Waiting For A Chance To Pounce || Saki || Trial 3.1 || ATTN: Yuuma, Takara

Did Saki know fuck all about this case? Absolutely not. Really she almost wanted to take the chance and ask the bear to let her out for once, considering she wasn’t even a helpful member of their little group. All she did was terrorize the others with gestures she thought were relatively harmless. Whatever, she’d just have to spend the trial time talking to Takara or Rafael, as they were the closest to her.

As usual, she rolled into the room on her handy dandy office chair…A little faster than she should’ve been, actually. She quickly lost control and rolled into someone else- it seemed to be Yuuma…

Whoopsie! She’d have to apologize for that later! I blame Finn for this post too.

Much slower this time around, she wheeled into her usual spot next to Takara and smiled at him, giving him a little thumbs up for encouragement.

“Don’t forget our little talk, ‘kay? I believe in you!”

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