lol-jensen-ackles and it’s bi-bro/J1 followers are an example of the crab mentality

To anyone studying psychology head over for a truck load of evidence of it.

The crab mentality : The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group (in this case lol-jensen-ackles & it’s supporters who put it on themselves to act on behalf of Jared) will attempt to negate or diminish the importance of any member (Jensen and to a lesser extent they attack Misha to) who is perceived to achieve success beyond the others, out of envy, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress

It’s pretty pitiful when you recognise what’s happening. For those who don’t know, it’s an anti-Jensen blog where Jared/Sam stans gather to bash everything about Jensen/Dean (or Misha/Cas) in order to make themselves feel better about Jared/Sam while at the same time pat themselves on the back over the delusional belief they’re “better” than all other fans even though they are congregating around a hate account. The irony is lost on them. 

If you check the notes under posts (other than those blogging to disagree with them) they’re from “bibros/J2 stans” according to their bios, what they actually are is extreme Jared/Sam stans who don’t give a crap about Jensen/Dean and only use him as a whipping boy when they deem him a threat which is why this group of haters are often more active when Jensen launches a charity without Jared, when Jensen’s getting praise over an episode or when funko releases more Cas and Dean pops but not Sams etc. 

Basically a Jared/Sam stan writes in with whatever butthurt they have about Jensen/Dean so this anti-Jensen blogger can soothe it with their spin and BS. They whine about fans liking Jensen/Dean more or about Dean being the more iconic character, Jensen getting more praise for his acting, Jensen having more followers on facebook and instagram, Jensen launching a successful charity campaign with Misha not Jared, about general fans thinking of Dean as the main character instead of Sam because over the course of the show Dean has become the POV character when it was intended to be Sam and now Sam’s more a plot device who changes personality or transforms into a different character to serve the story.

I get why Jared/Sam stans are insecure, I get why they hang on to Jared getting more press attention as their go to ego balm even though it stems from his Gilmore Girl days but their insecurity has turned to bitterness, jealousy and hate directed at the targets (because Misha comes into this to) who they think steal the limelight.

Basically it’s things like this…..

…that trigger their need to see Jensen/Dean pulled down and this is where lol-jensen-ackles steps in with finely worded insults to Jensen/Dean, conspiracy theories, twists on facts and basically any spin to explain away Jensen/Dean’s popularity, success, praise, talent and undermine his importance with the goal of boosting Jared/Sam up. 

They’ve even constructed a conspiracy about the CW owning Jensen’s brewery and being the brains behind the fundraiser and not Jensen because they’re so pissed about Jensen doing something without sharing the limelight with Jared and Jared/Sam stans actually believe what they say because they NEED to, no matter how insane and ridiculous because the alternative of Jensen having success that’s not shared equally with Jared is too hard for them to bare.

Take a moment to recognise how sad that is.

If you’re so insecure you feel the need to turn to a hate account (or even worse dedicate your time to running an actor hate account) to validate your favorite by dragging everyone down around him you need to think about your priorities. 

I’m not talking about all Jared fans because stans are a different breed. If you don’t hate Jensen and you don’t enjoy him being bashed, insulted and dragged down in order to have Jared boosted up then congrats you’re not a stan. If you go to lol-jensen-ackles for validation YOU are pathetic, petty and ridiculous and are no doubt the same ones who would rather go to the length of trying to sabotage a charity like YANA than have “Jared rivals”(in your mind) succeed.

Bibros/J1/ExtremeJared/Sam Stans you are an embarrassment to everyone and now it’s all in one place for rational people to see and mock.


A A R D V A R K !

mintley8  asked:

Ok, Dorito is beautiful & fab like all of the rest of your pets (& have I thanked you yet for sharing them with us? If not: Thank you) but I have a quick question: what's a tenrec?

They’re a bit odd and very diverse as a result of convergent evolution. Dorito is a lesser hedgehog tenrec and while he resembles a hedgehog they are not closely related. Tenrecs belong to the same superorder as for example elephants, hyraxes, aarvarks and sea cows!
Most tenrec species only live on Madagascar and some look a bit like hedgehogs (the lesser and the greater hedgehog tenrec) while others resemble shrews, opossums or even otters. These are all tenrecs:

Highland streaked tenrec

Common tenrec

And a drawing of some tenrec species (top one isn’t a tenrec)

They also have a cloaca, which is very unusual for a mammal (and can make them quite hard to sex; with lesser hedgehog tenrecs, the males will have puffier “eyelids” and a shorter nose). In winter they will go into torpor which is a form of hibernation, they will slow down and eat less, sometimes they won’t eat for weeks. Lesser hedgehog tenrecs can also climb quite well.