Yes, I am back for more Graceland blogging for season three, which kicked off this past Thursday night. Doing this for season two really helped me sort out my thoughts for what turned out to be an uneven and frustrating season of television. I hope you all will share your opinions with me, as you did last year. I look forward to it! Now without further ado, here are my thoughts on Graceland’s third season premiere and as always, SPOILERS AHEAD.

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okay but if i ever made an aquaman/arthur curry blog aaron tveit would be brilliant as the fc. i just watched Throne of Atlantis and aRTHUR IS SO BOSS.

anonymous asked:

Hi. What exactly do u want ur "members" 2 do with this blog? I mean, other than having an active Aaron personal blog + being part of those live stream things n other activities u mentioned in ur post, what do they do? I'm just curious what their purpose is? (:

Members don’t really have a purpose, per se. It’s like any other network. It’s just a way for Aaron Tveit fans/blogs to find other Aaron Tveit fans/blogs to talk to. The bonus with being a member is you get a spot on the members page and you get to be a part of a private chat blog. But we want our members to basically just participate in any kind of activities we plan, like the live streams. It can be a bummer when people get accepted and then don’t participate in any of the activities we plan so that’s why we ask for members to be involved with the page, if that makes sense.

- mod brittany