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What’s On TV (Week 14)

Wednesday April 5th

Robert feels awkward around Rebecca.

Thursday April 6th

Robert anxiously awaits Aaron’s release.

As Aaron’s released from prison, will he discover Robert’s secret?

Friday April 7th

Robert is unsettled when he notices his sister Victoria and his ex-lover Rebecca appear to be becoming friends.

Robert worries about what Rebecca has said.

Next Week (Week 15)

Victoria hopes a baby is on the way and Aaron and Robert get some shocking news.

All members raji 3/24 (Abe-chan)

Ruki: Ring-name, Abe-chan. “I’m studying to get into university even though I’m 46.” They’re 46!?

(everyone giggling, Kai laughing loudly)

Ruki: “I took the exam for [Buddhist University in Japan]”

(everyone laughing loudly, the way Abe-chan said it was funny)

Ruki: “My sakura scattered tremendously. The Gudon no Sakura flurry was wonderful. It’s an online course, so it’s tempting me to leave [to become a priest]. But recently I don’t feel like leaving as much.”

(everyone laughing)

Ruki: “I’m such a failure, my parents said they feel like all the money they spent on me went down the drain. Please console me.”

(Kai dying laughing)

Reita: This is Dark….

Ruki: This is what Dark Side mail is.

Aoi: Yeah…

Reita: I guess they failed their exam?

(Kai laughing)

Reita: They “scattered tremendously…”

Aoi: The way they write is always so animated

Kai: And like they got all of this into four lines it’s amazing (laughing)

Ruki: Aww, Abe-chan…thanks for everything u’ve done for us

Kai: We read it with such a different energy, cause it’s short and really pops out at you


Ruki: So….what do y’all think

(everyone dies)

Ruki: Well, we read this as Dark Side mail, but…

Reita: It’s not that the story was Dark, but just Abe-chan as a person, you know?

(everyone giggling Abe-chan Abe-chan)