It still irks me when people say I’m someone very talented, because actually I’m not someone who’s talented!

Having talent is like starting a few meters ahead in a race. If no one else has run before, the person with TALENT will always be first. Aka. this person’s work will always be better than yours.

Practice of fundamentals, drawing like crazy, observing and understanding, builds your speed in that race.

It won’t matter anymore if someone starts halfway through the racing course, if they haven’t learned to run. A talented person is no match for an experienced person.

Before you are a professional, having talent or not makes a big difference, because the one with talent will always do a better job, yet as you learn to run faster and faster,and get closer to a professional level, whatever advantage the talented person had doesn’t make a difference anymore.

But what if X person has talent and also studies?

Then study harder, also luckily for us doing artwork isn’t like a race, I just brought that analogy to express something that has been on mind for a while.

The talentless artist:


Is Art all about Communication or Self-Expression?

Some years ago I had a small argument with an artist who claimed art was in essence communication and I completely disagree with him.

Now, after reading other artist’s point of view, hearing podcasts and chatting with fellow artists I realized that there are people who’s art is indeed all about communication.This concept was so foreign to me that caused me to have that argument back then.

Some folks work for an audience, they want to share their ideas to the world, they may enjoy the process, yet communicating through the finished artwork IS their goal.

Not for me…

For me, painting is one of the MOST SELFISH things in the universe to do, It’s a private enjoyment ,you experiment hell and heaven during the creative process, the highest sense of accomplishment and the darkest frustrations arise.

Every time i hear something along the lines: “I get bored watching paintings

I always answer “Of course, the best part about painting is doing one yourself

To me doing artwork is about that, enjoyment, self discovery, knowledge, challenge, fun, the finished piece is just a product that happens to exist, your audience may love it, yet it doesn’t compare to the actual experience of creating something.

I’m not someone who thinks “Art was made to be seen”

Of course an audience may motivate me more to paint, and sometimes I use my painting skills to comunicate something, Im not divorced from those aspects of art, yet they can’t measure with my need of creating it for myself.

Im not saying either objective is better, it’s just a matter of personal priorities,

yet If i was the last person of earth and no one else could see my work, I’d keep painting or go crazy (or probably both).