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DCEU Dick Grayson

Here’s a list of actors that I would be 100% down if they were cast as Dick since Dick’s Titans TV show casting disappointed the hell out of me

1. Matthew Daddario

If you follow me you may know how I feel about this. He’s absolutely perfect. Just look at him?? He doesn’t have blue eyes but that can be fixed with contacts if needed. Honestly would cry if he was cast.

2. Richard Madden

Yes..Robb Stark… but LISTEN. This can work. I’m a firm believer. His name is Richard. It’s a sign.

3. Aaron Taylor Johnson

Or he could play a sick Jason Todd

4. Riz Ahmed

He’s so charming. Dick is 78% charm.

5. Joe Alwyn

Dye his hair. Done.

6. Ben Barnes

He’s maybe too old (ripe old age of 36), the second oldest on the list. But he looks the part and is a sweetheart.

7. Kit Harrington

I know I know… Second “King In The North!” on the list but Kit wouldn’t look bad at all in blue and black. I have doubts about his wit and charm, but he’s not just Jon Snow. Kit himself is a very likeable and happy man.

8. Matt Bomer

I’m just adding him because we must never forget how amazing he would be as Dick. Sadly he’s near 40, so this probably will never happen. Still. Never forget.

9. Fionn Whitehead

Fight me. Right now.

10. An unknown.

Surprise me. Seriously. As long as DCEU!Dick is charming, flirty, a dork and has dark hair I actually don’t care. Just get an actor who’s passionate and determined to do his own stunts (my boy Richard is an acrobat, do him justice). Anything less than an incredible ass would also be an injustice to the character, but if that’s what it takes for me to have a great Dick Grayson, then so be it.

Whoever it is: just give Dick the blue suit. Forget red ever existed.

Weekly Reading List 39

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. Graphic by the awesome@wonders-of-the-enterprise.

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Leonard McCoy
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A Very Good Morning by @pinkamour1588 NSFW
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Jim x Reader X Bones

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Leaked lines from the next episode of TWD
  • Rick: So...what will it take to secure an alliance with you people?
  • Natania: Oceanside will fight for you...but only if you promise your son will marry one of my many daughters.
  • Rick: Wait...what the fuck?
  • Ezekiel: Rick, in case you haven't figured it out, we're all going back to medieval times. Just...look at my place for fuck's sake.
  • Rick: ...
  • Aaron: I swear to god, you people are taking this Game of Thrones roleplay too far.
  • --------------------------------------------------------------
  • Carl: I don't want to marry the Oceanside girl.
  • Enid: ...I don't want you to marry her. (pause) But you need their alliance. I hope it's a very beautiful alliance-
  • *Carl and Enid kiss*
  • *meanwhile on the other side of the camp*
  • Aaron: (looks up from his book) Eric.
  • Eric: Yeah bae?
  • Aaron: I can't explain it but I think Carl is making a big mistake. My Robb Stark senses just started tingling out of nowhere.