A day in the life of Berenice Wolfe: Apparently AAU-staff had forgotten Serena’s infamous “No fumbles in the storage cupboards and certainly not in the locker rooms” speech. She’d have to remind her to drive that fear back into the staff when she returned from the vineyard. And she’d send Serena a text:

Something’s in the water; something being blatant homosexuality.
Or it seems to have infected Fletch and doctor Valentine… Who’d have thought it. Although I cant quite grasp how nurse Jackson is involved in all this. Food for thought I guess.
PS: For future notice, the locker rooms have thin walls.



AAU a sex free zone.

Personal favourite part of this scene is when Bernie asks Fletch if he’s dating and the utter confusion on her face as if she’s saying to herself “Why on Earth did I ask that?”

(To the anon asking for a Bernie and Fletch gifset, I’m still doing it, I just really loved this scene and wanted to gif it.)

Bernie and Ric

Perched on two stools at the side of the bar at Albies sat Major Berenice Wolfe and Dr Eric Griffin. As the laughter from them dies down from telling stories of their previous time together on Keller and the night shift that turned into a poker game and Ric punching Hanssen. Ric asks Bernie “So how are things on the home front?” Reality comes crashing back to Bernie as she is caught a little off guard by the question she replies “I don’t know…” she lets out a sigh and takes another mouth full of wine. After swallowing, she says “I want her to be ok, I’m tough enough to let her go but I don’t know if I’m strong enough if she never comes back.” Ric gives her a sympathetic look “Do you know, it was in this very spot less than a year ago that Serena told me that you were the special someone in her life.” He smiles while reminiscing “I’ve know Serena quite a while, and I have never seen her eyes light up the way they did when she thought of you. I have never seen her happier than when she’s with you.” With these words from Ric a calm feeling of reassurance came over Bernie and she knew all she had to do was ‘Keep the faith’ because soon Serena would be back and everything would be alright again.

AAU doing shots 😄

I have a lovely scene in my head following tonight’s Holby where Bernie staggers home slightly the worse for wear after successfully drinking the rest of AAU under the table and decides to Skype Serena (who is by now safely ensconced on a vineyard in the South of France). Upon answering the call and seeing her broadly grinning, slightly-swaying girlfriend who has out-sassed all of Holby, Serena smiles gently and first words out of her mouth are ‘Wolfe, are you drunk?!’

You're back.

It started off as a normal day for Bernie. She woke up in Serena’s bed, checked her phone to see if Serena had contacted her, but nothing again. She got up got ready, had breakfast and called Jason. She called Jason every morning at the same time every morning. It was something that helped her start her day off on a good note.

Before Serena left she asked Bernie to look after her house and look after Jason. Jason decided to go stay with Alan but still enjoyed talking to Bernie each day and they would meet up once a week when they’re schedules would allow.

When she arrived on AAU she knew it wasn’t going to be an easy day. She dropped her coat and bag in the office and headed straight to work on the ward. By 10am she was on her way to theatre with a trauma patient who had managed to get 3ft metal railing stuck in his leg from trying to jump over it. She got scrubbed in and headed into the theatre when suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. Sitting beside the patient was Alex Dawson.

“Ms Wolfe?” Said Morven bringing Bernie back to reality. Bernie smiled and nodded and got straight to work. The only words spoken were between Bernie and Morven and she was teaching Morven what to do.

After a successful operation Bernie instructed Morven to go and inform the family while she closed up. After Morven had left it was only Bernie, Alex and 2 others in the room.

“It’s good to see you bern.” Alex said breaking the silence. To which Bernie smiled and nodded. She closed up the patient instructed for the patient to be taken to recovery and headed out of room to wash her hands. Alex followed shortly after her.

She stood beside Bernie and began to wash her own hands.

“Why are you here Alex?” Bernie asked.

“A job came up for the next month and I took it.” She replied honestly.

“Why here Alex? Why now?” Bernie asked looking at her.

Alex took a step closer “I don’t like loose ends Bernie, never have.” Bernie shook her head and left to go back to AAU.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to pass rather quickly and easily so Bernie decided she would try to get some paperwork done. She sat down at her desk and looked at her phone. Still no word from Serena. She began to type out a message “I miss you. X.” But deleted it, as much as she missed Serena, longed for her to be near, she knew she didn’t her space and didn’t want to put any pressure on her. She knew Serena was safe as Jason had told her and kept her updated with everything Serena told him.

With the return of Alex, Bernie couldn’t help but let her mind wander. She remember what it was like back in the army, her and Alex in their perfect little bubble. She remembered how it felt to be loved and wanted and now with Serena gone she didn’t know where she stood. She longed for an answer, she needed to know. She also knew how she felt when it was her and Alex and knew she had to give Serena time and space. Her head was racing with all these thoughts.

She had barely started on her huge pile of paperwork when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” She called while still looking down at the file in front of her. She heard someone come in and close the door behind them.

“Yes?” She promoted still looking down.

“Bern… I think we need to talk.” Alex said promptly.

Bernie, still looking down said “About what exactly?”

“U-us.” Alex stumbled over the word.

Bernie looked up in confusion “There is no us?”

Alex moved closer to Bernie and said “I know I left, and it’s been a year. But, but I heard you divorced Marcus. So I gave you space and now I’m here. I’m ready, if you are?” She looked hopeful placing her hand on Bernie’s arm.

Bernie pulled her arm away. “Alex I’m sorry, but I’m seeing someone.” Bernie said softly.

Alex looked defeated “Bern, whoever he is, I can make you happier. We can go back to our little bubble. Our happy little bubble.”

“She” Bernie emphasised “had made me the happiest I’ve ever been.” Bernie smiled reminiscing about Serena. “She’s wonderful.” Bernie said with a smile on her face.

Alex looked shocked. “Well then I’m happy for you Bern, maybe we could grab drinks after work? You can tell me more about this mystery lady of yours.” She smiled.

Bernie nodded “Yeah, okay. Allies at 8, after I finish my shift.”

“Sounds good” replied Alex getting up and leaving the room.

The rest of the shift flew in fairly quickly. Well as quickly as it could with all the paperwork and interruptions she had.

Shortly before 8 she began to log off her computer. She checked her phone one more time, still nothing from Serena. She pulled on her coat grabbed her bag and headed out the door.

“You heading to albies?” Fletch asked

“I am indeed” Bernie smiled.

“See you there Major.” He said saluting her.

“See you Fletch” Bernie laughed and headed off the ward. She met Ric along the way, and they walked to Albies together making conversation about patients amongst other things.

When they walked into Albies Bernie looked around for Alex but didn’t see her so she went to the bar with Ric and ordered a drink. Then they sat down at a table with Dom, lofty, Raf and Essie. About 10minutes later Fletch comes in and joins them.

The group were enjoying themselves, laughing away the stress of the day together when Bernie got up to get in the next round. She ordered the drinks and looked around when she seen Alex come through the door. Bernie waved her over and ordered her a drink.

“I wasn’t sure I was going to come.” Alex stated while they were waiting on drinks.

“Why not?” Bernie Asked watching the barman make up the drinks.

“Nerves I think. Too scared to be alone with you incase I did something stupid.” She said.

“Well your nerves are entirely unfounded, you’ll be joining me and that rambunctious lot over there” Bernie said pointing to her group of friends who were staring at them.

Bernie paid for the drinks and lifted the tray to the table. She sat the the tray down on the table.

“For those of you who don’t know this is Alex Dawson, we were in the army together.” Bernie smiled sitting down and offering a chair to Alex.

“Yes, lovely to see you again Alex, I’m Dom.” Dom said smiling to which Alex returned the gesture and at down.

“So Bernie how is Serena?” Ric asked looking at Bernie.

Bernie pursued her lips and turned to Ric “You should know, you were talking to her the other day.” She smiled in retaliation which made the rest of the group to quiet.

It wasn’t long before the conversation started up again. They were laughing and Alex began to relax. Everyone was sharing stories when Alex reached out and put her hand on Bernie’s knew. Bernie went rigid and removed her hand. At the end of the night they all said goodbye and went their separate ways home.

“Do you want to share a taxi?” Ric asked Bernie.

“Thanks, but I’m at Serena’s so it’s a bit out of your way.” She said.

“Okay, see you tomorrow.” Ric said

“Night Ric.” Bernie replied.

Bernie was waiting on a taxi when Alex approached her. “We didn’t get a chance to talk”

“Yeah, well maybe another time?” Bernie reassured her.

“What about now? Why don’t I come around for a night cap.” Alex suggested.

“I don’t think that would be a good idea.” Bernie hesitated.

“Come to mine then?” Alex asked.

“Okay.” Bernie agreed. She knew she was faithful to Serena but she also knew she had to tie up loose ends.

They got in the taxi, Alex gave the driver her address and they rode there in complete silence. The whole way there Bernie’s head was racing. What would Serena think? She though back to how she felt when Serena had a thing with Robbie when she was away and how that made her feel. But Serena hadn’t called, she hadn’t text the only way Bernie felt close to Serena was by sleeping in her bed, staying in her come, her talks with Jason.

When they arrived Alex nudged Bernie and they got out and made there way up to Alex’s flat, which was on the third floor. Bernie sat at the table while Alex went to poor a drink for them.

“Coffee please.” Said Bernie.

Alex nodded and obliged the request and made two cups of coffee for them. She placed a cup in front of Bernie and took her own with her as she placed herself across from Bernie at the table.

She looked up at Bernie. “So, how have you been?” She asked.

“Good.” Bernie smiled nodding reassuringly. “And you?”

“Lost” Alex replied. “I’ve missed you, it was hard staying away but I knew I had to give you space. Leaving was the hardest thing I ever did.”

Bernie looked at her “I’m sorry you’ve felt that way.”

“Is there anyway for us to even be friends?” Alex asked “I’ll be around for a while and I don’t want to spend it avoided you.”

Bernie smiled at her “of course.” She agreed. “But I better be off now, I’ve work early tomorrow.” Bernie got up to leave.

“Night Bern.” Alex said

Bernie nodded and left.

The next morning Bernie was on he phone to Jason she seen Alex in the corridor. “Right well I’m just here now and I know you hate it when people are late, so I’ll see you at lunch time, ok?” She said into the phone before hanging up.

Alex handed Bernie a cup of coffee “To help wake you up.”

“Thank you.” Bernie said reluctantly taking the cup of coffee.

They went into AAU together and Bernie went straight to the Nurses station, Alex following closely behind.

“Morning Fletch, what’ve we got today?” Bernie asked.

“Not much yet, major. We’ve got it all under control.” He said giving another mock salute.

“Great. I’ll be in my office getting paperwork done if anyone needs me ok?” Bernie said.

“Yes m'am” Fletch replied.

Bernie headed for her office and Alex followed her again. Bernie went into her office and Alex followed.

“Is there something I can help you with?” Bernie said impatiently, while sitting her bag down and removing her coat.

“I was wondering if you’d like to have lunch today?” Alex offered.

“Oh sorry, I’ve already got lunch plans.” She said while hanging up her coat. “Maybe another time.” She said sitting down at her chair. Alex nodded and left the office.

Bernie let out and sigh of relief. Before she knew it, it was lunch time and she was heading down to meet Jason at pulses. They were in the middle of a lovely lunch and talking about worlds strongest man when Alex appeared.

“Hi Bernie.” She said

Bernie looked surprised. “Oh, hello.” She said. Jason looked at the surprise on Bernie’s face.

“Hi, I’m Jason” he said introducing himself to Alex.

“Nice to meet you Jason. I’m Alex, Alex Dawson.” She said shaking his hand.

“Are yo a friend of Bernie’s?” Jason asked.

Alex smiled “Me and Ms Wolfe go way back, we were in the army together.”

“Right well if you don’t mind, me and Jason were just about to head back to work.” Bernie stated standing up and Jason copied.

“Speak to you tomorrow Bernie.” He smiled.

“See you Jason. Tell Allan I was asking for him.” Bernie said with a big smile.

“I will.” Said Jason while walking away.

“Are you following me?” Bernie accused Alex.

“No, it’s just a rather small hospital” Alex smiled.

“Bye then.” Bernie said courtly.

That afternoon Bernie was called to Keller to advise on a patient. When she arrived she seen Dom and Alex talking at the nurses station.

“Someone called for me?” Bernie interrupted.

“That would be me.” Alex said.

“I have a weird feeling of deja vu.” Dom said before hurrying away.

“Well what is it?” Bernie asked. Alex proceeded to give Bernie a patient file and ask her advice.

“It looks non threatening, but if send him for a CT just incase. Is that everything?” Bernie said closing the file and handing it back to Alex.

Alex smiled “Thank you.” Bernie tuned and left.

When she arrived back at her office she checked her phone and saw 5 missed calls from Serena and a text message that simply read


The message had been received 20minutes before hand and the missed calls were from over the last hour.

Bernie smiled, couldn’t help but he a little happy and relived he Serena’s jealousy.
She typed back.

*She’s her as a locum. Nothing to worry about xx* she hit send and went on with her paperwork.

Less than 5 minutes later her phone rang it was Serena. Bernie had to take a minute to catch her breathe.

“Hello” she said softly.

Her greeting was met with a stern Serena. “What’s going on?”


“Why was she at drinks?”

“I invited her because she wanted to catch up. After that she asked to come round I said no. I went to hers stayed no more than 30minutes, told her nothing was going to happen and left.”

“I see.”

“Serena you have to believe me. You’re the only one for me. I’d never betray your trust. It’s you I want, it’s you I miss.”

“I miss you too. I trust you.”

“That’s all I ask. So tell me about your trip?”

They spent the next 20minutes on the phone Bernie listening intently to the details of Serena’s trip and then telling Serena how Jason really was. They laughed together for the first time in months. Then a knock came to the door. Bernie hadn’t realised her shift had ended.

“Come in” she called still smiling while on the phone to Serena.

“Oh Alex, what can I do for you?” Bernie asked dropping the smile.

“Me and Dom are going for drinks along with a few others, just checking to see if you want to join us.” She smiled

“Oh, um…” Bernie trailed off.

“Go…” Serena said, with a crack in her voice.

“Sure.” Bernie said.

“I’ll let you go then.” said Serena

“Alright. I’ll text you later.”

“Yes do!”

“I love you.” Bernie said softly

“I love you too!” Serena replied contently. “Be safe!”

“I will, bye love” Bernie said and hung up the phone. She felt happy and content having spoken to Serena. Hearing her voice, talking to the woman she loved most in the world.

“Are you coming?” Alex asked bringing Bernie out of her trance.

“What? Oh yes, you go on and I’ll meet you there?” Bernie said starting to save her documents and begin logging off.

“I’ll wait and walk with you?” Suggested Alex.

“No, it’s fine. I’m a big girl. I’ll finish up here and follow along shortly.” Bernie said sternly. With that Alex left. Bernie took her time packing up. Thinking about Serena away on her travels, experiencing different cultures. Bernie just wished she would hurry home.

When Bernie walked into Albies she seen Ric, Fletch and Morven at one table and Alex, Dom and Sacha at another. She instinctively went to sit with Fletch, Ric and Morven. She gave a court wave to Alex, Dom and Sacha and settle into her seat.

“Drink?” Ric offered Bernie.

“No I’m driving.” Bernie said showing Ric her keys.

“Ah good! We have a designated driver, drink up folks.” Fletch joked.

Alex came over “Mind if I join you?” Alex asked.

Bernie raised her brows at Ric but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. “Please do.” He said offering her a seat.

“I was chatting to Serena today.” Bernie announced.

“How is she?” Morven asked compassionately

“Oh she’s fantastic.” Bernie replied “She was telling me some of her stories and- Oh, wait I have to tell you this one.” Bernie proceeded to tell the group a story about a rather tipsy Serena announcing to a small quiet French restaurant that she wasn’t flirting with the waiter she just had an undeniable charm. The group found this story hilarious and all cracked up laughing.

“Oh Serena’s charm is undeniable.” said Ric. “You know I’ve never met a woman like her.”

“She can be both the most charming, lovely woman you’ve ever met or your worse nightmare. I’m glad the kids won her over.” Fletch joked.

“She’s always looked after me. God, you know I miss her.” Said Morven starting to tear up.

Bernie rub Morven arms. “Oh, it won’t be long now.” She assured her.

They proceeded to share stories of their first encounters with Serena.

“Fletch, do you remember the time the man came in with the bathroom tap stuck in his-” Bernie asked

“Yep, say no more!” Fletch interrupted.

“Well me and Serena actually arm wrestled to see who could remove it. I let her win.” She recalled. “I’ll never forget how happy she was she beat me, until of course she realised in theatre she hadn’t.” They all laughed.

They continued reminiscing about old times. Bernie’s favourite story from her time on Keller with Ric when they stayed to play poker with a patient and Ric ended up punching Hanssen.

“Rocky Griffin at it again.” She quipped to which Ric smirked.

“I could take you Wolfe.” She joked.

“You could try.” She winked.

“Right home time me thinks.” Said Morven.

“I’ll drop you home.” Said Bernie “Anyone else need a lift?” She offered. Ric and Fletch stood to accept the offer and finished their drinks.

“Do you mind Bern?” Alex asked. Bernie replied with a smile and nod.

They all piled into Bernie’s car.

“Shotgun.” Fletch called once the car was in sight.

“Not if I beat you to it.” Said Ric. The two raced to the car. Ric won by a matter of seconds.

With Ric and Bernie in the from and Fletch, Morven and Alex in the back. They were off. Morven got out first, then Fletch was next.

“Alright Rocky, where are we for?” Bernie asked.

“My own house, thank you!” He replied.

“Well you never know.” Bernie joked.

Ric seemed to forget Alex was in the car and started a conversation with Bernie.

“You miss her don’t you?” Ric asked

Bernie, aware of Alex’s presence replied “Well of course I do. I miss everything about her. Her smell, her touch, her cooking.” She joked. “She’s my home and when she’s not here I’m a little lost.” She admitted.

“You two are strong. I’ve never seen you two happier than when you’re together. I’m glad she found you.” Ric said.

“Let’s stop now at the risk of sounding like two old soppy birds.” Bernie said pulling up outside his house.

“I’m more of a butterfly or a bee.” Ric joked.

“Night Ric, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thanks Bernie” he replied getting out of the car.

No sooner had Ric gotten out of the car had Alex climbed into the passenger seat.

“So this Serena?” Alex prompted.

“What about Serena.” Bernie said defensively.

“Why did she leave? Where is she? Did something happen between you two?” Alex asked.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business.” Bernie said sternly. Keeping her eyes on the road.

“Oh come on Bern, you said we could be friends.” Alex pleaded.

“Yes well maybe I was wrong.” Bernie stated.

“Don’t you remember what we had. All those night together. Just you and me against the world. Our own little bubble.” She said placing her hand on Bernie’s thigh and rubbing it. Bernie tensed.

“Here you go.” Bernie said pulling up outside Alex’s house. She then removed Alex’s hand from her thigh.

Bernie took a deep breathe. “Alex, its over. I’m more in love with Serena than I have ever been with anyone.”

“She’s not here Bernie, I am.” Alex said placing her hands gently on Bernie’s cheeks and pulling her in for a kiss.

Bernie pulled away quickly, removing Alex’s hands from her cheeks. “What are you doing” she said loudly.

Alex looked shocked. She got out of the car and went into her flats. Bernie drove home to Serena’s. She text Serena,

*Ring me in the morning. I love you! Xx*

The next morning Bernie was woke by her phone ringing at 5am. A picture of her and Serena at Christmas light up the screen.

“Hello, sunshine.” Bernie said groggily.

“What happened?” Serena asked worriedly.

“Nothing.” Bernie said sitting up in bed.

“Then why did you text me to ring you?” Serena asked.

“Well, last night we went to Albies but I didn’t drink because I was driving. I sat with Ric, Fletch and Morven. The conversation was pleasant but then Alex came and sat down. Then we all got to talking about you.” Bernie said

“Ok…?” Serena prompted.

“Anyway after a while I was giving everyone a lift home and Alex was last on the journey. She tried to kiss me–” Bernie said.

“WHAT?” Serena said outraged.

“But I I told her that it wasn’t going to happen that I’m more in love with you than I have been with anyone in my whole life.” Bernie said exasperated

“I believe you.” Serena said.

“I’m glad” Bernie replied relieved.

“I know this isn’t easy. Thank you for being patient.” Serena said.

“I waited my whole life for you, what another few months.” Bernie said.

“I miss you.” Serena said sadly.

“That’s ok. I miss you too. Once your ready to come back, I’ll be here waiting, in your bed, much like I am now.” Bernie said teasingly.

“Berenice Wolfe! Are you trying to seduce me over the phone?” Serena asked in mock horror.

Bernie laughed. “I’m aching for your touch.” She whispered.

“I can’t wait to be back in your arms.” Serena said.

“Once I get hold of you again, I’m never letting go.” Bernie reassured her.

Before they knew it they had been talking for almost two hours.

“I’d better go and get ready for my shift.” Bernie said “and ring Jason.”

“Thank you!” Serena said.

“I’ll see you soon, my love!” Bernie said reassuringly.

“I love you.” Serena said.

“I love you more.” Bernie replied.

With the new found closeness between herself and Serena, Bernie felt more secure than ever in their relationship. They’d been through enough together in the last year to remain strong and united.

After getting a coffee in pulses she headed for the lift, she was glad she was the only one in it no need for small talk or any awkward silences. She headed onto the ward and into her office where she found Alex.

“We need to talk Bern.” Alex stated almost immediately.

“There’s nothing to say Alex. I was open to being friends and then you pulled a stunt like last night. There is nothing and never will be anything between us again.” Bernie said sternly.

Alex moved closer, closing the space between them “I’m sorry Bernie, I wasn’t thinking. I longed for you and I went for it.”

“Too little too late.” She said.

“If you’re happy then I’ll back off but I heard about you and Serena. I know everything.” Alex said.

“You know what the hospital gossip told you. You don’t know what’s going on in my personal life.” Bernie accused.

“I know that you ran away from Serena like you ran away from me.” Alex stated exasperatedly.

“Yes, but I came back to Serena because she’s the one for me.” Bernie said

“Now she’s run away?” Alex said confused.

“For goodness sake Alex. Her daughter died at new year, Serena need to get away and we couldn’t both leave. Stop trying to act like you know everything about my life.” Bernie said starting to get annoyed.

“But what about us?” Alex asked.

“There is no us!” Bernie shouted. “Don’t you understand? I’m in love with Serena. There hasn’t been an us in a long time. What we had was exciting, but it was never going to last.” Alex looked devastated.

“I’m not trying to hurt you Alex, but I’m with Serena now. She is the most amazing woman you will ever meet. She has this charm that would make everyone like her, she’s funny and she’s fierce. She’s stronger than me and she’s beautiful. She’s my best friend, she’s supported me though so much and she’s mine.” Bernie smiled reminiscing about how Serena made her feel.

“But bern-”

“No buts, I tried to be your friend Alex but you betrayed me. I understand you were hurt when I left but Serena is my future you were my past. When I’m with Serena I’m happy, I feel safe, I’m the happiest I’ve every been. She’s given me a new love for life, on I never thought I would ever have after I left the army.”

Alex had a look of hurt on her face. “So I never mad you happy?” Tears brimming.

“Oh Alex, you did.” She said giving Alex a quick hug. “But it was easier because we were in our own little bubble. Serena has managed to make me happy in a way that no one else could, she makes me happy on land. She is my home. The only thing I need.”

Alex held back tears “I’ll not water any more of your time. I’ll carry out my contract and leave.”

“That’s what’s best. Maybe if things had of been different, we could have worked out but the second I met Serena I knew.” Bernie said.

Alex still holding back tears smiled give a quick nod and left the office.

Bernie pulled out her phone and sent a message to Serena.

*Everything is sorted on this end. Take your time, enjoy yourself and I’ll be here waiting, arms wide open for your return. However I may need to book a few days off work. Love you Campbell xx*


Hey there, folks! Been a while huh? I’m not going to be updating this again, I’m afraid, but I found another AU that was apparently based on mine! You can find it here:


Notable differences are that it’s a few years after the game and Frisk is female rather than genderfluid. EDIT: Also I’m pretty sure it has it’s own story beats, so don’t count on it being the same story.

If you guys find other AUs similar to HHD and want me to announce them here, let me know.

Berena - Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Sitting alone in their shared office, late at night Bernie is sat at her desk trying to finish her paperwork. So many memories come flooding back to her now that she is alone with nothing to distract her. In this very room, Serena kissed her for the first time just before Bernie left. It’s where she admitted that she “more than liked” Serena. This very room holds so many memories, both good and bad of their relationship. Bernie gets to her feet and moves over to Serena’s desk, she sits in Serena’s chair but realised it feels weird. Instead she sits on Serena’s desk, folds her arm and sighs, thinking to herself “Should I make the first move?” She remembers how hard it was being away from Serena when she was in Ukraine. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone, and taps on Serena’s name. For the first time, in a long while she looks at the picture she has saved as Serena’s contact photo, seeing this prompts her to scroll through her camera roll. She looks back at all the photos she has of her and Serena together. She looks at the photos she has of only Serena, and photos of both of them with Jason. She stumbles across a video she doesn’t remember taking and presses play. Suddenly Serena’s drunken voice fills the room, she’s singing and dancing in her living room. “Bernie Bloody Wolfe, I demand you put down that stupid phone and get up and dance with me now!” Bernie can hear her own stifled laugh in the video as it holds on Serena’s face for a few more seconds before the video ends. At once the memory comes flooding back to Bernie of that night. Jason was away and Serena had invited Bernie over for dinner, of course the Shiraz had been opened and Serena had, had a generous amount. That wasn’t the first night Bernie had to put a drunk Serena to bed, but it was the first time she got to get in beside her and cuddle her. A smile comes across Bernie’s face. It’s in remembering these memories that Bernie knows that giving Serena the space she needs is worth the wait.