#MUTZINE Interview •

@MUTZINE: Can you tell us a story from a shoot about someone you love to work with?
@imaaronpark: I always have fun when I’m shooting. One that comes to mind right now is when I did a photoshoot at a Starbucks in #Gangnam. #HanSeungsoo was inside while I was outside, so we were using our whole bodies to communicate. It was crowded but we didn’t care about other people watching us! We really just had so much fun!

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#MUTZINE Interview •

@MUTZINE: Do you have any unexpected tips and tricks for the aspiring photographer when it comes to shooting or approaching people?
@imaaronpark: I say “Be Crazy & Create,” which is also my motto, but I’m not saying that you should always try to create new things and go crazy while doing that. That might be what my motto means, but the real meaning is to have fun while constantly evaluating yourself and creating with original ideas. I hope people don’t try just to be cool.

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