Very grateful to have had the opportunity to tell my story to Jonathan (mostly via a letter) and in that letter tell him about what The Great Unknown means to me. He then dedicated that song to me at a show and afterwards wrote out these words for me. Fast forward a few months and I’ve just moved out of home, out of the city I grew up in and to the opposite end of the state. So I found it very fitting to have this on me now, and for forever. Thanks for lending me your words, Vigil. I’m glad you like it.

Tattoo done by Josh Leahy at Sacred Skin in Brisbane, Australia. Hit that dude up if you’re in the area.

Hi pals, my bestie is currently selling some of her signed artwork to save up for a trip to visit some of her favourite people ever. She’s incredibly talented and well deserving of the best things in life, so supporting her talent would mean so much to not only me but for courtney to have the chance to meet some of her closest friends and spend time with them. Go check out her TUMBLR rewsnac and her art page where she is constantly growing as an artist and has so many drawings that I’m sure she will be more than happy to sell. If you’re interested in any of her drawings make sure you give her a message and help her out :))))) much ll.ove 😏💕