You my friend are a strange sort of brilliance, sometimes you fascinate me, most times you just make me smile that there could be someone who knows how to bend English in a way to actually make you sigh.
—  Aarthy, giving me one of the best compliments ever, after reading one of my poems
  • Aarthy:i actually, look more cartoony ,goes with my personality
  • TylerKnott:I think I look cartoony too, HUGE nose, big feet, big ears
  • Aarthy:i'm the opposite of you, we are the cartoon opposites
  • TylerKnott:We are...yin and yang
  • Aarthy:We need a shirt...or a tattoo...or a chocolate...OR a hot air balloon
  • TylerKnott:I think a tattoo of a chocolate hot air balloon.


wedding thoughts have been pushed aside, by my handsome lovely husband to be.

He took the tv, and him and his roommate are bunking with other classmates and they are to watch the ‘mother of all matches’ - India vs. Pakistan at FOUR AM on Wednesday!

Anyway, watch the above clip to get into the moood…

I….bleed blueeeeee!!! by association :P