Hi Cuties! 

This is going to be the first part of my wardrobe post for 2016! I’ve never done one before so I’m really excited to share this with all of you. This post focuses on my dresses which can range from sweet to gothic. These are pretty much my two favorite styles with a hint of some classic. The photos were taken indoors during the day so you can see all the beautiful details. 

This last year was all about finding what I loved even though I have been wearing lolita on and off for 5+ years. I feel really lucky to have these pieces I really love. I hope this inspires some of you to share your wardrobes too. 

Please right click and hit view image or open image/link in new tab for higher quality images!

anonymous asked:

Besides wearing his hair down, how else does Olly like to style it? And is only one side of his head shaved or both?

Olly only has one side of his head shaved ^ u ^  he sometimes wears a bun or a ponytail, and parts it the center if he hasn’t washed it for a while haha

bangtan + kisses

immense description on the manner of how bts would kiss you


Like chocolate and warm pie. Like sunshine seeping through the clouds on a rainy day. Like walking through the park with a light breeze kicking up the ends of your hair as little kids run around you with smiles on their faces. Like a bright and fruity lollipop that tastes so sweet on your tongue. Like a high school anime full of aegyo and pastel, occasionally catching sight of lace or cotton under little school skirts. 


Like a porcelain tub brimming with warm water. Like a red canvas splattered with black paint. Like crystalline bedsheets and lazy Sundays between them, reading books and filling your ears with loud music from big headphones. Like a soft punch or gentle kick. Like no air but also like gasps and sighs. Like a walk along The Seine with sounds of water and locks clicking closed along the bridge with timeless ecstasy. 

Rap Monster: 

Like black lace and colored lingerie. Like a late Friday night, covered in sweat from the club or from being on your back above cold sheets. Like a thousand stars in the night sky and a bright sun, partially obscured by thick clouds. Like rolling green hills and tall red heels. Like pressure and pleasure and something you don’t think you need until you do. Like fine wine and plush leather. Like ink stains along fingertips and along the lines of recycled paper.  


Like sweet rolls and coffee in the early hours of the morning. Like a bouquet of brightly colored flowers that smell like Spring days and finely spun strands of gold. Like orange suns and dark moons and collections of rainbows that twirl across a blue landscape. Like a loose blouse and tight pants and undressing after a long day in the dark of your bedroom, a beckoning hand calling you from atop a gray duvet as sunshine fills his smile. 


Like an inside joke you shared as kid or a secret you can’t tell anybody. Like a long shower with strawberry scented soap and voices echoing off the clean tile. Like a waterpark on a hot day, wet and fun and relieving, with cute polka dot bikinis and suggestive smiles as you drink smoothies. Like a sundress in the summer and stockings in the winter, like lavender and roses scented candles filling a dimly lit room. 


Like puffs of blue cotton candy going past pink lips. Like an everlasting summer with dark dark nights that end in breathlessness and sore mornings. Like the sweet taste of fruit juice and texture of whipped cream. Like a low cut blouse and long hair that wrap around his fingers during late nights of embrace. Like early awakening and unspoken motivation. Like the cotton of dresses and the lace of what’s hiding underneath.    


Like fall days and long plaid shirts with red leaves littering the ground. Like a shy rain dotting along the rooftop and laying in bed with soft music as you watch puddles form along the streets. Like a late night car ride to clear your mind and a million fireworks exploding in the sky. Like an amusement park churro and a cold iced water. Like dim lights and musky cologne, and a  dangerous comfort as you move between silk waters.   

Hope you enjoyed because I honestly don’t know what this is…

~Admin Eggplant