A commission of characters from the Lucasfilms “Alien Chronicles” series.  Way back when the books were first released some artwork of the characters was done by Terryl Whitlatch.  I like a lot of her work, but I honestly thought her designs were kind of ugly.  Like she’d been told to make the characters as unappealing as possible. I was commissioned by another fan of the books to try my hand at the characters, which was a lot of fun to work on.  I really wished they’d continued the series… *sigh*

Some doodles of a couple of my fave space hyenas, Ampris and Ylea.
I love how it’s flat-out stated at least twice that female Aaroun are bigger and more aggressive than the males. There’s no beating around the bush lol

I kinda hemmed and hawed for a while over the issues of mammaries, but settled on 4, and not too protruding either.
It feels good to be older and finally realize I don’t need to put obvious boobs on every female identified being.  


Ended up doodling the rest of the team to go along with Shiro because I couldn’t help myself. 
It was a good exercise in translating faces though, as well as re-acquainting myself with Aaroun features. I’ve definitely improved, which I’m very happy about.

As for their places within the Alien Chronicles universe, I might make a little post  later on, if I think about it some more …