Aay’han (Part 8, closed RP)

Trauma’s blush darkened and he tentatively smiled back at the smirking commando. Blowing him a kiss, the young medic turned away and made his way over to Wrench as the older medic approached.

Mando sighed, looking down at the vision in his arms. He hated it that she was crying, and he wanted to help her so much.

*Hey now, you have nothing to apologize for.



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Oskar the blind kitten plays with some toys for the very first time.

Aay’han (Part 7, closed RP)

“Oh Manda! I’m so sorry Dinii!”

Trauma’s face flushed again, this time with shame and embarrassment.

“I can’t believe I did that!”

Still quietly scolding himself, he took the COM back from Dinii and tapped in the COM code the commando had given him. Activating the audio for Dinii, he held it so that Dinii could talk into it once the Jedi he was trying to contact picked up.


Mando laughed quietly, loving the red color Mirshko’s cheeks were turning. He easily caught her hand as she shoved him and tenderly kissed the slim fingers.

*What? It’s the truth, you are beautiful Mirshko.


Aay’han (Part 4, closed RP)

“This medic’s taken so flirting ain’t gonna save your neck vod.”

Wrench rolled his eyes in amusement as he handed his patient over to the two smirking veterans. Dusty nodded, his dirt, oil and dust streaked helmet rocking slightly as he wrapped A’den’s arm around his shoulder.

“M’Dusty, that’s my vod Beach. I don’t think we even know your name vod’ika?”

Trauma cursed under his breath as he looked at the door, and the fresh pool of blood underneath it. He wasn’t exactly the most powerfully built clone, nor was he good at picking locks. His only hope was shooting the lock off and hoping he  didn’t panic whoever was on the other side.


Aay’han (Part 2, closed RP)

Trauma sighed quietly, eyes slightly downcast.

“I don’t have any soap, I’m sorry.”

He opened up his pack, snagging some bacta infused wipes from a small box before scooting over to the injured being.

“This might sting a little now, but it’s just bacta okay? I’m just gonna get that blood and dirt off your face.”

Tenderly he started to carefully wipe away the dried muck, blood and Force knows what else from the being’s face.


Aay’han (Part 1, closed RP)

Breaking into the cells underneath the gladiator ring that they had infiltrated was almost too easy for the Outcasts, but once they were in, they were instantly on edge. Dagorlad ‘Wardaddy’ Fett, Jedi General and Mandalorian warrior, carefully led his vode through the dark, dank corridors.

“Easy guys, we don’t know who or what is down here.”

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Aay’han (Part 3, closed RP)

Trauma blushed redder than the tattoo on his heavily scarred face as he looked down at Dinii before looking away again.

“I … I’m Trauma … “

His blush deepened even further.

“I’m not beautiful though …”

“Whoa there, udesii vod!”

Wrench carefully made his way into the cell, cursing quietly at the poor condition of the clone inside.

“We’re here to help.”