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I’ve been looking for the right excuse to draw these characters, so since its Seinfeld day, enjoy “Incorrect Foxhole Court Quotes: Seinfeld Edition”!

I still gotta work on some of the designs, but for now I’m happy.


run pt. 1

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summary: spencer shared one night with you a month ago, saying he loved you, and hasn’t spoken to you since. now you’re pregnant and you’ve decided to leave the BAU to keep it a secret.

words: 952

warnings: sexual themes, angst AF, violence in the metaphors, pregnancy, etc. 

a/n: this is my first ever criminal minds fic so pls be gentle with me ok I know its completely horrible I’m aware

read part two here

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AU where Aaron and Alex work in the same office and Alex is crushing hard but has no flirting capabilities so he steals Aaron’s lunch from the fridge every day hoping that will cause Aaron to go out for lunch and then Alex can casually invite himself to tag along.

But Aaron sees Alex taking his lunch and his first impulse is to be angry, but then he thinks maybe Alex just doesn’t have time to make his own lunch every day so Aaron starts packing two lunches, keeping one with him while putting the other in the fridge.

And Alex is so frustrated his plan isn’t working and eventually he just gets so fed up that he sort of aggressively asks Aaron out to lunch and Aaron agrees after a few seconds of shock.

Aaron is too polite to bring up then stolen lunch thing and Alex refuses to admit to it, so neither of them hear the other’s side of the story until years after they start dating and Aaron thinks it’s hilarious and tells the story at their wedding while Alex pouts.

I’m just really overwhelmed with how much I love this fandom right now.

It’s times like these that remind me that fandom is the place where the emotional labor happens. Where fans check in on other fans, and are there to support and encourage them. Where people are reminded about the value of self-care, or are given a place to rant or cry and express their emotion, where you can message or inbox your favorite blog and say “I’m right there with you” or “I feel this way, I need your help/support” or “I disagree, but I respect the hell outta you”. 

Fandoms will always be such unique, wonderful, and special places because beyond all the irritation, disagreements, and occasional ugliness, there is at its core this fundamental understanding of a mutual humanity, and a special kind of empathy that no network or show could ever understand or value as much as the fans themselves. We’re human, we make mistakes, but we work it out and we get there.

When shows fall apart in various ways, it’s the fandom that deal with the fallout. And I’m not saying it should be the show’s responsibility (although I do think there’s certain things that should and should not be done by shows and their creators in response to actual or predicted pain/outrage from fans). But I think it’s worth acknowledging that we are the carers for each other. The emotional labor falls on us and we don’t even question that responsibility, because the fandom becomes your family. And that’s such a beautiful and human part of an online community.

~Not Your Fault // Pt. 1~ (SMFDR X Reader)

A/N: Hello hello hello! I am so fucking tired but i had this idea for a fic and was like ‘well shit I gotta write that’ so now it’s 1 AM, I did a shit job at proof reading, and also the pacing is a bit weird. Not like ‘This is a bad fic because it’s fast’ kind of weird pacing but more like ‘I imagined the IRL scenario and tried to write it out but I’m so tired I can barely remember my own name so it goes like 1-60 pretty fast much sorry’. 

T/W: Pregnancy, Mentions of Abortion, Unacceptance of Pregnancy, Angst (Honestly it’s just all-around sad I’m not sorry)

Pt 1  Pt 2  Pt 3

Three days.

You had known you were pregnant for three days, and you still had yet to tell your boys.

You had been trying to tell them since you found out, but it was like the Universe didn’t want them to know - like it would end badly if they found out. And oh, how the Universe was right.

James had been making breakfast on Monday when you hesitantly brought up the topics of having children, but before you could even say ‘kids’, the bowl of pancake batter slipped from his grip and shattered onto the floor. You jumped onto the counter per James’ request while Thomas swept the shards into the dustpan, and you decided to try again the next day.

You tried to tell Aaron on Tuesday, but as soon as you mentioned how Thomas’ office could maybe one day be turned into a nursery, Thomas came bursting through the door, ranting and raving about Hamilton like he did almost every day. You sighed and sat back on the couch, ignoring Aaron’s whisper of ‘Hold that thought’ and half-listening to Thomas’ speech as you planned on telling them the next day.

You promised yourself that you would tell Thomas on Wednesday, but you couldn’t even begin to think of how you would tell them before Washington called James’ phone, and all three boys were out the door; not coming back until almost 1 AM.

You stared at your dinner.

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Request:  Number 16 Aaron burr. Where Alexander somehow blackmails or dares Aaron to ask the reader out with a cheesy pick up line. Please? <3

Prompt 16:  “You know, you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend/partner” “And you look exactly like the person I turn down two seconds from now.”

Pairing: Aaron Burr x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 1,783

Warning: None

A/N: Here it is! Finally, an Aaron imagine for you Burr-loving rascals. Hope you enjoy!

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22 please xx

you want sensitive? i can be sensitive!

“What’s up your arse today?” Aaron inquired, slouching down on the couch next to Robert, cup of tea and half a packet of digestives in hand. If he covered their couch in crumbs again, Robert was not going to be held responsible for his actions (well, his passive aggressive hoovering.)

“Hi Aaron, great to see you too, did you have a nice day?” Robert muttered in response, already in a bad mood before Aaron had even opened his mouth, his husband not exactly helping matters.

Aaron rolled his eyes, sticking his feet up on the coffee table. “You know, if you’d talk to me, instead of make snarky comments, maybe I’d know what was wrong with you,” he responded easily, eyes on the telly.

Robert couldn’t exactly blame Aaron for having no time for his moods, but he couldn’t exactly stop himself from huffing slightly, shifting himself up the couch and away from Aaron.

“Robert, if you’re going to act like a child, I can just keep watching telly while you throw a tantrum,” Aaron glanced over at him, soggy digestive still in his mug, the biscuit threatening to fall to pieces in the hot liquid.

“Sometimes,” Robert began, already feeling like an absolute idiot the second he opened his mouth. “Sometimes it feels like you treat me more like a mate than your husband.”

Aaron snorted, mouth full of biscuit as he replied. “What I did to you in the shower this morning is definitely not something mates do to each other,” he replied, hitting mute button on the television, pausing whatever episode of the Big Bang Theory that was blaring in the background.

Robert couldn’t hide his smirk, thinking of how Aaron had pinned him against the wall of the shower that morning and just fucked him for all he was worth, leaving him dazed and out of it for long enough that they ended up being late for work.

“Whats brought this on, eh?” Aaron nudged, chewing thoughtfully on another digestive, Robert about half a second away from saying there was dinner in the oven and he was going to ruin his appetite before he bit his tongue, realising it was an age old argument he was never going to win.

(Anyway, Aaron ate all around him 24/7 and never ruined his appetite - the perks of being twenty five, Robert supposed.)

“Bernice, she said we’re not very… sensitive with each other,” Robert said, wincing as the remembered the strange conversation he’d had with his sister that afternoon, newly qualified marriage counsellor Bernice Blackstock deciding that Aaron, Robert and their second marriage was going to be her pet project.

Aaron laughed. Properly, full-on belly laughed, the sound infectious, despite the half serious conversation they were attempting to have. “You’re listening to Bernice when it comes to how we should be acting now we’re married?” he snickered, taking a swig of her tea. “She is the person that stole Katie’s wedding dress and tried to get Andy to run away with her, I wouldn’t exactly think she’s the best person to take relationship advice from.”

“I know, but…” Robert trailed off, picking at a loose thread in the cushion. “I don’t know, sometimes you can be a bit matey. You said goodbye to me today by giving me a pat on the back!”

Aaron set his cup of tea down, shoving the biscuits down the side of the couch so he could focus on Robert, laughter evident on his now pretend serious expression, his eyes bright, and blue, and the kind of happy Robert had once convinced himself he’d never be the cause of again.

“So you want me to be more sensitive?” Aaron asked, tone mocking.

Robert sunk back in the couch, rolling his eyes. “You’re such a dick, I was just trying to be honest with ya,” he mumbled, knowing he’s only really felt insecure about it all because he’d spent the afternoon home, alone, and dwelling on it.

“No, you want sensitive, I can be sensitive,” Aaron laughed, leaning in to nuzzle his nose against Robert’s neck, giving him a sickly sweet grin. “Hey baby, how was your day?”

Robert grimaced at the petname. “Don’t call me baby, you know I think it’s weird,” he mumbled in response.

“Baby, I’m just trying to be more sensitive,” Aaron gave him a shocked look, throwing a leg over Robert’s lap, pressing his whole body close to Robert. “I want us to sit her for the next hour while you tell me about every second of your day, and then I’ll very sensitively list off all the things I love about you, and then-“

“You’re such a pain in the arse,” Robert laughed, pinching Aaron’s sides, trying to duck away from the messy, slobbering kisses Aaron was pressing to every inch of his face, lips brushing against his cheeks, and chin, and earlobes.

“Don’t make fun of my sensitivity,” Aaron faked a pout. “I’m just trying to show you how much I love you, my…. teddy bear.”

“I think I’m actually going to be sick.”

“Sunshine? Sweetness? Oh, I have a good one - honeybuns,” Aaron grinned, looking absolutely delighted with himself as he came up with the worst pet names in the book, determined to take the absolute piss.

Robert couldn’t help himself as he laughed, shaking his head. “If you ever call me honeybuns again, I’m going to divorce you,” he said, wrapping his arms around Aaron’s waist, wandering fingers bunching up the end of his jumper, tracing patterns on his skin.

Aaron looked suddenly serious, their faces inches from each other as Aaron sat, comfortable in Robert’s lap. “You know how I feel about you,” he said quietly, fingers running through Robert’s hair, musing up the usually neat blond strands. “We don’t need to prove it to anyone else.”

“I know,” Robert said, knowing in his heart of hearts it was completely true, they had nothing to prove, not to each other, not to anyone else. “I just got in my own head a bit, I guess.”

“Well, if it happens again, talk to me,” Aaron grinned wickedly. “Schnookums.”

Robert rolled his eyes, holding tightly to Robert’s waist before he flipped them over, trapping Aaron against the couch with his weight, his husband laughing delightedly, clearly enjoying taking the piss. “Forget I said anything - baby.”

“See, it’s just weird when you do it,” Aaron wrinkled his nose, legs wrapped tightly around Robert’s waist, not letting him move an inch - not that he wanted to move an inch, lying on Aaron surprisingly comfortable.

Robert hummed his agreement. “Grown men shouldn’t ever say baby,” he mumbled, burying his face in the crook of Aaron’s neck. “I missed you this afternoon.”

“Me too,” Aaron admitted quietly, hands still running through Robert’s hair, his touch familiar, grounding. “I reckon we’ve got about a half an hour before Liv’s home to just lie here. Sensitive enough for ya?”

Robert smiled into Aaron’s neck, nodding as much as he could when he was effectively trapped underneath Aaron’s hands. “Good enough for now, anyway.”

{ my darling heart }

pairing: smfdr x reader

t/w: smut

summary: james is sick. you’ve been taking care of him all day. your alphas decide to reward you. 

a/n: this is the full version of that drabble i posted like 2 or 3 weeks ago?? well, i finished it! takes place in the same a/b/o verse as the one in “ever yours.”

inbox || masterlist

You closed the bedroom door behind you, left James to rest in the bedroom. You felt your other two alphas close. You sensed Aaron specifically. His scent was near. You followed it throughout the house, before you found yourself in front of the door to their study. 

“Alpha?” You called, peeking your head in. “Hi.” 

Aaron perked up when he saw you. Thomas too smiled and beckoned you closer. They were both wearing their glasses. They looked adorable.

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Week 35: Monday 28th August - Friday 1st September

Monday 28th - When Aaron arrives at the gym to meet Jason, Jason taunts him leaving Aaron furious and more intent on fighting it out. A concerned Robert suddenly appears with the others and tries to stop the fight from going ahead. However, Jason suggests that he and Aaron should have a legitimate match in the ring and Aaron accepts the challenge.

Tuesday 29th - Aaron is furious when he discovers that Robert tried to pay Jason off to stop the fight from going ahead. After a pep talk from Zak and Adam, Aaron steps into the ring. How will it go?

Robert feigns sympathy when Rebecca confides in him with her fears over Lawrence’s health.

Wednesday 30th - Rebecca tearfully confides in Robert her worries over her dad’s health and the state of the business. Robert feigns sympathy and tries to dissuade her from taking Lawrence to see a doctor, saying he’ll speak with Lawrence and sort it all out, but Emma – who’s helping out at the café – insists that he may need medical help. Will it be game over for Robert? Aaron makes a shocking discovery.

Thursday 31st (7pm) - Rebecca tells Robert she’s called the doctor for Lawrence and Robert panics his drugging will be exposed. 

Robert turns up at the surgery bluffing he’s there on Rebecca’s behalf. He enquires about Lawrence’s blood samples and Emma tells him they haven’t been sent off giving Robert an idea. 

Thursday 31st (8pm) - What’s Robert up to and will he be caught?

Friday 1st - Robert forms another plan.