WGN America’s Underground 204 “Nok Aaut”

Weekly Training Log - 25.6. - 1.7.

Two more weeks until the Al Andalus Ultimate Trail, maybe the biggest challenge of all races I have entered so far. The previous two weeks of training were quite intense and since the AAUT is a 5 day stage event, I will start with the tapering period earlier than usual. I will also need to travel to Germany on Sunday, recently I have been struggling with recovering from jet lag, but one week should be enough to get used to the European time zone. 


45min Easy Recovery Run

Total Distance: 7km 

No Vipassana


AM 70min Hill Run

Total Distance: 12km

PM 60min Easy Run

Total Distance: 12km

AM Vipassana 40min


65min Interval

(warm-up, 5x 5min 16km/h-18km/h)

Total Distance: 13.5km

Legs felt quite good and running my last 5min interval at 18km/h was doable and gave me confidence. Definitely gained speed and strength during the last 6 months of training.  But in the beginning my right calve muscle was tight and I felt a bit of pain/tension.

AM: Vipassana 40min

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