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Aaron in white and grey 😍😍 Aaron and Robert walking beside each other sharing mutual hatred for the psycho kid 😍😍 Aaron being pleasantly surprised by dorky dad!robert 😍😍 dorky dad!robert trying to bond with Cain over being dorky dads 😍😍 Aaron being protective of his own 😍😍 Aaron ready to bring Lachlan down and being smug when he succeeds 😍😍 Aaron and Belle scenes 😍😍 Aaron opening up to Belle about how Robert broke his heart when he had every faith he wouldn’t even after the warnings 😭😩🆘

the foxes as things i've tweeted
  • andrew: i like hot chocolate and chain smoking instead of doing things i'm supposed to be doing
  • + bonus andrew: 20 likes and i'll kill my crush
  • aaron: exam self care is eating a pound of chocolate covered coffee beans and astral projecting into a wendy's parking lot to knife fight with god
  • neil: this is just a gentle reminder that i am pretty much permanently Emotionally Unavailable thank u goodbye
  • + bonus neil: kiss me or kill me. or both. lets just get this over with
  • kevin: i'm listening to tchaikovsky and shostakovich and getting drunk. this is the fucking #life don't bother me
  • + bonus kevin: my kink is when my teammates do their fucking jobs
  • allison: do i want to kiss her or steal her look?
  • + bonus allison: i want to look good AND fuck people up
  • seth: i'm a literal wet heap of garbage and i want to die
  • nicky: i'm not here to be reasonable i'm here to be gay and have fun
  • matt: listen to me. every time this girl breathes i want to give her everything i own she deserves the world i love her
  • dan: men are weak and disgusting. except for that one he can stay
  • renee: having good friends is a religious experience and i will protect them with my life
  • additional
  • wymack: [letting my cats outside] you are idiots. i hate you. i know youre going to get hurt. [opening door] i love u go get 'em
  • jean: je don't know, je don't care, je want u to go away
  • Eliza: Take a break
  • Alexander: I don't get a break✊⚡️I'll be out here grinding😈💪 Imma be chasing dreams🏃while you're lounging💯💯🔥

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