Aaron and Alexander running a 50’s diner as husbands! 
This AU can be taken from me at the cost of Skoop sobbing in a corner.

  • Adam: What happens now, then?
  • Aaron: She has her baby.
  • Adam: You know what I mean. You've just moved in together.
  • Aaron: I said I'd back him. Whatever he wants to do.
  • Adam: Wow. Well, that's good, right?
  • Aaron: You know he told her to get an abortion? When he found out she lied and she hadn't gone through with it, he was awful to her. Said some horrible things to her.
  • Adam: Probably just the shock.
  • Aaron: Why are you sticking up for him?
  • Adam: The guy made a mistake. I know what that's like. And what can happen afterwards, you know.
  • Aaron: I'd got my head around what them two did, just about. Now all this.
  • Adam: All I'm saying is don't do anything too quickly. You and him, you've been through enough.

Trembling hands exploring the body of each other, lips united in a passionate kiss as you slowly getting rid of your clothes. Skin meets skin, letting you moan and gasp in pleasure.
“I’m nervous.” You admit, raking nails over Aaron’s back.
“Me too.” He mumbles, but with a smile.

  • Robert: Look, I know what you're gonna say and don't bother, right? I'm sick of hearing it. (Aaron nods) Be a disaster anyway. Her whole family hates me. How long before the kid does, too?
  • Aaron: So maybe we find a way of working through things. You'd be a good dad.
  • Robert: How do you know that?
  • Aaron: Because you'd have me helping you. What? I'd be great.
  • Robert: I reckon you would, too. But... you know, maybe, one day, we'll have a family of our own. But not like this. I just want us to get back to where we were.

♥ we come to love, not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person… p e r f e c t l y ♥

[twd pairings]

  • Vic: About time! I called you ages ago.
  • Robert: I know. I'm sorry.
  • Chrissie: The baby's fine.
  • Lawrence: And Rebecca?
  • Chrissie: They're keeping her in over night. They think the cramps were due to stress. But they want to make sure. She said you can all go home. She needs to rest.
  • Ronnie: Don't you wanna see her first?
  • Lawrence: Doesn't sound like she wants me to. (they leave)
  • Robert: Come on. I knew it would be a waste of time.
  • Aaron: Definitely all right though, yeah?
  • Robert: She said so, didn't she? (they leave)
  • Ronnie: Why don't we go somewhere else?
  • Lawrence: No, he'd love that. 8walking over to Robert and Aaron) Enjoying yourselves?
  • Robert: Just having a quiet drink.
  • Lawrence: While my daughter tries to cope with what you've done to her.
  • Robert: It was a mistake. Hers as much as mine. (Lawrence grabs Robert)
  • Aaron: (grabbing Lawrence) Let go of him!
  • Lawrence: Why don't you take your own advice? You would do if you had any self-respect!
  • Ronnie: Leave him. We'll go somewhere else.
  • Charity: Oi, Rocky Balboa!
  • Lawrence: What about the way you wrecked Chrissie's life? (Aaron answers his phone) Was that a mistake, too? Or are you just determined to drag my family down?
  • Robert: Not everything is about you. So why don't you just back off? Go on, then, if you think your heart can take it.
  • Ronnie: Lawrence, please.
  • Charity: Any blood gets spilt on my furniture and you're both scrubbing it clean, yeah?
  • Aaron: Yeah, eh, that was Vic. They think Rebecca's losing the baby.