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books couples + halsey lyrics

  • mara dyer and noah shaw { gasoline }
  • juliette ferrars and aaron warner { hold me down } 
  • tessa gray and will herondale { empty gold }
  • mare barrow and maven calore { ghost }
  • layla shaw and roth { young god }
  • alex andros and aiden st. delphi { I walk the line }
  • ruby daly and liam stewart { drive }
  • clarke griffin and bellamy blake { new americana }

Rose Quartz/Rainbow Moonstone = Aura Quartz

Amethyst/Rainbow Moonstone = Hackmanite

Pearl/Rainbow Moonstone = Opalite

Sapphire/Rainbow Moonstone = Jeremejevite 

Ruby/Rainbow Moonstone = Bertrandite

10 Notes and I add Garnet/Rainbow Moonstone :3c 

Chemistry (Philip x Ruby)

Summary: @whatdimissmotherfuckers and Philip partner up in science

TW: Swearing, Things going horribly wrong,


You sigh and sit at your desk. You never had any clue what you were doing here. You just mixed shit together and hoped it worked. Your teacher smiled as he handed back the tests.

“Another fabulous score for Ruby,” he says.

You nod slightly and take the paper. An 87 definitely wasn’t the best you had ever received, but it was up there. You watch as he hands the rest of the tests back before going back to the front of the room.

He claps his hands together. “Alright, class, I’ll be splitting you into groups of two and giving each your own experiment.” You groan and roll your eyes as he splits you into groups. You knew you were going to get paired with someone who never paid attention and never knew what was going on. “Ruby and Philip.”

You look across the room at the curly-haired, freckle-faced kid who sat in the back of the room. Once your teacher is done calling groups, you move your stuff to the back of the room to sit next to Philip. Once the teacher gives you your assignment, Philip turns to you. “Alright. I’m going, to be honest. I have no clue what we do in here.”

You roll your eyes slightly. “Really?”

He ignores the sarcasm in your voice. “Can we just get this over with? I really need a good grade on this.”

You nod slightly and pull your book out of your backpack. He smiles and looks over your shoulder.

“I forgot my book.”

You slide your book between the two of you and write down your procedures. “Do you want to meet during lunch tomorrow?”

He nods and packs up, seeing as there are only two minutes before the bell rings. “Yeah. Sure.”


You walk into the science lab at the beginning of lunch the next day, setting your sandwich on a nearby table. Philip waves you over to the back table. “I’ve got everything, Ruby. I just don’t know what to do with it.”

You giggle slightly and walk over to him. “Alright. We should be able to figure something out.”

He nods slightly and pulls out the vials. You take them from his hands and start following the directions. “Philip, would you mind holding this, while I mix these things?”

He nods slightly and grabs the vial, while you stand over him. You must have measured something wrong because it starts bubbling over the edge.

“Shit! Shit, shit, shit!” You yell, backing away from it.

Philip looks up in alarm. “Fuck!” He drops the vial and stands next to you. “I thought you were good at this!”

You back up. “The only reason I did this all was because you’re hot.”

He turns to you. “What?”

You look back at the concoction that stopped bubbling. “Nothing. Let’s clean this up before Feeny loses his head.” You move to start cleaning, but Philip grabs your arm. “You called me hot.”

You blush. “Well, I-”

“It’s not every day a pretty girl calls you hot.”

You look down slightly.

“It seems like we’re going to have to redo this. Give me your number so we can work on this some more. Or maybe we could go to dinner.”

You smile at how awkward he is and write your number on the edge of his worksheet.

JENNY: I’m here with Aaron Hagen.

SALLY: The tall guy from the football team. He’s a year above us. I think he used to date Karen…

SALLY: Expectations? Not really. Just have fun.
JENNY. .. Maybe have a dance with the person I like.
SALLY: What are you talking about? You and Aaron are dancing all the time.
JENNY: ... Yeah… Aaron.. Sure.

SALLY: *laughs* Yes. She is.