A Spell to Increase One’s Beauty

Ancient Asiatic Incantation

To increase one’s beauty and thereby increase one’s chances of finding love, recite to the Gods:

The Aarthi, that Demon that is causing my ugliness, I cast thee out. Vauna, Mitra, remove a perceived lack of grace. Aryaman, protect my hands. Savitr, banish all ugliness! Let all unwelcome aspects of mind, body, and spirit disappear. Let me be happy, as it was why I was created.  Drive away even the smallest blemish.

- “Witchcraft: A Handbook of magic, Spells, and Potions,” by Anastasia Greywolf

warning for little girls: rakshasas are waiting, longtoothclaw
warning for little girls: this is how you learn to protect.

and maybe it starts with touches as sweet as filter coffee from your school’s canteen;
touches like soporifics dissolving on the tip of my tongue, filtering
through aarthi fires / leaving blackness behind;
ocean spray returning holiness
(like plastic gods / washed up on shore),
i dream ambrosia (tasting like cherry blossom
poison, blooming on the heart of your lips),
like sindoor like blood on the ground, like
forest fires flickering, like warning signs
screaming drumbeats rakshasasrakshasasrakshasas.
and maybe it starts with my fingers tangled up
in mile-long hair, yours stripping away horror
from the roots of me. yours, repeating, over my head,
again& again& again, until i am no longer little girl / waiting for a warning sign.
and maybe it starts with your lips /
writing constellations on my / bareflesh scalp.

warning for little girls: it is a simple thing /
becoming a rakshasa
warning for little girls: like walking off / no parachute /
like falling / like falling / like never learning to collide

—  boogeyman / Rishika Aggarwal © 2016
You my friend are a strange sort of brilliance, sometimes you fascinate me, most times you just make me smile that there could be someone who knows how to bend English in a way to actually make you sigh.
—  Aarthy, giving me one of the best compliments ever, after reading one of my poems
  • Aarthy: i actually, look more cartoony ,goes with my personality
  • TylerKnott: I think I look cartoony too, HUGE nose, big feet, big ears
  • Aarthy: i'm the opposite of you, we are the cartoon opposites
  • TylerKnott: We are...yin and yang
  • Aarthy: We need a shirt...or a tattoo...or a chocolate...OR a hot air balloon
  • TylerKnott: I think a tattoo of a chocolate hot air balloon.

aninjapagli  asked:

Hey John, my name is Aarthi, and I was at your reading at the Strand (it was great, by the way). Given that there are so many of them and they only know you through your music and it's difficult to meaningfully connect with everyone individually, what's your goal when interacting with fans? Many thanks, and have a nice day.

I don’t have a personal goal in this – people want things signed and to say “hi,” and it’s no skin off my nose to sign things and say “hi” back – so I guess I do have a goal, which is “to be of service,” which as a guy with heavy ex-nurse tendencies is an honor for me. 



wedding thoughts have been pushed aside, by my handsome lovely husband to be.

He took the tv, and him and his roommate are bunking with other classmates and they are to watch the ‘mother of all matches’ - India vs. Pakistan at FOUR AM on Wednesday!

Anyway, watch the above clip to get into the moood…

I….bleed blueeeeee!!! by association :P

new studyblr :)

hi everybody! I’m Aarthi and I’m a junior in high school. I currently take five AP classes and love being organized!! I want to go into pre-med when I go to college, and I’m going to start keeping a bullet journal sometime soon! I am super excited to find some new inspiration for my studying and organizational skills in this community :) please like or reblog so I can check out more studyblrs!! thank you <3


SCREAMING! They finally released one of the (MANY) panel interviews this cast has done. I’m SO EXCITED to watch this over the weekend~