Whatever you do, don’t imagine Rodney sacrificing himself for the good of Atlantis to this song.


Imagine Rodney dying for John to this song.

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Homestuck Voice Meme

Warm up by pronouncing the following: 

Homestuck, strife, Zazzerpan, Pesterchum, Zillyhoo, ectobiology, chrystamanthequins, bee2, Skaia, Draconian Dignitary, Pupa Pan, Peregrine Mendicant, wonk, madrigogs, smuppet, sylladex, Becquerel, kismesis, moirail, Gl’bgolyb


    How did you get into Homestuck? How long have you been reading it?
    Who are your favorite characters? (Trolls, Exiles, Kids, etc.)
    If they’re still alive, how hopeful are you that they’ll survive until the end of Homestuck?
    Do you ship anything?
    Excluding Cascade, which is your favorite flash?
    Whose typing quirk gives you the most trouble?
    Which character death upset you most?
    How do you feel about your Patron Troll?
    Lastly, how do you feel about what’s going on in the comic right now? (whatever it happens to be.)

WHAT IS ENGLISH I DONT UNDERSTAND sorry tengo acento silly ugu


Dandy Lions

Dandelion flowers,
Holding hidden power.
Didn’t you know that?
Because I think it’s a fact.
They say If you take one
And then start to run…
That when you make your wish
It will start to swim like a fish.
The wish will grow and grow
Till it will soon glow.
And then you’ll know it’s a fact
And that is simply that.

[10:38:41 AM] Agent Assbutt: wow im so nerdy

[10:38:49 AM] Kodiak Nolan: i know

[10:38:58 AM] Agent Assbutt: [11:35:56 AM] Agent Assbutt: you smile really wide

[11:36:00 AM] Agent Assbutt: and your eyes glitter

[11:36:01 AM] Kodiak Nolan: SSSSSSSSHHHH

[11:36:09 AM] Agent Assbutt: like the light of a thousand black holes through time lapse

What am I going to do with you

What am I going to do with you

You’ve crawled underneath my skin

And all my thoughts are all about you

It’s crazy how you’ve had my life spin

Into one intricate web

With me on the center

And you surrounding me without ebb

What am I going to do with you

You’ve turned me into a crazy person

And I don’t know what to do

Because I start to think without reason

Under your spell

I’m constantly in a haze

Of admiration and romance and everything’s well

Until I wake up to the reality

That you and I can never be.

–Wrote this poem in three minutes. It’s safe to say that I can be a genius. Or maybe I am (sorry for the self-gloat.). ;)