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Pyramid Ab Challenge

Beginner Level: Complete 1 round
Intermediate Level Complete 2 rounds
Advanced Level: Complete 3 rounds


10 Russian Twists
10 Russian Twists, 10 Butterfly 
10 Russian Twists, 10 Butterfly, 10 Side Crunch
10 Russian Twists, 10 Butterfly, 10 Side Crunch, 10 Toe Touches

10 Russian Twists, 10 Butterfly, 10 Side Crunch, 10 Toe Touches
10 Russian Twists, 10 Butterfly, 10 Side Crunch
10 Russian Twists, 10 Butterfly 
10 Russian Twists

1. Russian Twist

Sit on the ground with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees. Clasp your hands together in front of you with elbows bent. Keep your back straight. Your torso should be at about 45 degrees to the ground. Keep your feet together and lift them off the ground about 4-6 inches. Inhale, tighten your abs, and explosively twist your torso as far as you can from side to side. To make this move more challenging, grab a medicine ball, dumbbell, or weight plate. Do 15 reps on each side. You are working your abs, core, and obliques.

2. Butterfly

Lie on your back and hold your head lightly with both hands. Extend your legs fully with your heels a few inches off the ground. Inhale, tense up your abs, and bring your elbows to the outside of your knees. Pause briefly, exhale, and return to starting position, making sure your legs are fully extended and off the ground. Your head and heels should not touch the ground. Repeat. You are working your abs, core, and hip flexors.

3. Side Crunch

Lie on your side with legs stacked on top of each other and gently hold your head with one hand. Keep your other arm extended at your side with your palm facing down. Inhale, tighten your abs, and crunch your knees up to your chest. Pause briefly, exhale, and return to starting position. Do 15 reps on each side. To make this exercise more challenging, do not let your feet touch the ground. You are working your abs, core, hip flexors, and obliques.

4. Toe Touch

Lie on your back and raise your legs straight up with toes pointing back. Lock your knees if you can for maximum effect. Straighten out your arms and crunch up in small pulses, reaching for your toes. Keep your abs tight and breathe evenly throughout. You are working your abs, core, and hip flexors.



Now get to work B*! Well, Britney said so! ;P I created a fun 4 min ab challenge for you introducing a new move called the single legged situp. Can u hang with me? It’s short and ohhhh sooooo sweeeet. See ya over on YouTube! Answering q’s in the comments right now. Like right now.


Okay peeps this is what I’m doing for the next 30 days. March 1st- April 1st. I would encourage anyone who wants or needs motivation for this kind of stuff to join in. I encourage you to take progress pics so that you can see where you are. Only post them here if you feel comfortable with that, but you don’t have to. You are doing this for you! Most of you know what I look like already so I probably will post pics for motivational reasons. I threw some cardio in because increasing the heart rate is good exercise. A good diet will be key as well to see results!! I created the flexibility part of the challenge and if that’s something you are interested in I also say give it a try. *note the flexibility challenge is designed for at least 90 days to see results*

pearlouslyclosetotheedge blessedbeyoundmeasure15 screengeniuz geaniewebbie somethingclever219 You ladies were interested, but if anyone else is down just let me know! THE MORE THE MERRIER! Alright let’s do this thing ladies starting tomorrow. I will post daily about the challenge, so please please respond or comment so we can all motivate each other!!

This will be MY order for each day (do whatever is comfortable for you):

  • 30 Jumping jacks
  • Abs Exercise 1
  • 30 sec burpees
  • Abs Exercise 2
  • 30 sec Mountain Climbers
  • Abs Exercise 3
  • 30 sec High Knees
  • Abs Exercise 4
  • Squats
  • Flexibility focus that day (Hips, Splits, or Back)





Froggy Stretch (3 sets for 1.5 min)

Lay on your stomach and put your feet together behind you- goal is to eventually get your pelvis and feet on the floor

Butterfly (3 sets for 1.5 min)

In & Out Butterflies (10 times)

Start in pike- turn your legs out so that the knees face outward- begin to pull you feet into the butterfly position very slowly- once in the butterfly position move your legs back to the pike position keep you knees facing outward

Pike through- to straddle- and back (10 times)

Start in pike open legs to straddle and pull through until legs are directly behind you- then move your legs in reverse so that you open your legs to straddle behind you then keep legs moving forward back to pike]

Double Pigeon(Left and Right side for 1.5 min each)

Sit Indian style and then take one foot and place it on the opposite knee

Pigeon (Left and Right side for 1.5 min each)

Start in lunge- put back leg down on ground keeping it straight-take the front leg and fold it down so that the knee and foot are parallel to the ground while back leg is straight


Lunges 1.5 min (Left and Right side. 30 sec reg, 30 sec twist left, 30 sec twist right)

Oversplits on a mat 2 min (Left/Right: 30 sec lean forward, 30 sec back arch, 30 sec no arms, 30 sec just holding. Middle: 30 sec on hands, 30 sec on elbows… repeat for second minute)

Back leg oversplits  2 min (Left and Right side. 1 min chest up, 1 minute chest down)

Splits on the your back (Left/Right 1.5 min/each. Middle 2 min)


Arch Seal (1.5 min)

Backbend 3 sets for 30 sec)

Backbend Leg Kicks (5 times on each leg)

Backbend Rockers (10 times)

*Backbend tick tocs (5 times on each leg)

*Scorpion hangovers (3 times for 30 sec)

scandalbitchinheels *you get an honorable mention just in case you change you mind* LMAO! 

Have fun and hydrate! 


I’m restarting the abs and squat challenge (last time I only made it to day 9)

Last month I tried to stay on track of doing my daily sets, but I slowly began to taper off. Instead of picking up where I stopped, I’m going to really start all over from day 1. This time I’m going to try and push through all the way to the end. Wish me luck!

Body inspiration - Sistar Bora <3

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So guys, I know this has nothing to do with Disney but the summer is almost there and of course we wanna look super hot at the beach.

So I came up with the idea to do this 30-day ab challenge with my friend Marika (hopelesshoneyxo)
And then she came up with the idea to post it on here so more people can join us!

We can motivate each other and who doesn’t want a super flat stomach? So are you guys joining Marika and me?

*Little thing you can do. Make a photo today of yourself in a bikini and make one again in the end of the month, so you can see how much you’ve improved!*

Link for a proper:
Leg Raise

Let me know if you wanna join, I would love to know!
We can do this guys, don’t we?

Get a core to die for: Days 1-7

Want to focus on your core this December? PumpUp member @sandrafitness has put together daily routines that you can do to strengthen your abs right before you go to sleep. We’ve created a summary of Days 1-7 below. Check out the full challenge on her blog

I’ve prepared a simple challenge that will strengthen your core for the rest of December until the 6th of January, the time when Christmas festivities finish here in Spain. You can perform these exercises right before bedtime or a couple of hours before going to bed. The challenge is meant to supplement your workouts, rather than substitute for your workouts.

Remember that none of this will work if you do not pair this challenge with healthy eating habits. To get better results, add cardio! It will help your abs to look more visible and defined by burning fat around your core.I’m sure this isn’t news to you, so let’s get to what is really interesting:


  • 20×3 reverse crunches.
  • 20×3 leg raises.
  • 20×3 russian twists.
  • 20×3 heel touches.

You should feel like your core is on fire. Otherwise, you probably already have abs of steel.  See? It took so little time and results will be visible after the challenge!! 

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