Mjuk set (TS4)

“Norwegian Nynorsk
From Old Norse mjúkr. Akin to English meek.”

I felt this name suited the set best, with the soft sofa and blankets that we could wrap ourself around in while we read a magazine… 

What you get:

  • Vintage display cabinet (2140 polys, 9 swatches)
  • Vintage coffee table (254 polys, 6 swatches)
  • Magazine rack (4034 polys, 2 swatches)
  • Science poster (1149 polys, 28 swatches)
  • Folded blanket big (2946 polys, 19 swatches)
  • Folded blanket small (2946 polys, 19 swatches)
  • Ung999 Minh sofa recolor (3200 polys, 11 swatches)
    - You will need the mesh here!
  • Blanket made to fit the sofa (1298 polys, 16 swatches)

- All meshes are made by me from scratch except for Minh Sofa.
- The folded blankets have both 1 slots, so you can stack them.
- I recommend to always have bb.moveobjects on when placing furniture and decor, but you especially need to have it on to place the blanket on the sofa.
- Display cabinet and coffee table has plenty of slots.
- All objects has catalog thumbnails.
- You can search for the set by Sanoysims or Mjuk.
- Be sure your game is fully updated to find them! 

Credit: Ung999

PS: The file is big because half of the meshes have 2k textures.

I hope you enjoy and happy simming!
Download (Simfileshare)

Whistle Dress 

a little gift for my precious @whistlesims4  

  • 7.3k poly
  • 22 swatches
  • recolors are welcome, but read my TOU first pls
  • some shoes overlaps with the UV/texture (sorry!)

tell me if you have problems! and tag me if you use my CC, so that I can reblog/like it!


Leilanni Hair

No matter how many times I start a new game I always have to have this one in my game. This hair is GORGEOUS and I can’t thank @obisims enough for making this one! 

  • You do need The MESH to use this hair. You can pick them up from HERE.
  • The Hair is in THE BITTERSWEET PALETTE by SebastianVictorian, and you can find it HERE.


  • Please don’t upload my recolors.

Download (No Adfly)