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Do this before you hit the sack tonight:

Getting in to a pre-bed workout routine is a good way to sneak in a little extra daily movement.

Try this tonight… this is the order I would normally do something like this in:

- 30 crunches
- 20 toe reaches 
- 10 push ups
- 40 Russian twists
- 20 body weight squats
- 30 bicycles (on back, legs raised slightly)
- 20 donkey kicks each leg
- 20 crunches
- 20 toe reaches
- stretching


This whooped my butt last night!! Try it out!

Check out Millionaire Hoy on Youtube!

F.A.Q. - ‘’Hey Leon, so what’s your workout routine?’’

ME :

*Basically being a dork 24/7* 😆💪🏼❤️

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::Sore Core::

TIME: ~10 minutes (lvl2 = ~12 min)
Equipment: Sitting surface and light weight (weight is optional)
Exercises: 5
Rest: 15 sec between sets (+remaining time)
Rounds: 2 (lvl2 - 3 rounds)

  1. Knees to Chest x10 (lvl 2= x15)
  2. Leg Lifts x10 (lvl 2= x15)
  3. Knee Huggers x10 (lvl 2= x15)
  4. Russian Twists x10 (lvl 2= x15)
  5. Plank 30 sec

A core workout challenge by the lovely @mousiessisden. This challenge will help build strength and twitch muscles in the core as well as raise the heart rate a bit.

For this challenge, you will complete each round within the time limit - 5 minutes for level 1 and 4 minutes for level 2. Complete each exercise followed by a mandatory 15 second rest before moving to the next exercise. NOTE: this means there is a mandatory total of 1 minute of resting, ending with a 30 second plank per round. So that is 1 ½ minutes of the round already “spoken for”. However, if you complete the round before the time limit, then you get to use the remaining time to rest before your next round. For example, if you complete the 1st round of the level 1 workout in 4 minutes, then you have 1 minute of extra rest before starting the next round.

Don’t worry if you do you complete the rounds before the time runs out. Just move into the next round immediately and get as far as you can. This is just a challenge - don’t feel down if you cannot complete it at this time. Come back to it after you have progressed in your fitness journey and try again to gauge how far you’ve come.

**This was a special request by an Anon. Thank you for submitting your request.**

PLEASE DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF TO DO ANY MOVEMENT YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH. You can find alternatives to the exercise, skip over the exercise, or you are welcome to contact me for suggestions.