aaron paul though

Everyone stop what you’re doing and go watch Nowhere Boy

-Aaron Taylor-Johnson looking hella fine (like damn)
-Thomas Brodie-Sangster looking hella cute, acting hella gay
-The Beatles
-Basically about how all of the adults in John Lennon’s life screwed him over
-Have I mentioned how attractive Aaron was?
-The writers were basically like, “what if John and Paul were fucking the whole time?”
-Beautiful film
-John Lennon being a sassy asshole
-A bro hug full of tears
-Seriously watch this movie. 10/10

Aaron Tveit & Daniel Sunjata Sum up Graceland in 30 Seconds (x)

“…And so he kills me.” “RAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!” “…It’s very fun.”

Not technically accurate, but very cute. EW lead-in cut to start on the dot.


Bryan in background: “Quiet over there, we’re taking pictures!”

The Hollywood Reporter Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes


Well, if Briggs grabbed Logan, he’s got to have a good reason for it, right?” / “I know, and that’s why I haven’t called this in.” / “Hi. Uh, guys, I have a little problem. I kidnapped Agent Logan.”
Come on, Briggs. I heard you give Ari Logan’s plate number.” / “No, Mike, that…that’s not what you heard. What you heard was Ari giving me Logan’s plate number.” / “Listen, I know what I heard.” / “Mike, you were about to vomit your way through withdrawal.” / “Yeah, that was before.” / “You had a full-blown psychotic breakdown, Mike.” / “Look, I know what I heard, okay? TLX119. That’s what you said on the phone. I didn’t make it up.” / “Yes, I did say that, because I was repeating…” /  “I didn’t make this up, okay? I don’t know what game you’re playing here, but whatever it is, you don’t have to…” / “Mike, look in my eyes. This is not a game.”
Anything else we should know about?” / “No, Mike, the plan’s all on the table.”

Very Abridged Gifland 3.09: Puppy is Feeling Very Uncomfortable Right Now and Also Pretty Sure Briggs is Not Exactly a Good GuyTM

Hey, did you find him yet? No, no, no, no. It’s ’T.’ Not ’D.’ Tango. TLX119. Yeah. No, we need to establish patterns, you know, where he goes, how he moves, evasive maneuvers - things like that. All right. Speak soon.” / “TLX - that a plate? Who you tailin’?” / “One of the Sarkissians.”
- Briggs & Mike, Graceland 3.08

Never mind puppy, it was pretty uncomfortable for us watching Mike draw in on himself when he was getting gaslighted like that. And he was trying to say he didn’t have to lie to him and all, aww. That’ll, uh, teach you to be a hobo junkie (EDIT: I just wanna make clear that the point is that “hobo junkie” is supposed to be Briggs’ dodgy defense of his dismissal with the whole on drugs and disappearing for days business, and not a legit defense or criticism, ‘cos it is very not, and I hoped that was clear with our obvious partisanship in the post, but just in case it isn’t…!).