sadlullaby640  asked:

Do you think craig has an eating disorder? Cause you mentioned you never saw him eat something in front of you :"(

CRAIG: No, Craig doesn’t have an eating disorder.
PETER: Aw, man, come on! It was only a few answers-
CRAIG: Craig used to have an eating disorder. Now he doesn’t.
PETER: I wasn’t saying anything bad, I promise!
CRAIG: Craig also used to have a roommate named Peter. Now he’s dead.
PETER: What, no! No!


while i’m not fond of this idea, there is a good possibility of julian breaking all the parabatai bonds so hERE GOES (don’t read if you want to keep your heart intact)

warning: heavy angst under the cut

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Im sure aat least one other person thought of a Over the Garder Wall crossover with Night in the Woods when we all saw mae dawn the witch dagger

((compression made it look a… bit more creepy actually, ill try to make a smoother version of this in the morning, its my first attempt in a perfect loop animation after all))

you have to click the image to make it work somehow

crazy-madness  asked:

Hey Craig, question if you ever have free time what do you usually do? Also have you met anyone new? If so did you befriend them?

PETER: Alright, settle down, knuckleheads.
PETER: I’m gonna cover for Mr. Cough Syrup while he retakes his finals.
PETER: I’ve heard him do this a bunch from the bathroom, so I think I got it down.
PETER: Also, this question is really funny, cause this guy does so much. He’s really quiet, so you wouldn’t think so?
PETER: He’s always either out with someone or being way busy in here. Spends hours on his computer, spends hours at someone else’s dorm, you name it. Nuts.
PETER: Like, so busy to the point where we don’t even talk that much. That’s crazy busy!
PETER: That’s cool, though. I get it. Dude’s got stuff, I got stuff. We kinda got to know each other the first week, so it all worked out.