Leander Stronghold didn’t expect the Princess Of Spain to knock on the doors of his private chambers this time of night. It would be more common if they had met at daylight, but he simply hadn’t been able to wait any longer for his bride.

“My Lord.” She curtsied before him. She was of royal blood and he was only a nobleman. Yet their alliance would be of great importance against The Lions.

“Bibiana Of Spain. Truly a beauty of this cruel world I must say that. I welcome Thy to our humble home - I suppose it is not much in comparison of your Spanish chambers.” Leander replied.



A comic dedicated to the anniversary of Beethoven’s death (March 26).
I like to imagine that my favorite trio traveled together after the show’s finale.
Also, I used screen tones for the first time :)

In my country, we bring an even amount of flowers to graves, and we give people odd amount of flowers as gifts for birthdays etc. So here, I split the two flowers into one on each grave to signify that the composers live on in a way.

Full version HERE

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“Children of the vault, we are not on Pandora anymore…”