Day 6: "Can you write your own paragraph?"

Scrambled eggs for breakfast and a visit from Hong. Hong stops by the guesthouse every day to see how we’re doing and if we have any questions; it’s really nice. The ride to the school was shorter than usual today because there was not that much traffic. After teaching my morning class, I was very proud of them because they did very well on the exercise about writing a paragraph. I had explained how to write a paragraph yesterday and they remembered, yeah!!! Proud teacher over here! When it was time for the class to leave, one of the girls from yesterday’s singing lesson asked me if I could sing the song again, aawwee. So I did and promised them that we will have a singing lesson tomorrow. It’s really weird how you become attached to these kids and also how fast you adjust. Now I walk around the school bare foot just like the children do. The two hours of lunchbreak are now mostly spent on the swingseat, chilling in the sun. And eating lunch with the local teachers of course. My afternoon class is so full of energy, it’s crazy. There’s a boy that wants to become a singer, so he sung a Cambodian song for me. After he finished the song he asked me if I could sing a song. Well that resulted in me singing Let it go again and I ended up teaching th whole class the song for the last hour. It’s really hard not to keep smiling when you’re with these kids, they pay so much attention to everything you do and want to learn new things so badly. One of the girls was even asking me where my “neckline” (necklace) was because I wear it everyday but forgot this morning. Heart melts, so cute! Back at the guesthouse we sat down with Marie while Howard went to the guitar shop to get the school’s guitar fixed. Marie and I decided to go to a little market nearby to get some fruits and brought back some Rambutan, Jackfruit and apples. The rest of the evening was pretty relaxed. I tried to learn to play the guitar for a bit, I talked to the guys that work at the guesthouse (who are btw so nice and friendly, always happy to help us) and ate some fruit. You would expect that we would go out for dinner every day but after a day of teaching you’re just so tired and coming back at the guesthouse is very comfortable so we will go out on the weekends but not on workdays.

whatafuckingshame asked:

Hey my little Pisces friend. People probably tell you you're over sensitive and indecisive all the time, but don't let that get you down whatsoever. Keep your head up and go do something creative today! Live your dreams out and don't take advantage of the days you haveeee. <3

😄 aawwee thank youso much, love, that made my day! 😍