All I want is a playable warrior princess Zelda with elaborate hair

Stor Dubine is one of twelve designs in the Blankie: Designer Series 1 from Aarting. Isn’t she sorrowfully beautiful? This is from a blind box series purchased at Toy Tokyo’s East Village store. Toy Tokyo let me purchase a box, open it to see which design I bought, and then trade it for the Stor Dubine figure that was in their display. I thought that was very nice of them to do. (Although the one I “bought” was adorable, too.)

Blankie Series 2 is looking for a Kickstart...

Utilizing all facets of the internet to get a project up and running seems to be the M.O. for designers, companies, and artists alike these days, and Brooklyn based company Aarting is reaching out to everyone in the design community to help get their ‘Blankie’ Series 2 produced. As it stands right now all of the designs are made and ready to go… they have a great working relationship with the factory and need just need that extra push to make this series a reality.

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They are using the uber popular Kickstarter platform to raise funds for this, where in turn YOU have the opportunity to donate certain tiers of money… all of which get you different levels of goods depending on what you donate. Head on over HERE now and give what support you can!
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More Aarting avatars on Nito. #NitoApp #Aarting