You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 17)

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Nico felt as though he was in a daze for the rest of the day. Not only did Will reciprocate his feelings, but he also new he was Ghost King…..and he had told the Italian that he was essentially falling in love with him or could fall in love with him. Same difference. Needless to say, he hardly paid attention in his classes and his friends of course noticed.

Well mainly Reyna and Jason. They had asked him what was wrong to which he replied dreamily, “Absolutely nothing.”

Apparently it was so out of character for him because Reyna automatically assumed he had been given drugs or something. Jason seriously asked if he accepted something to eat, like a brownie, from someone he did not know.

That had made him laugh. Like hard.

“Ummmm no. I can definitely say I have not eaten something from someone I do not know, nor did I take drugs. Bianca would kick my ass if I did. So would Hazel…..so would my dad….and Sephony (persephone) too…..and you two…..I’m pretty sure Annabeth would as well…..actually just all of you, everyone I know. Wow, now that’s an eye opener.” The dark haired boy rambled out as he played with his pencil, obviously not doing his work like Jason and Reyna, who might I add were already done. Nerds.

Reyna crossed her arms which made her flex her arm muscles, which by the way was very intimidating. It was rumored that Reyna could make any man or woman confess all their sins by just crossing her arms and looking at them. It was one of Nico’s favorite rumors actually because he was pretty sure it could be true.

“You’re rambling.” She stated.

“I’m not rambling.” He defended as he too crossed his arms.

Jason who was quite literally between them kept swiveling in his chair so he could look from Reyna to Nico and from Nico to Reyna.

“Di Angelo.” Reyna scolded, sounding very much like a disappointed mother.

Nico couldn’t help but give her a sheepish smile. “Okay so maybe I was rambling, but it’s for a good cause?”

“And what would that be?” Jason asked, his attention caught yet again.

“Ummm…..well I had wanted to tell Hazel and Bianca first but….I uh,…. kissed Will.” Nico admitted and with each word his blush got darker and darker until he felt his whole body flush.

“What!?” Reyna and Jason shouted simultaneously. To which they got a rather rude, ‘Shhh’ from the teacher.


Okay here’s the thing about Will, the guy is always humming or singing a tune whenever you’re around. He always does it.

But at the moment he was humming. He wasn’t singing. He was just sitting there with a dazed look. He wasn’t even paying attention to the health education teacher! He always paid attention in health!

But here he was just sitting there with his face in his hands, a zoned out look on his face, with a soft smile tugging on his lips. Also there was the sighing.

The goddamn sighing. Lou was about ready to punch him just so he would stop the sighing. But she was also worried about him.

“I think he’s finally lost his mind.” Cecil commented as he balanced yet another object on Will’s head.

First he had just placed his textbook and notebook there to see if Will would react, but when he didn’t he took it as a personal challenge to stack as many things as he could before Will or their teacher noticed.

Right now he was at three books, a binder, two water bottles with a ruler balancing between them his phone in the middle of that ruler and an empty Gatorade bottle on top of his phone. It was actually pretty impressive.

“I think you’re right.” Lou mused as she waved a hand in front of Will’s glazed over eyes and promptly passed Cecil a pen to add to the ridiculous pile of things on Will’s head. Cecil grinned at her in thanks and somehow got the bed to stay in one of the holes in the ruler.

“At least he looks somewhat happy. I mean he’s smiling at least.” Cecil commented as he somehow perfectly balanced a marker standing up on the empty Gatorade bottle.

Lou snorted, “ I think it has something to do with Nico.”

At the mention of the Italian’s name, Will sighed yet again but seemed to come back to the real world as he sat up straight. Causing the tower of stuff on his head to some crashing down around him. Cecil cursed as he narrowly saved his phone from smashing into the ground.

All the things falling around him and the noises of them hitting his desk or the floor seemed to snap Will completely out of his daze. The teacher yelled at them to behave but other wise said nothing as some kids snickered.

Will flushed and mumbled an apology.

“What’s up with you? You’ve been this way since lunch.” Lou commented with a smirk.

“What do you mean? Like what?” Will asked.

“ Like this.” Cecil stated as he impersonated Will, over exaggerating everything.

Lou laughed and nodded. “Yeah like that.”

Will seemed to blush harder as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Well I…..me and…..I kissed Nico.” He finally spewed out.

That effectively made Lou and Cecil freeze. All they did was blink.

“Uh guys?” Will questioned, genuinely worried that he had broken his friends.

“You did what?” Lou asked at the same time that Cecil asked. “Wait, what?”

(( can you guys believe I’m already at part 17? Because I can’t XD))


Beneath The Waves; Part 14}

Narcissa: “ Ah, well you see Mrs. Freeman, I can explain all that. Ahaha [nervous]… I’m not like most girls. I learnt to walk and talk a little later than most. I’m telling you though, Twikki Islands has different traditions to Isla Paradiso when It comes to raising chidren. ”
Patricia: “ Well tuts, If your from Twikki Islands then where the hell is ya accent and why do ya have a complexion that resembles a marshmellow? I’m even providing you with a bed to sleep on, you deserve to sleep by the cinders and be called Cinderella! SILLY GIRL! Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t fire you right ‘ere and now. ”
Narcissa: “ I’m really good at putting out fires! Fire isn’t something you have to worry about when your around me… I’ve had training in aquatic enviroments so It’s like I’m a walking water bottle. ”
Patricia stares at Narcissa wide eyed.
Patrica: “ Hunny, you gotta screw missing! Not fire as It fire, fire as in why shouldn’t I kick you out right now! Why shouldn’t I get rid of you? Your a walking catasrophy. Get to a salon right away while your at it now off with you!”
Narcissa: “ Wait please! Let me proove myself to you! I can do this job like no other. I’m just having a tough time…. And…. And…. And…. Your a great woman to look up to! Your hair, nails, fashion! You inspire me Patrica. ” Narcissa thought If she complimented a vain bitchy woman like Patricia then maybe she’d keep her job?
Patrica: “ Oh me?” Patrica placed her hands on her chest and pouted. “ Oh, really? Well I do think I’m good for girls to look up to. Oh darling you really impressed me there. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about me. First we need to get you to a tanning bed, pronto as the suns not working and If that doesn’t work then fake tan will have to do.”
Narcissa forced out a smile.
Narcissa: “ Hahahahaha! Oh that wasn’t a joke was It. Um, yes please! ”
Patrica’s smile dropped.

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