Favorite Ward: AAU

AAU is more of a family than Darwin or Keller. They all have each other’s backs and there is never a cross word between them unless its on a professional level. The AAU family have been through so much this past year with Arthur’s death, Serena dealing with her mother’s alhemeziers, Fletch’s stabbing and now the re-appearance of Imelda Cousins along with Bernie’s disappearing act to Ukraine. They never let each other down.

my little sister is 13 years old and has been running track for 4 years. all the medals in both hands are GOLD. the ones in front are bronze and silver. around her neck are national medals. she’s broken 2 AAU records this year alone for the 14 year old age division which were held by young women from Texas A&M track & field. she’s broken 3 Middle School records this year as well. she’s ranked #1 in the state of Illinois for the 100, 200, and 400m races for her age division. DaJour Miles of the Aurora Flyers.


This is some work from a class I have this semester called inspirational art for animation. Our assignment is to take an old concept, and then re-design it in our own way. The teacher made us choose between Peter Pan, The little mermaid and Alice in wonderland.

I chose Peter Pan, and my setting is Norwegian/Scandinavian fairy tales. So the pirates are vikings, the lost boys are little trolls, and Peter is some sort of magical trickster creature. Wendy is a girl from the real world pulled in by Peter.

I’m doing a lot of character exploration and will probably post sketches here of it regularly! This will be a project I’ll be working on all semester


UPDATE: Just received an offer from Florida State

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