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Praise The She-Jay Series

DJ Aasha Adore

“Girl, turn that music down!” something that was often heard in the household where Baltimore, Maryland native Aasha “Adore” Rawlings spent most of her childhood. At the not so tender age of 2 her mother first discovered her love for music as she watched her daughter wiggle in her car seat every time Snap‘s “I Got the Power”, came on the radio. As she got older, most children played outside until the late hours of the night in the Park Heights neighborhood where she grew up in. Not Aasha. Instead she sat on the porch with her portable radio waiting for all her favorite songs so she could quickly press record, until the streetlights came on of course. As years went on, her love for music grew and grew. She found interest in singing and rapping but always felt as if there was something missing.

Listening to primetime radio DJ mixes she began being more critical as to what songs were being played and how they were played. Soon after she mastered the patterns and formulas of mixing, she would soon be able to “feel” when a DJ brought the next song in as opposed to counting how many beats until the next song came in like others. In high school it was always drilled into Aasha’s head to follow the stereotypical “American Dream”, graduate from high school, go to college and get a job, thus, her interest in music wasn‘t expressed like she yearned to. After high school at age 17 Aasha began to search for “something” in the parties her mother forbid her to go to, but all her friends talked about. There was when she met club promoter MVP Big D and club DJ, DJ Big Nasty who were running an empire of their own called TruGoodfellas Ent. Working as a promoter Aasha began to develop interest in being an official Disc Jockey. Countless hours of practice with DJ Big Nasty came and went due to her natural ear for music. Shortly after a good amount of practice, Aasha began doing gigs at all the hottest parties in Baltimore and mixing in the ADIDAS store in Georgetown, MD. A couple of mixtapes and hundreds of parties later she successfully landed a spot with Baltimore superstar and M.I.A. protégé Ryeisha “Rye-Rye” Berrain as her tour DJ which was a big stepping stone in her rapidly growing career. They did events from the Perez Hilton Party at South By Southwest 2009 Austin, Texas, to Ultramusic Festival in Miami, Florida and other big events in locations such as Prague, Czech Republic, London, England and Paris, France. A lot to have seen at 20 years young, DJ Aasha Adore is not finished yet being dubbed one of the the rarest forms of female DJ’s (actually being able to mix) she plans to let the world know she is much more than a pretty face.