to write tags literally without paying attention to anything, so that when people try to hold you accountable for something, you basically don’t even remember saying it. Let’s practice. Let’s say you have a photo of David Tennant doing…something. He’s eating, sure, let’s say he’s eating. What would you tag that post with? #david tennant #tennant #tenth doctor (depending on his outfit) #food porn, maybe?

WRONG. What you need to do is tell a completely unrelated story, but use your lessons. Let’s walk through them one more time: get something wrong, vaguely insult teenagers, seem cool, get sexy.

Okay, ready? So now you can start.

Tell a story about how one time when you were seeing Return of the Jedi in the theatres when it came out for the very first time ever — in what, and you remember this vividly, was definitely 1997 — and you were just trying to buy some popcorn and this girl kept crying behind the concessions counter, and frankly you did not know or care why she was crying, I mean, what’s her biggest problem? That her $1,200 couture prom dress doesn’t fit? Snoresville, you want your popcorn, and also you have real problems, and she has fake ones, so. Finally you get your popcorn, and you head back to the theatre, and you run into some friends that you used to design rocket ship prototypes with, only their flight paths were determined by the drum beats in Arcade Fire songs, and one in particular, this dude with a terrific head of hair, and hipbones for days, you’d forgotten how good he smells, and you remember his bedroom and anticipation and the sound of his belt, and man, the sound of belt buckles, right? and then just wrap it up with a non sequitur. Maybe try “Man, I’m hungry.” or “I actually wish I’d remembered my belt today, these jeans fit so fucking poorly.”

Don’t worry about mentioning David Tennant, if you feel weird and you want to wade in, feel free to mention whether he’s also wearing a belt in the picture. If you’ve gone with the tag where you forgot your own belt, you can say something like, ‘And David Tennant’s belt would do nicely!’

AND THERE YOU GO, THAT’LL DO YOU. You can sit back and relax now, friend! They’ll come to you!

«They reach Nurse Redfern’s porch and the crunching of gravel beside her stops. “Rose, we’re friends, yes?”

She turns towards [Dr. Smith’s] voice. “…yeah.”

“Good, because I value your companionship.” She hears the gravel shift. “No. No, more than that.”

She taps her cane to her right, finding the ledge of the porch so she can sit down. He sits down beside her, and she can feel the vibration of him bouncing his knee. She turns toward him and then gasps. She can feel him so close to her now, his warmth near her face, the way she can hear his mouth open before he speaks.

“Before you came, I feel like I was…floating aimlessly here. And then you appeared. And you’re- so different. Alive. In the face of things that would make others quit, you keep on. The way you are with Isaac…the way you look out for everyone around you.” His hand gently comes to cover hers resting on the porch. “Such a warm heart.” The hand that had been resting on hers tilts her chin up. “I-I would very much like to,” the fingertips of his other hand are barely touching her temple and cheek as he murmurs, “Kiss you.”»

- The Air Near My Fingers, by ABadPlanWellExecuted & helplesslynerdy (Chap.8)

abadplanwellexecuted replied to your post: a number of people seem genuinely concerned that…

Somebody should remind them of his first episode where he clung to the TARDIS while it was airlifted by helicopters or some shit, flying all over London, and he was almost castrated by Big Ben. Damn, that man is a dedicated actor!

It’s a little-known fact that David Tennant actually jumped out of a plane without a parachute and fell through a glass ceiling. No wonder he has back problems.