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Request: Lost and Forgotten Part One

Request:  Can you write an imagine that takes place in the scorch (the book) and its when Brenda and Thomas are separate from the group. The others are trying to find them but Jorge decides they need help to do that. So he goes to the reader who also lives in the city and knows every little corner of it better then anyone. She is an immune who used to work for WCKED but escaped because she thought what they did was wrong. She used to know all the gladers and seeing them, especially Newt brings back a lot of memories. She is a badass, a trained assassin. She used to be a soldier for WCKED. She knows they don’t remember her so she doesn’t say anything, but Newt still feels a strong connection to her. Will she tell them the truth? Will Newt find out about his past? And how will they get Thomas and Brenda back?

AN: So this was such an awesome request and it took me a lot longer to write because I wanted it to be really good! It ended up being much longer than I had anticipated so I will be making it into a two part story! I also did not have the book accessible when writing so I tried to incorporate some parts of it into it but it is more or less based off of the movie. Sorry it took me so long! I hope you enjoy part one and part two will be posted tomorrow! Love you all!

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