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BRAINDEAD | 1.11 | Gareth & Laurel

All I’ve done for the last twenty-four hours is google bugs. They need eighty-five degrees to spawn and the Russell building only hits that temperature after the A/C shuts down.


“What do I need to do?”
“Turn those all off and on. Every one.”

BrainDead 1.09: “This might be the start of a campaign for @AaronTveit as #JamesBond P.S. Let’s make it a musical” - @BrainDeadWriter (x)


“What’s up, guys?”
“Hey…what’s up, Maz?”
“Sorry, I’m late.”
“No, it’s fine. It’s fine. I wasn’t sure if…
I’m glad you’re here, I wanted to go over the lineup with you.”