Before he left for work aaron started rubbing my back and said “I’m making biscuits” (what he calls it when kitties knead)

Then he paused and kept going harder because he realized my back is full of knots “I don’t know why, but it’s really tough!”

Me: cause I’m tough 😤


Calling again on God’s power, MOSES planted his staff in the water.  As the Hebrew people stood awestruck, the water surged and swirled, and the mighty Red Sea parted into two towering walls of water.  Between the walls was a rocky pathway that led down the middle.  It was truly a miracle.

With the path to freedom in front of him, AARON looked to Moses and gave his brother a smile.  Bravely, he stepped onto the path and began to walk between the walls of water.  Secure in the knowledge that they would be safe, THE HEBREW PEOPLE followed.