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1) Ryuk by Aaron Griffin

2) Shingeki no Kyojin by Paolo Rivera on Tumblr

3) Ramona Flowers by Hector Trunnec

4) Nux by Andrew C. Robinson 

5) Leonida by Massimo Carnevale

6) Harley Quinn by Gabriele Dell’Otto on Tumblr

7) Hellboy by Jae Lee

8) Beetlejuice by Ryan Ottley

9) Modok by Menton J. Matthews III on Tumblr

10) The Thing by Francesco Francavilla on Tumblr

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Roma Lupin ☾ Katherine Isabelle



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ż radio 001

1. bryson tiller - don’t (thrdeye rework)
2. baby bash - suga suga (royal refix)
3. jmk - mcclenney version
4. future x the weeknd - low life (osho remix)
5. aerosmith - dream on (griz remix)
6. dee edwards - why can’t there be love [ż edit]
7. drake - all me (stwo remix) [ż edit]
8. drake - all me (aztek instrumental) [ż edit]
9. karol conka - e o poder [ż edit]
10. bob marley - jamming (luxx remix)
11. mo vibez x creepa - dr777
12. tory lanez - r.i.d.e. (falcons remix)
13. ty dolla $ign - blasé (louis the child remix)
14. goldlink x falcons - vroom vroom
15. show clothes - pool party ft gavriella
16. jamie xx x young thug - i know there’s gonna be good times (katmandu remix) [ż edit]
17. mac milller x miguel - weekend (tadeo flip)
18. stephen - crossfire
19. trance (atlantic) ft. 160046
20. 6 a.m. - juice
21. post malone - mood
22. anderson paak x asher roth - make it work
23. quinn xcii - full circle
24. vanilla ace x adam baum - throwback
25. brandy x monica - the boy is mine (choys remake)
26. rihanna - work (vandalized cover)
27. marc e bassy x ty dolla $ign - that’s love (matt dimona remix)
28. kehlani ft. lexii alijai - jealous (no sleep remix)
29. drake x future - change locations (devault w/ opvs remix)
30. troyboi x diplo - afterhours (empia remix)
31. snoop dogg ft pharrell - drop it like its hot (anka flip)
32. flume - never be like you ft. kai (ktwice remix)
33. lapsley - love is blind (sam gellaitry remix)
34. soysauce x lil aaron - bout time [ż edit]
35. kanye west - real friends [ż edit]
36. gallant - bourbon
37. jmsn - cruel intentions
38. quinn xcii - new wave
39. eden - gravity


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Alright okay! Kiaa presents: 1st annual Son Sunday 😂 🏀:NBA 🔥:NCAA 🚶🏽:Non NBA/NCAA

🏀 Willie Cauley-Stein (big bro)
🏀D'Angelo Russell
🏀Karl-Anthony Towns (2nd big bro)
🔥 Tyler Ulis
🏀Quinn Cook (3rd big bro 😂)
🔥Zach Auguste
🏀Aaron Gordon
🏀Kelly Oubre (Jr)
🏀Jahlil Okafor
🏀Tyus Jones
🔥Dwayne Bacon
🔥Corey Sanders (😍)
@fyeahdevinbooker @curryxnewton

The next list will be posted next Sunday (lmao this is so funny to me for some reason)

A night for surprises

Summary: Cameron Monaghan and the reader are in a relationship and they also star in Gotham together. (Y/n) plays the unpredictable Harley Quinn and Cameron plays Jerome/The Joker. One night a very un likely guest comes to visit (y/n) during the night.

Cameron x reader x Jerome

(Y/n) POV:

I’ll be home late. They’re working out the whole white paint fiasco! It keeps chipping on my neck, but do not wait up baby. Get your rest. I love you (y/n).

I sigh and go on the balcony looking out over the beautiful view. This was supposed to be our vacation. Time where we could spend together; not time spent for the makeup crew to fix the clown prince of crimes chipping white skin.

I watch as the waves crash against the shore. The moonlight reflects on the water making it sparkle. I look down and see how high up we actually are. I laugh just thinking how easily the view would please Harley. Gosh she’s such a fun character. I get to skip around, laugh, and hug on my boyfriend all day while shooting. It’s sad I won’t get to play her for another season as a result of her sudden disappearance aka kidnapping by penguin for bargain.

I leave the balcony and go to the bedroom laying down and closing my eyes falling asleep in seconds.

3rd person

As (y/n) rests her pretty little head an unauthorized group of people walk up to the luxurious hotel from the beach. The walk up to the rows and rows of balconies. The leader of the group pulls out a piece of paper and smirks letting out a laugh and jumping up and down.

“Aaron. Would you kindly?” Jerome smiles at the largest group member as he shoots the grapple hook right onto the balcony of his lost love.

Jerome climbs the rope to the top and jumps on the balcony. The loud bang causing (y/n) to stir slightly in the bed. Outside Jerome opens the glass sliding door. With light feet be steps in walking to his destination. He shines his flashlight around the large hotel room then he comes to a complete stop. Jerome turns off his light and walks closer to the bed with the sleeping beauty on it. He smirks as he sits down; her back facing him. He gently strokes her hair, and lays down cuddling up next to her.

She immediately rolls closer to him feeling the familiar body of what she though was her boyfriend. “Aww baby look at you. You’ve missed your Mr. J haven’t you doll?” Seeing this as a joker her lips curl slightly and pull herself closer to the man. “Of course. How could I not? You’re my puddin.” “That’s right doll. I sure am.” They lay there for a while till Jerome gets a bit restless.

He stands up pulling her with him. “Baby what are you doing?” She asks in a sleepy voice. “I don’t mean to make this urgent, but we need to get back home.” Jerome pulls the clueless girl to the balcony.

“Home? Why? We just got here. This is our time away from everything. Just us baby. I don’t want to leave yet.” Jerome turns to grabbing her face gently looking into her eyes. “Oh doll what have they done to you? Don’t you remember who I am? Where we come from?” “Cam what the hell are you talking about?”

Jerome furrows he brows looking at his girl. “Cam? What the hell are you talking about Harley? You’re acting different.”

(Y/n) POV:

Whoa wait! What? Harley? I turn on the lights seeing my boyfriend dresses in an outfit from Jerome’s wardrobe. I saw the gun tucked in his belt, and my eyes widen. “Cameron what’s wrong with you?” “Why do you keep calling me that doll? Where’s my Halr? Why aren’t you excited to see your puddin? Tell me!” As he speaks his voice gets louder.

What the hell is this? Some kind of new exercises for the show? He backs me up to a wall trapping me. “Tell me doll. Or I might have to do something rash.” He pulls out a knife and runs the blade lightly over my lips.

“Aw look at you baby. You’re so scared. Reminds me of when we first met. You remember that don’t you?” I nod my head afraid of what he might do if I disagree.

“do you remember what I did when I saw the scared look in your eyes? Hm?” I gulp and stare straight into his eyes. “Maybe you could remind me puddin.” He smirks and drops his knife. “Gladly doll.” He pushes me further into the wall connecting his lips on mine.

How long can he keep his act up? This is getting a bit out of hand. He starts to trail his lips down my neck just as the door slams shut. Who could it even be? It’s the middle of the night no way it’s housekeeping.

“(Y/n)? Baby? Where are you?” Cameron? But he’s right… I start pushing on this imposters to get him off me. “Cameron! Cam help me please!” My boyfriend runs into the room seeing the situation. He freezes and stares at the other man. “Who the hell are you? Get the fuck away from her!” Cameron storms over and pulls me away from the man.

“I should be asking you that. Now I suggest you give her back before I kill you. Nothing hard to do. Just give me my doll back.” Cameron steps closer to him. “Who. Are. You.” The man smiles and pulls his gun out pointing it at Cameron.

“Jerome. Jerome Valeska. Now hand over Harley.” That’s impossible! It’s a show! Only a show!

“You don’t listen to well do you? Oh well looks like we’re doing this the hard way.” Jerome rolls his eyes and shoots Cam in the leg. He screams and falls over gripping his leg.

“Cameron! No no no! You son of a bitch!” I cradle my boyfriend crying. “Oh doll you should know my mother was more then a bitch. Now come on. Home we go.” Jerome grips my arm pulling me away from Cameron.

“No! Please no! NO!” I scream as I get pulled to the balcony. “(Y/n)! No! Please! Please don’t take her! No!” Cameron screams as I’m pushes off the balcony. I more then 100 feet screaming all the way down till I don’t hit the hard concrete.

“Nice to see you again Harley.” I look up to the owner of the voice and see my costar who plays Aaron holding me in his arms. I can still hear Cameron’s screams from down here.

I close my eyes letting tears slip. I’m passed over into someone else’s arms. The familiar ones, but these are not the ones I want. I want my Cameron. “Shh doll it’s all gonna be over soon. They’ve brainwashed you and put you in this alternative universe. Don’t worry I’ll explain later. Just hold still.” Jerome’s voice say. I already feel paralyzed as I spill tears.

Suddenly a cloths is pressed over my nose and mouth, and not a second later I fade out of contiguousness.

  • Harry: *speaking to hedwig* Who am i hedwig, what am i...
  • *stands up, puffing up chest* I AM SAM, SAM I AM
  • Everybody dead or alive in the harry potter universe: GREEN EGGS AND HAM


It’s finally time to say hello to our girls! Aren’t they all breathtaking? Congratulations to each girl for making this far. All 18 girls have been split into two groups, no group being better or worse than the other. Each group will have a different them each week. We will post more on how judging will be done in a few days. For now, please say hello to our beauties!

Aaliyah Griffiths
Mila Royal
Charlie Gipson
Tabitha Fernandez
Brinley-Jo Whei
Alysha Beasley
Journey Bolden
Ryan Aaron
Lola Quinn
Nique Coley

CleoPatra Loterdale
Sofia Almeida
Deanna Snow
Hope Weyler
Violette Ryan
Kairi Browne
Heaven Williams
Lia Medrano
Gia Chenkov

To the three amazing judges @itsdevynnbitch @adoremissyro and @fungirlslovevintage , get ready because these girls are going to bring it!

Alright everyone. Be on the lookout within the next week to see our first round. Also, as you may have noticed in last months issue of SNTM Magazine, we will be holding auditions for SNTM Males cycle one soon. More details on that will be in this months magazine.