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Why does he like to tease these fangirls?? But zayum zaddy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone


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Gigglefest I killed myself making this video

“Taurus: relationships”

Taurus with Aries:

Taurus with Taurus:

Taurus with Gemini:

Taurus with Cancer:

Taurus with Leo:

Taurus with Virgo:

Taurus with Libra:

Taurus with Scorpio:

Taurus with Sagittarius:

Taurus with Capricorn:

Taurus with Aquarius:

Taurus with Pisces:

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I’m dead again

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His favorite Selfie you take (celebrity edition )

Cameron : 

Taylor : 

Carter : 

Matt : 

Aaron : 

Nash : 

Hayes : 

Shawn : 

Jack G : 

Jack J : 

I don’t think he has any chest hair tbh

Za tries it//

•y/n has been telling Justin that Za acts brand new everytime he leaves the room and he doesn’t believe her. Za attempts to get at y/n again, but he gets caught•

“I just feel like he gets way too comfortable around me, Jay.” I said. Justin waved me off and walked into his closet. A sighed and laid back in the bed, starring at the ceiling.

Me and Justin were on our way to Za’s house. I protested against it, but Justin threatened me with an embarrassing photo. So now here we are, getting ready to go over to Za’s. I loved Za. He’s been my best friend since me and jay of have been dating, but lately he’s been a little too touchy and it makes me uncomfortable.

“Babe. I’m ready.” Justin said. I rolled my eyes sitting up. I crossed my legs and stared at him. “Why do I have to come?” I asked. Justin sighed, he closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead. He opened his eyes walking over to me. He sat on the bed and pulled my legs, to drag me closer to him.

He rubbed my thigh and put his forehead against mine. “Y/N?” He asked, his hazel eyes starring right into mine. “Yes?” I replied. He grabbed my cheek before planting small soft kisses. “You’re going to Za’s with me.” He said quietly. I rolled my eyes pushing him away.

Getting out of the bed, I walked over to my closet grabbing my white converse. Quickly placing them on, I walked back over to the room where Justin was standing with a smile on his face.

“We’re going to have so much fun!” Justin cheesed. I gave him a goofy smile and grabbed his hand. “I fucking hate hate you.” I said, still having the goofy smile placed on my face.


“What are you not understanding? He makes me uncomfortable, Jay.” I said. Me and Justin were in the car on our way to Za’s. I was explaining to him my reasons for not wanting to go. “What I’m not understanding, is how you’ve known Za for three years and haven’t complained once until now.” He said. His hand was waving around in motions and he occasionally looked back at me.

“Because three years ago he wasn’t trying to get in my pants.” I said. Jay just laughed and ignored me for the rest of the car ride.


“Wow, you redecorated your living room.” I said. I took a seat on the couch next to Justin, getting comfortable. Me and Justin had arrived at Za’s no longer than 5 minutes ago. So far nothing abnormal happened and Za didn’t make a flirtatious comment.

“Yeah, it wasn’t me who chose all this tho. I had my assistant take care of all this.” Za said. He had a proud smile on his face as he took a look around the room. “Wow, you sound so accomplished.” I teased, Justin chuckled shaking his head.

Za fanned me off, taking a seat across from us. “what do y'all want to drink?” he asked, he grabbed the gold bell that was sitting on the glass counter, shaking it. a slim girl walked in, looking at him.

“you needed something?” she questioned, I rolled my eyes shaking my head. “yeah, can you bring a water bottle for Justin and a dr.pepper for the lady?” he asked, she smiled nodding her head walking off.

“you couldn’t walk into the kitchen to do that?” Justin laughed, Za smiled kicking his foot up. “kings don’t have to do anything.” he retorted, I laughed. “anyway, I have to use the bathroom.” Justin said, I creased my brow, holding his arm before he could get up to leave.

“you’re going to leave?” I questioned, he raised his brow giving me a weird look.“I’ll be back.” he retorted. I sighed, letting his arm go. he got up, walking out of the living room, leaving me and Za alone. it was awkward between the two of us.

Za sat there starring at the ceiling, and I was looking everywhere but at him. the girl from earlier walked back in with drinks in her hand. I quickly grabbed the soda, opening the can. I instantly gulped half of it down. “someone’s thirsty.” he muttered.

I could see him smirk from the corner of my eye. he stood up, walking over to me. my breath hitched, and I started getting nervous. what the hell is Justin doing? , I thought.

Za sat right next to me. a little too close for comfort may I add. “Y/N, I didn’t know I made you that thirsty.” he smirked, I looked over at him giving him a disgusted look. “you wish.” I mumbled, he chuckled lightly.

he put his arm around my shoulder, scooting in closer. “how long has it been since Justin has made you feel good?” he questioned, my mouth dropped to an o form. I swatted his arm off, scooting away from him.

“you need some medical attention.” I said, he smirked moving in closer. “no, what I need is a taste of you.” he whispered, he grabbed my face giving me a sloppy kiss.

my eyes grew and I tried to fight him off, but his strength was no match for mine. “Za, you have two seconds to get your greasy ass lips off my girl!”

Za jumped, pulling away. Justin stood there with an angry look, I quickly stood wiping Za’s nasty juice off my lips. “hey Justin,” Za said nervously, Justin walked right up to him giving him one good hit to the face.

Za collapsed on the floor, holding onto his eye. “dude, what the fuck!” he shouted, Justin scowled at him, looking back over at me. “baby, you good?” he asked, I nodded my head grabbing his hand.

“let’s get out of here.” I said, he nodded. we walked up to Za and I kicked him in his stomach, causing him to howl out in pain. Justin laughed walking past him.

“I love you so much.” he said.


Justin shades Khalil’s new single part one//
Khalil - @justinssecute
Hailey - @imaginejdb
Y/N - @cynfuldoll
Justin - @sextingbiebs