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140718 TLP Fanaccount from a girl in a wheelchair

OP: 黄子韬专属小黄暴
Foreword: The girl is staying over at OP’s house. OP gave her a ticket to TLP tonight. 
TL;DR: You can scroll to the paragraph marked ** 

Firstly, thank you to OP for the ticket. 

Tonight was meant to be different. 

I’ve liked him for two years. At first glance, his black hair left an imprint on my heart. The first time I saw him with my own eyes, he’s still black-haired. We haven’t changed these past two years. We have not changed. 

I made arrangements with the girl next to me to avoid drawing attention to me, because I was in a wheelchair. I just wanted to watch the concert quietly. Little did I know that I would cry from beginning to end. 

When he first appeared, I kept looking for him, but I did not expect him to have black hair. But you know what? With the same black hair, his aura has completely changed; this is evidence of his growth. He is truly breathtaking, like he walked right out of a drawing. 

Gege [T/N: OP] was right to say: Time took away one Huang Zitao, and brought back a better Huang Zitao. I think I understand Gege’s insistence on black hair and his refusal to dye his hair. Gege respects and admires Huang Zitao- from one man to another. 

Tao and Luhan and Yixing are really close, they were playing around like it was a cross-talk performance. I guess you guys know the part about the selca, Yixing likes to tease Tao. 

Tao also said it was really hot and that he wanted to take his shirt off, he’s getting really good at teasing the fans.

He even let the fans in the moshpit touch him, but I’m not envious, because hailangs are a collective and to be kind to one hailang is to be kind to us all. 

During the wushu solo, I cried again. From where I was seated, I could see the blood stains on his fingers, but he was such a fool. If it wasn’t for the camera, nobody would have seen it. At that moment, his silhouette seemed to merge with the one who hid his arm behind his back during Happy Camp in 2012. Has he changed? He hasn’t changed. He’s still the same person who is afraid to show us his hurt. Everyone was screaming his name; I was sobbing uncontrollably. 

During Overdose, he fell. He said it was his first mistake. I cried. 

Does everyone know why he cried? He’s not upset about his pain- he’s upset that he can’t perform his best for those who love him. 

I really wanted to stand up and shout at him, Huang Zitao, it’s okay, didn’t we promise to run together? Unfortunately, I could only sit there and cry while listening to him speak. 

Gege said it was okay for men to bleed and cry. If it’s for the future, it’s worth it. I asked Gege why he liked him so much. Gege said, Huang Zitao is a man who will do great things, I admire him. 

** I’m about to talk about something I have never told anyone else. I originally decided not to talk about this, but I think I need to let everyone know. I’m from Qingdao, when I was 10, my mother was out at work and I had to go home on my own. I was really far from home at that time, and having to move around with a wheelchair was really difficult for me. Nobody was willing to help me. Near a bus-stop, a young boy (at that time I didn’t know his name) suddenly came over to help me. I was shocked. He asked me where I was going and I told him where I lived. I didn’t expect him to send me all the way home. He was carrying his schoolbag and looked like he just ended school. I let him drop me off near my house. 

Later on, in 2012, I saw him on TV. I have never forgotten him, because he was the first stranger to lend me a helping hand. 

I’ve always only been a fan through the computer screen. 

In 2012, during that period of time, I didn’t speak up, because I was genuinely afraid that his kindness would be ridiculed. When he came home over the New Year in 2014, a jiejie helped me get an autograph from him that said: “Get well soon, we will run together.” That was when I became determined to see him in person. 

With my own savings, I purchased air tickets and concert tickets, but I misplaced my concert ticket. I was happy with just being outside the venue. Only later on did I meet Gege, and Gege gave me his ticket. Thank you. 

I’m begging everyone to not speak ill of Huang Zitao anymore. Don’t hurt him even if you dislike him. He is so kind, and kindness is not to be tread upon. 

More importantly, I’m begging for everyone to not speak ill of his friend Chenchen. I really understand the feeling of being criticized and to be treated differently, those words and gazes are like knives being held to your throat. It really hurts. 

I think what I’ve gained from Huang Zitao is courage. 

I’m going to work hard for my future. Thank you to the Gege who gave me his ticket, thank you to the jiejie who got me the autograph, thank you to A-yu who passed me tissue during the concert, and thank you to all hailangs. 

Thank you Huang Zitao. 

I will run with all of you. You guys be by his side, I will definitely catch up. 

OP: http://weibo.com/p/1001603733859417112510

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