The problem with Aaron Tveit is you think you know his tricks the way he sings and moves and acts and you think your crush is on a safe surface level and then he growls


You shiver as the sound goes straight through your body and you know you’re lost forever


Moulin Rouge! the Musical presents “Come What May” featuring Aaron Tveit

+ and - of getting into these fandoms

The Book of Mormon: you get absolute bops, but if they get stuck in your head, you can’t sing them out loud.

Dear Evan Hansen: you get incredibly catchy songs, but you can’t listen to any of them in public without crying.

Falsettos: you get oddly beautiful lyrics, but also get an inappropriate urge to sing whenever you hear the word “hepatitis.”

Hamilton: you are so ready for American history class, but you can’t remember anything unless you rap it.

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812: you get a unique and beautifully written show, but when you forget the lyrics, you’re lost forever because nothing rhymes.

Les Misérables: you get a huge selection of likable characters to get emotionally invested in, but they all die in the end.

Newsies: you get a professionally-filmed movie, but now, whenever you open Netflix, you literally can’t watch anything else.

Next to Normal: you get Alice Ripley and Aaron Tveit, but every time someone says their name is Gabriel, you get a terrible urge to respond, “Hi, Dad.”

Rent: you get a masterclass in songwriting and storytelling, but you become physically incapable of hearing the phrase “Who died?” without jumping on a table.

Spring Awakening: you get a high-impact and deeply relevant story, but when adults ask you what it’s about, you have no idea how to explain.

Tuck Everlasting: you get an unforgettable show, but you hit the bottom of the tag within ten minutes.

Waitress: you get to know so many underappreciated actresses, but every time you get attached to a Jenna, she leaves.

If Supernatural Were a Broadway Musical...

Ok, but hear me out:

Dreamcast for hypothetical Supernatural Broadway musical. (which I’m now insisting must be a thing, for the good of the universe.) -

Derek Klena as Sam: 

Aaron Tveit as Dean:

(*(edit) disclaimer: tbh Jensen’s voice is spectacular so we could also just put him on Broadway. 

Actually, the same goes for a lot of the cast. And even for those who may not be strongest in singing, anyone can be taught with enough time. Maybe we should just put them all on Broadway. That’d be fab.

Anyway this list is out of the purest respect towards all of them.*)


Please, Broadway, please.

also, like,

 Sierra Boggess as Rowena: 

  1. umm look at them they’re literally like redhead princess twins.
  2. what the heck they’re both so beautiful.
  3. how is it even possible to be so gorgeous and fabulous and elegant? ughhhhh

Andy Karl as Gabriel:

  1.  Bro, you can’t tell me they don’t look alike. At least a little bit.
  2. Andy could easily pull off Gabriel’s snark and the charm.
  3. He was in the Groundhog Day musical. If you recall the plot of Groundhog Day… time loops and stuff, y’know? *Heat of the moment.*

Maybe Jeremy Jordan as Cas? :

  1. Come on, they kinda look alike.
  2. Jeremy is short in real life, just as Cas is short (er, in comparison to the bros. Difference is, Misha’s like 6 feet tall while Jeremy’s like 5 foot 8 lol.)
  3. It would be freakin hilarious for Jeremy to do the monotone Cas voice.

And lastly, as Charlie Bradbury:

yep, obviously Felicia Day, because the woman can SINGGG.

Ok seriously, now I’m gonna be disappointed when this doesn’t happen.