aaw so cute

aesthetic inspo series: @thereisnoneedtocallmesir this is your fault

hogwarts houses reacting to baby penguins in the common room,

top to bottom, hufflepuff (AAW ITS SO cUTe IM GOnaA DiE)

ravenclaw (aww cute wait how did it get in here logic suggests…)

slytherin (wtf is this muggle trash get this out of my common room)

gryffindor (extreme judgemental looks bc penguin is interrupting quidditch practice)


“So… Lapis and Jasper are somewhere underwater.”
“Yeah. And Peridot escaped while the ship was coming down. She could be anywhere.”
“That is a lot to take in.”
“Are you okay?”
“Are you okay? You’re the one that's been through everything.”

Yesterday I was bored so I practiced a bit at making gifs! (I forgot how fun it was!)

I melted at this part, they are so cute aaw~

Exo reaction #80 !!! - When their girlfriend says “i love you” first

Baekhyun: ‘Really? Y/N Let me introduce you to my good friend mr. tongue.’

Chanyeol: ‘Haha… I love you too sweetie.’

Chen: ‘Aawe  you’re so cute. Love you too.’

D.o: ‘You-you do?’


Kris:’ She loves me! Oh yeeeah!’

Lay: ‘Omg… What you want me to say?’ *nervous*

Luhan: ‘I love you too!’

Sehun: ‘I was gonna say the same thing to you, but you were faster’

Suho: ‘Love you too babe.’*tries to hide his red face*

Tao: *gif*

Xiumin:’OMG! I LOVE YOU TOO SWEETHEART! I’m the happiest man in the whole world’

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