Bernie and Ric

Perched on two stools at the side of the bar at Albies sat Major Berenice Wolfe and Dr Eric Griffin. As the laughter from them dies down from telling stories of their previous time together on Keller and the night shift that turned into a poker game and Ric punching Hanssen. Ric asks Bernie “So how are things on the home front?” Reality comes crashing back to Bernie as she is caught a little off guard by the question she replies “I don’t know…” she lets out a sigh and takes another mouth full of wine. After swallowing, she says “I want her to be ok, I’m tough enough to let her go but I don’t know if I’m strong enough if she never comes back.” Ric gives her a sympathetic look “Do you know, it was in this very spot less than a year ago that Serena told me that you were the special someone in her life.” He smiles while reminiscing “I’ve know Serena quite a while, and I have never seen her eyes light up the way they did when she thought of you. I have never seen her happier than when she’s with you.” With these words from Ric a calm feeling of reassurance came over Bernie and she knew all she had to do was ‘Keep the faith’ because soon Serena would be back and everything would be alright again.

AAU doing shots 😄

I have a lovely scene in my head following tonight’s Holby where Bernie staggers home slightly the worse for wear after successfully drinking the rest of AAU under the table and decides to Skype Serena (who is by now safely ensconced on a vineyard in the South of France). Upon answering the call and seeing her broadly grinning, slightly-swaying girlfriend who has out-sassed all of Holby, Serena smiles gently and first words out of her mouth are ‘Wolfe, are you drunk?!’

Berena - Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Sitting alone in their shared office, late at night Bernie is sat at her desk trying to finish her paperwork. So many memories come flooding back to her now that she is alone with nothing to distract her. In this very room, Serena kissed her for the first time just before Bernie left. It’s where she admitted that she “more than liked” Serena. This very room holds so many memories, both good and bad of their relationship. Bernie gets to her feet and moves over to Serena’s desk, she sits in Serena’s chair but realised it feels weird. Instead she sits on Serena’s desk, folds her arm and sighs, thinking to herself “Should I make the first move?” She remembers how hard it was being away from Serena when she was in Ukraine. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone, and taps on Serena’s name. For the first time, in a long while she looks at the picture she has saved as Serena’s contact photo, seeing this prompts her to scroll through her camera roll. She looks back at all the photos she has of her and Serena together. She looks at the photos she has of only Serena, and photos of both of them with Jason. She stumbles across a video she doesn’t remember taking and presses play. Suddenly Serena’s drunken voice fills the room, she’s singing and dancing in her living room. “Bernie Bloody Wolfe, I demand you put down that stupid phone and get up and dance with me now!” Bernie can hear her own stifled laugh in the video as it holds on Serena’s face for a few more seconds before the video ends. At once the memory comes flooding back to Bernie of that night. Jason was away and Serena had invited Bernie over for dinner, of course the Shiraz had been opened and Serena had, had a generous amount. That wasn’t the first night Bernie had to put a drunk Serena to bed, but it was the first time she got to get in beside her and cuddle her. A smile comes across Bernie’s face. It’s in remembering these memories that Bernie knows that giving Serena the space she needs is worth the wait.

Holby city

I’m impressed with the amount of Bernie tonight! I will admit to getting rather excited, every time they showed us more. I had a tinge of sadness when she said “no comment on the home front” and that the job was “what gets me out of bed in the morning”. We know Bernie loves her job but for once she realised there was/ is something more important than love. Towards the end of tonight’s ep when Bernie and Ric were talking in the office I thought he was going to mention Serena and I was a bit sad when he didn’t.

RIC GRIFFIN IS BACK! As he said Bernie and him are “cut from the same cloth” and I love their interactions. I love Ric, definitely one of my favourite characters, and I may have a crush on him… It’s nice that we’re getting a bit more backstory on him and meeting some family members.

I’m super excited for Oli to come to AAU next week and I’m looking forward to seeing how he settles in and makes relationships with everyone.

In conclusion, YAY Ric is back and even more YAY, there was LOTS of Jemma! In the words of Bernie “I’m having far too much fun”. My reaction to tonight’s episode exactly.