They’re forced together as lab partners. Naomi says they don’t have to like each other, just get the work done in that sharp way of hers. The problem is Abbadon likes her, or at least the glimpses of her she gets beneath that shaded exterior and drab color palette.

They’re deep in the back of the library, looking for a book that probably doesn’t exist when Abbadon feels Naomi’s hand drift down her back,probably to get her attention. Abbadon reacts on instinct when she turns around and pushes Naomi into the bookshelf- its when Naomi lunges up to kiss her that she’s surprised.

abaddon x naomi spn au

With Castiel in the wind, the Winchesters on her tail, and Crowley a menace, Naomi finds a likeminded person willing and enthusiastic about creating a better world for all of Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise,” Abaddon murmurs, licking her lips and looking up at the angel who brought her back to life, who nearly smiles. “I didn’t know it was my birthday.”

“It’s better than that,” Naomi says. She walks forward, shoes clacking on the concrete floor. “I have a deal for you.”

Just when Abaddon seemed interested in Naomi, disgust crosses her expression. She rolls her eyes. “Knights don’t strike deals. If you want a deal, go see the king.”

“No. You see, he’s exactly the problem. Or, one of the problems, to be precise.”

Abaddon appraises the angel for a moment as she sits down across from her. “… I’m listening.”

“Crowley needs to go. Castiel needs to go. The Winchesters need to go.” Naomi watches the knight’s expression carefully and sees she has her captivation back.

“A regime change,” Abaddon sums up, pleased. She grins at Naomi. “I think we might just be in business, angel.”