It’s official: all of my attempts at bjd body blushing are destined to miserably fail or turn out to be barely even visible in photos .___. 

Tried *again* to work on Aaron’s tattoos, but didn’t like the result and had to wipe it off (and that’s how I discovered that Lukas Spray Film can be easily wiped off with a simple touch of magic sponge as well D: good thing I wasn’t much of a fan of the blushing I did on his chest, ‘cos I lost it all ò___ò). 

Anyway, decided to leave tattoos aside and give him some hand blushing and black nail polish. I was kinda satisfied with how they turned out…

…Until I took a picture and the lighting/zoom made the blushing completely disappear and highlited ALL of the nail polish imperfections instead X’D

No seriously: I swear he doesn’t look *that* bad in real life. His hands are so tiny it is really hard to notice all those little imperfections, but with the stupid camera zoom… omg, I can’t T____T

The bad bitch trait.

Here is my very first trait The Bad Bitch.
Bow down bitches! She runs this.
They are for the most part in a confident mood. It is a trait with a mix of whims from the snob, materialistic, romantic, mean, self assured, and evil traits. Basically she is THAT bitch you don’t try. She’s not here for it and she’s not having it.  They succeed in the detective (don’t leave your phone around them especially you fuck boys), secret agent, business, social media, critic, and culinary careers. She is lit and throws down in the kitchen..  They learn bartending, cooking (how else are they going to keep a spouse), baking, writing, singing, photography (selfie!!!), and mischief skills faster. The bad bitch trait comes with 8 custom buffs when:
*the sims is outdoors or off the home lot
*when the sim wins a fight
*when in the nightclub/bar/lounge
*when another sim breaks up with them
* After getting a promotion
*  and when they become angry, furious, or enraged

I had a lot of fun making this and I really hope you guys enjoy. I can add buffs for when the witness being cheated on but I had no idea what to say so if you have any ideas let me know and I will update or any ways to make it better. Have fun and fuck shit up!

thank you to zerbu for the program to make this, Evey from the black simmer facebook for the name, and Aaron at mod the sims for linking me to the tutorials.

The usual don’t claim as your own don’t sell blahblahblah

Download Here