aaron tveit i love you

i can low-key imagine him doing that on one of those awkward first dates that your friend’s make you go on bc they wanna play matchmaker. but i feel like Aaron’s so sweet so he hates the fact it’s kinda awkward so he just goes “i can clap with one hand,” and he can’t help but start giggling at himself as he states his weird talent. you’d probs laugh and be like hell yes and then he’d just do that ^^ and you’d start laughing at his ridiculousness and going on to talk about weird talents and trail off into actual conversation, and he’d feel so accomplished bc the awkwardness was now gone bc of his one handed clap.


Aaron Tveit with Kelli O'Hara- How About You
Michael Feinstein’s New Year’s Eve 
Rainbow Room, NYC


Aaron Tveit- Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t, My Baby
Michael Feinstein’s New Year’s Eve
Rainbow Room, NYC


A little Live In Living Color tonight because, lets start the week off on a Happy Aaron Note!!

Guys… We’re less than 2 weeks until Florida shows and 4 weeks from California shows… HOW DID THIS HAPPEN SO FAST?! Gah!

Parker’s Playhouse FL - 12 Days |

Straz Center FL - 13 Days |

House of Blues San Diego CA - 26 Days |

Belasco Theatre CA -27 Days |


You sighed looking up when your hand moved on Aaron’s thigh. ‘’Stop’’ you said holding it down and stopping any further movement ‘’You gonna get complains from people downstairs’’ 

‘’I’m fine’’ Aaron said biting his lip.

‘’I didn’t ask that but I’m glad’’ you smiled slightly caressing his thigh. ‘’Hey’’ you said softly when you noticed he was looking at his fidgeting hands ‘’It’s gonna be okay’’ 

‘’I know I know’’ Aaron said standing up quickly. He put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes before stretching his arms up and doing a small jump. 

‘’Oh I see that’’ you said crossing your arms over your chest ‘’You are completely relaxed’’ you shook your head when he started to pace around the small changing room you were sitting in. Muffled sounds of people voices and musicians preparing their instruments came through the white door with your boyfriend’s name on them. 

Aaron stood next to a dressing table, his face glowing in the light emitted by white light bulbs that surrounded the mirror in front of him. He moved his hands through his hair tugging a little bit ‘’What if I screw it up?’’ he said, his voice strangled ‘’I’m gonna screw this up. I don’t even remember the first line…what the fuck is the first line? I…’’

‘’Hey, hey, hey mister!’’ you said loudly standing up and quickly moving towards him. You took his arm in your hand and turned him around. ‘’Okay calm down. Calm down. Shhh’’ you kept repeating that not letting him say a word ‘’Focus on me baby’’ he did as you said connecting his eyes with yours ‘’You will be amazing’’ you stated firmly not giving him a chance to oppose ‘’You will rock this room’’

‘’I don’t know…’’ he started lamely.

‘’But I do’’ you smiled at him ‘’Aaron Tveit I know is a hard-working actor, talented singer and wonderful human being who lives to be on stage. You got this under control’’ you winked bringing him a little bit closer ‘’You love that don’t you?’’

‘’Yes’’ he said.

‘’And you worked for that for months?’’

He nodded. 

‘’You know they wouldn’t have given you this role if you weren’t perfect for this part. This is a freaking world tour sunshine’’  you giggled when you saw him smile ‘’And you made it’’ you added kissing him softly. 

‘’Okay’’ he laughed taking your wrists in his hands and kissing both of your palms ‘’Okay’’ 

‘’You did it thousands of times. What happened?’’ you asked softly leaning more into him.

‘’The biggest project in my carrier. Pretty nerve-wracking’’ he sighed.

‘’I know’’ your hand wondered around his waist hugging him to you ‘’But that’s why I am here. Your lucky charm.’’ your smile widened when he laughed and hugged you even harder.

‘’I love you’’ you felt his lips on top of your head.

‘’I love you too’’ you responded closing your eyes for a second.

‘’5 minutes till show guys’’ you jumped a little bit startled when member of crew opened the door. Aaron nodded taking a shaking breath.

‘’Hey’’ your voice made him look at you ‘’Take a deep breath’’ you leaned up to kiss him once again. This time you kept your lips on his a little bit longer. ‘’For luck right?’’ you smirked when you parted. You moved away fixing the collar of his shirt ‘’Go get them tiger’’ you said walking towards the door and opening them. The chatter became louder simultaneously with Aaron’s smile becoming bigger. 

100 ways to say ‘I love you’

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