ab moore

Things we need to see in Season 2 of Forever (part 2)

First of all, we need a second season, So that all of THIS can happen

Reece and Abe talking about Jazz

Henry and Hanson talking about antique guns

Flashbacks to when Lucas and Henry first met (3-ish years ago?)

Flashback to when Henry started working for the NYPD (6 years ago?)

Flashback to when Adam found out that there was somebody else like him (who knows)

More Lucas in general

Flashback to when Jo and Hanson first met

Just more recent flashbacks, 90′s onward

Henry accidentally using his military skills in front of Hanson and Jo (he had to go through basic training for WWII right? Also he probable fenced and hunted and what not with his rich buddies as a kid) and having to come up with a good excuse.

Where did Adam get those pictures of him and his “wife”? Does he have a fake life set up as Lewis Farber the psychiatrist?