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Aatish Song Lyrics By Suhail Zargar

Aatish Song Lyrics By Suhail Zargar

Artist : Suhail Zargar
Album : Aatish
Tracks : 3
Rating : 5.0000
Released : 2015
Label : Saga Music
Category : Hindi

Aatish Song Lyrics By Suhail Zargar

Waqt se aage guzar jaye
Kya kabhi kisi ne aisa socha
Hum tjhse pehele tere ho jaye
Kya kabhi kisi ne aisa socha

Dil.. Dil ye nahi Ye sheesha hain
Jo toot gaya
Main tadaptra yaha machalta yahaan…
Tu rooth gaya
Dil.. Dil ye nahi Ye sheesha hain

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anonymous asked:

A few lines on prophet Abraham (peace be upon him)

I can’t sum up Allah’s friend (Khalilullah) in a few lines so I’d let the Qur’an do it for you:
Indeed Ibrahim was a model of faith for the people, obedient to Allah and upright, and was not an idolater but grateful to Him for His favors; so He chose him and guided him on the right path, and gave him what is good in this world, and in the hereafter he will be amongst the righteous ones. (Quran 16:120-122) 

And Iqbal on Abraham (as):
Be-Khatar Kood Para Aatish-e-Namrood Mein Ishq
Aqal Hai Mehv-e-Tamasha-e-Lab-e-Baam Abhi

Love fearlessly jumped into the fire of Namrud
Intellect is absorbed in the spectacle from roof‐top still

A family in troubled times

The Way Things Were: A Novel by Aatish Taseer (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $30).

Aatish Taseer, the international son of an assassinated governer of Punjab, moves into terrain both delicate and necessary in his third novel, The Way Things Were. 

It’s an epic family story that covers the period from the “Emergency” (1975) to the destruction of the Babri mosque which touched off violence between Hindus and Muslims in 1992. Taseer focuses on the story of Toby Ketu, the last maharajah of an Indian province, and his son, the thoroughly global Skanda, but threaded throughout is India’s history of colonialism, racism, caste system abuses, religious conflict, and the rise of the monied classes. 

The Way Things Were rises above most historical family epics in using Toby and Skanda’s mutual fascination with Sanskrit to seamlessly infuse recent history with India’s ancient, Vedic past, thus expanding the idea of “context” far beyond the time period in which the story is set.

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