aaryn big brother

If Aaryn wasn’t a giant racist she would honestly be such a legend. I’m watching bb15 and???? This bitch survived the block twice, became hoh, survived another week, and is now the Double Eviction hoh and pov holder. That’s some fucking gameplay.

Thought piece on bb15/Aaryn

I did some major stalking on Aaryn Gries and she’s all grown up now, she’s married and has a daughter with another one on the way, and appease to be a mommy blogger. The way she acted in the house was despicable but I do think she was a product of her environment. If the other house guests had shut it down and also not been as equally despicable I think she would have been different. It wasn’t just Aaryn, it was her and Gina Marie and Amanda and Spencer and Kaitlin and Jeremey and Nick and David. They were all horrible but Aaryn is the face of that season and it’s been 4 years. I think her vocalizing her prejudices helped her in the long run because the national attention helped her see that was not okay. She has grown and I hope that she has changed.

And another thing.....

This is such a great display of modern day racisim. This is how Trump made it to the oval office. People kept excusing his actions. Then when he said racists things and people suddenly felt like it was okay to say those things. It’s never okay. Dominique has done nothing to these people. She tries her best to be kind and God bless her because I would have slapped someone in been ejected by this point.

Y'all excuse your faves. You like who you like citing that it’s only a game, but after the game is over they go back into the world. They go and spread those ideologies. And it’s because we didn’t stop it while they were in the house. They see what they can get away with on NATIONAL TELEVISION, and suddenly anything else they do pales in comparison.

Tumblr is so fucking annoying. They think every fucking thing is racist. I’m black, and I don’t even think this way. Someone could literally accidentally step on the foot of a black contestant, and Tumblr would go crazy. They would get every news outlet they could think of involved. Like shut tf up sometimes. It’s annoying. As a black person I’m annoyed. Aaryn = racist. Paul = ignorance. If the tables were turned,and Dom acted like Paul,everyone would be like “yas queen,” “queen of pettiness”
—  Anon

the more and more i think about it, the clearer it becomes that BB15 truly placed a hell-ish curse upon this house. the sexism, racism, homophobia…it all truly fucked with the already fucked with vibes inside of the walls. i’m watching a video compiling all of the fights and i honestly don’t know how we got through that season. it was fucking horrendous. the awful comments made to/about howard and candice. the comments made about elissa’s son. i could honestly go on and on, the season was that fucked. i will honestly never forget ginamarie sobbing on a chair in front of the memory wall, hand outstretched as she touched nick’s picture- like he’d fucking died or something. 

i’m truly convinced that that season put the nail in the coffin of this show.