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Fluffy pillow talk on the morning of Robert's birthday in a few years time and he's feeling weird about getting older so Aaron tries to cheer him up


It was his fortieth birthday, today.

Forty just sounded so old, so much older than Robert wanted to be, if he was honest. He’d always thought he’d be okay with getting older, that he’d be fine with it, but he felt strange, as he woke up that morning.

Time was passing too quickly.

He’d been with Aaron (properly) for ten years now, and it felt like it had been about six months. Robert couldn’t help but wonder if the rest of his life was going to pass this quickly, if he’d wake up one morning and forty years will have gone by, and all the happy years they were going to have together would be behind them, rather than ahead of them.

“I know you’re awake,” Aaron murmured against Robert’s cheek, their bed shifting as his husband sat down. Robert kept his eyes closed as Aaron nuzzled his face against Robert’s cheek, pressing kisses to his nose, across his cheekbones. “Happy birthday, Robert.”

Robert opened his eyes, giving Aaron an unhappy look. “It’s a birthday alright,” he grumbled, barely holding back a smile as he looked at the tray Aaron had set down on his bedside locker, a plate of pancakes and two mugs of coffee adorning one of the new plates Robert had insisted on buying.

Aaron was so good to him, he really was.

“What’s wrong?” Aaron nudged, able to read Robert’s emotions as though it was second nature. After ten years, it probably was, the two of them able to know and understand without words, without needing to explain.

Robert shifted so he was sitting up against the headboard, giving a slight shrug. “I guess it’s hitting me that I’m getting old,” he admitted, his reading glasses catching his attention.

Just another reminder that he wasn’t as young as he used to be.

Rather than get back into his own side of the bed, Aaron moved so that he was straddling Robert’s hips, wearing an old t-shirt belonging to Robert (he knew it was his own because it was Star Wars themed) his hair messy and soft against his forehead.

God, did Robert love him.

“Forty isn’t that old,” Aaron said, almost matter of factly, reaching out for the mug of coffee he’d made for himself, in the best husband mug (the sixth they’d had to buy in ten years), making himself comfortable as he sat on Robert’s thighs.

Robert wanted to enjoy his breakfast in bed, enjoy the comforting weight of Aaron sitting on him, enjoy all sorts, but he couldn’t shake his strange mood. “Easy for you to say when you’re thirty two,” he grumbled, feeling the age difference between them properly for once.

Twenties to thirties had never felt like a major difference, but thirty to forty was.

God, he’d nearly be fifty by time Aaron turned forty.

“My dad was 63 when he died.”

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “And?”

“That’s only twenty years from now. What if I’ve got got twenty years left?” Robert knew he was being irrational, knew he was healthier than his father had been, no underlying heart condition yet to be found at his yearly checkup, but he didn’t much feel like being rational that morning.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Aaron rolled his eyes, running a hand through Robert’s hair. “You and me have got all the time in the world left. You promised you’d stick around until you were at least eighty.”

Robert couldn’t help but lean into his husbands touch. “You’re not going to want me when I’m old and grey,” he mumbled, thinking of the slight meltdown he’d had when Aaron had noticed a grey hair when they were in the shower, a few mornings previous.

“I’m going to love you no matter how old you get,” Aaron reassured, hands trailing down Robert’s chest. “I’m always going to think you’re gorgeous, Robert.”


Aaron laughed, crossing his heart in an action not dissimilar to Victoria’s daughter when she’d promise them she wasn’t going to steal any biscuits. “I promise,” he said, leaning in to press a soft kiss to Robert’s lips. “You’re my husband, Robert. Means I’ve got to love ya, even when you’re old and grey.”

Robert had to admit his heart felt a little lighter, the uneasy feeling in his chest easing as he listened to Aaron. “I love you, you know,” he said, the words having been said thousands of times by now, always still holding the same weight, the same promise of a forever after.

“And I love you,” Aaron echoed, nodding his head toward the breakfast plate. “Are you going to eat now? I’ve been slaving away all morning!”

Robert dug his fingers into the familiar muscle of Aaron’s thighs, forcing his husband to grind down on him a little harder to get comfortable, Aaron’s grin matching his own. “I think you owe me forty birthday kisses, Mr Sugden.”

“Oh, so now your age isn’t a problem?”

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Hey, this is probably common knowledge to most ppl, but i have no idea and was not able to find it anywhere (i mean, i tried a lot of blogs n stuff, probably didnt get enought into it, so sorry in advance), but who is the older twin? Cause i would love it so much if Aaron actually was older than Andrew, even if it was by just a few minutes. thanks for answering and sorry to bother you! your blog is amazing, keep up the good stuff!

I’m not sure if it actually is common knowledge. I personally don’t know and I went scrolling through the extra content but I am gonna try to find out. If anyone does know add to the post! Asks are never a bother and I love getting them! Thank you so much!

I personally headcanon that they don’t know themselves. They didn’t know the other existed so why would they ask? And I don’t think it would have been a major concern when they did eventually meet. So then they would only be able to find out by looking at birth certificates.

But lets imagine that Aaron is older because this could be fun.

Andrew is the one that finds out. After everything Aaron doesn’t really care and Andrew is just curious. But then he sees that Aaron was born 14 minutes before him, and he doesn’t know what happens, but he suddenly cannot let Aaron, or anyone, find out about this.

And no one ever does. But then Neil decides to ask about it. And Andrew is strangely shifty about it.

“So who’s older?”


“You and Aaron. Who’s older?”

“We’re twins.”

“Ok, yes, but one of you was born before the other.”

And this is how the conversations go. Andrew always does his best not to answer the question which leads Neil to his own conclusions.

Andrew never confirms Neil’s suspicions, but Neil still knows

These are my headcanons for what happens with the surviving characters after the finale. If you have your own headcanon please just reblog and add yours because I would love to read them!

- When Claire meets with her mom again is a very emotional encounter because she still feels responsible for the car crash but her mom tells her it was never her fault and she can finally let the guilt go.

- Sawyer meets his daughter Clementine. At first Cassidy didn’t want him around her but then she finds out it was Sawyer who left all that money to Clementine’s name and realises he always cared about her in his own way and gives him a chance. To Cassidy’s surprise he ends up being a great dad.

- Aaron grows up to be an amazing musician and when poeple congratulate him Claire always says “he gets that talent from his dad”.

- Kate and Sawyer remain best friends for the rest of their lifes and they confort each other when they miss Jack and Juliet.

- When they leave the island Aaron still thinks Kate is his mom and she and Claire decide to rise him together as the son of both. They live together and Aaron simply has two moms now.

- Claire actually has Charlie’s DS ring (we know Sun found it so let’s assume she gave it to Claire off camera) and when Aaron is older she gives it to him and explains his daddy was a hero who died to save all of them.

- Sawyer starts using his real name “James Ford” and asks to never be called Sawyer again. When Kate’s asks why the change he answers “I don’t need to pretend to be something else, not anymore”.

- In the island Hurley gets rid of the stupid old rules from Jacob and now people who live in the island are allowed to leave if they want to or go to the mainland from time to time to visit their friends and family. Hurley himself goes very often to visit the rest of the gang.

- Kate travels to Seul every year for Ji Yeon’s birthday and gives her a present. And Hurley uses his new powers to have an eye on Ji Yeon and make sure she’s well and happy.

- Desmond and Penny don’t need to hide anymore so they stop living in the boat and they buy a house near to Claire’s and Kate’s. Aaron and little Charlie grow up to be best friends.

- Penny meets with Eloise Hawking and learns Faraday was her half-brother. She decides to honor his memory and uses her wealth to start “The Daniel Faraday Foundation” which provides young scientists with resources to further their investigations. Eloise publishes Faraday’s investigations and he will be remebered in the science community as a genius.

- After leaving the island they all thought the sassy Miles wouldn’t keep in contact with them but they were wrong. He often visits Sawyer and keeps calling him “boss” or “LaFleur” to annoy him.

- After Hurley and Ben bring adult-Walt back to the island he talks with the ghost of his father and helps him to move on so Michael is no longer stuck there.

- Walt lives the rest of his life in the island and eventually becomes the new protector of the island after Hurley.

- When he is an adult the island “calls” Aaron because he was born there and he lives his own crazy adventures.

If The Shoe Fits: Alexander Hamilton X John Laurens

Word Count: 4 997

Summary: Alexander Hamilton, starring as Cinderella. 

Warnings: Minor character death ; bad parenting ; forced servant


Cinderella : Alexander Hamilton

Prince Charming : John Laurens

The Fairy Godmother : George Washington

Evil Stepmother : Aaron Burr

Evil Stepsisters : Thomas Jefferson ; James Madison

The Pigeons : Marquis de Lafayette ; Hercules Mulligan

Cinderella’s Mother : Rachel Faucette [Alexander Hamilton’s Mother]

Cinderella’s Father : James Hamilton [Alexander Hamilton’s Brother]

The King : Henry Laurens [John Laurens’ Father]

Once upon a time, a mother lived happily with her two sons in a small cottage by the edge of the wood. The mother and her sons did not live a life of luxury; however, they lived happily in each others’ company. However, one dreadful winter, the three of them fell sick with the fever, the mother in the worst condition of them all. One day, knowing she would soon die, she called her two sons to her bedside.

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Hello! Could you perhaps write something about Aaron getting his phone back after prison and finding a message (or messages) from Robert, maybe not really meant for him but that Robert needed to talk to someone and didn't think to delete? (I know you wrote a drabble of Robert leaving a message, this could follow that or not, as you choose) I've been reading through your stories, and they're wonderful! I love some of the domestic moments (Paddy pushing Aaron in the muddy river is a favorite!)

thank you lovely, thats so kind! and aaahh i love this idea, i hope you enjoy.

a sequel to this drabble.

It had been a long day, and Aaron was exhausted. He’d managed a quick, five minute shower, wanting to wash the last of prison from his skin before he went to bed, so his hair was damp against his forehead as he sat down on the edge of the bed, his heart racing as his felt the familiar softness of their mattress underneath his hands.

Six weeks. It had been six weeks since he’d been at home, since he’d slept in his own bed, since he’d had a good nights sleep. Aaron couldn’t wait to close his eyes, and just sleep - but he wanted to wait for Robert, to say goodnight to his husband properly.

He could hear Robert in the bathroom, their bedroom door cracked slightly open, the sound of the water running filling the upstairs hallway. Aaron turned his focus to his bedside locker, too tired to think too much about Robert, and the shower, and how gloriously naked his husband was right that minute.

Noticing his phone, Aaron realised he hadn’t so much as turned it on all day, having completely forgotten about it. He’d gotten used to not having it, he supposed.

Turning it on, Aaron couldn’t help but smile as he noticed Robert had charged it for him, the little battery sign in the corner flashing green. It took a few seconds for notifications to flood through, Facebook notifications and football scores, and a whole rake of phonecalls - from Robert?

Aaron raised an eyebrow, wondering why his husband had been calling his mobile while Aaron had been inside, knowing there was no way he’d hear the messages. He dialled the number for his voicemail, waiting patiently for the 47 unread messages he had to play.

“I miss you, Aaron. You’ve only been gone three days, and I miss you so much it hurts to think about it. I’ve spent nearly every day of this past year with you, and even when you were in France, I got to call you, see your face every single day. Not being near you, not being able to kiss you goodnight - it’s awful. I miss you, and I can’t wait for you to come home.”

Robert sounded absolutely devastated on the phone, an edge to his voice that Aaron recognised as the older man trying to hold back tears. 

“You’re going to think it was stupid, me ringing your voicemail just to feel like I have someone to talk to, but the truth is, without you around, I’m lonely. I don’t have any friends, besides you,” Robert said in his next message. “I’m sitting on the couch, watching Top Gear, and all I want, in this whole entire world, is for you to be here next to me, telling me to shut up so you can focus on the cars. I’ve recorded all the new episodes, by the way, so you can watch them when you’re out. I miss talking to you about stuff like this, whats on telly, how your day went. My days are getting pretty boring, without you.”

Aaron’s heart twisted at Robert’s words, his loneliness obvious now. Aaron didn’t often think about Robert having mates, but his message made Aaron realise just how few and far between those friends were. 

“I was in Tesco, and I saw your favourite chocolate was on offer, and I was halfway home before I realised you couldn’t eat it because you’re not here, you’re in prison. I’m pulled in at the side of the road between Hotten and home, and I feel like such an idiot for crying over something so small when you’re going through hell inside.”

“Aaron, I’m scared. I’m scared something is going to happen to you inside, and there’s nothing I’ll be able to do to help. I can fix a lot of things, you know? I can sort out a lot, but I just have to sit and wait for the solicitor to sort your appeal, and I hate it. I hate feeling helpless.”

Helpless. That was not a word he’d use to describe Robert Sugden.

“I miss you. Please come home to me soon, Aaron.”

Aaron wished he could have been home sooner.

“I haven’t slept in our bed since you went inside.” Robert admitted tearfully in his next message. “It’s too big, without you in it. I’ve been sleeping on the couch for weeks, but you come home tomorrow, and our lives can start again. God, Aaron, I love you, and I’ve missed you so much. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

“You alright?”

Aaron looked up to see Robert walking into their bedroom, towel drying his hair as he kicked the door shut, blocking out the rest of the world. He was speechless, his phone still pressed to his ear. 

“Aaron, you okay?” Robert repeated, concerned now. His pyjama bottoms were slung low on his hips, drops of water running down his neck, and any other time, Aaron would probably have just jumped him there and then, but he noticed instead - noticed the dark circles under Robert’s eyes, the slump to his shoulders and the even more pale than usual complexion of his skin.

“I listened to your messages.” Aaron said, setting his phone down and standing up, unsure of what to say.

Robert flushed, clearly embarrassed. “Sorry, it was a weird thing to do. I just needed someone to talk to while you were inside, I guess.”

“Robert, I’m so sorry.”

“What have you got to be sorry for, you daft idiot? You did nothing! You were going through hell inside, don’t worry about me.”

“I do though, worry about ya.” Aaron wrapped his arms around Robert’s middle, hugging him tightly. “I’m sorry you didn’t have anyone to talk to.”

Robert held him close, pressing his lips to the side of Aaron’s head in a soft kiss. “Your voicemail did an okay job.”

“Well, I’m here now,” Aaron reassured, blinking back tears he hadn’t realised were welling in his eyes. “And I’m never leaving ya again.”

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Mental Shrapnel

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where he is taking her to meet the team for the first time and she’s paranoid they won’t like her. I’ve done a similar idea with Morgan before (and possibly Reid I can’t remember lol) but the reader for the Derek one was more reserved, this one will be the opposite. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


It took weeks of planning for Spencer to finally find a good time to introduce you to his team, which was fine by you, because you were panicking - sometimes outwardly, you would say a little something, but even more on the inside. Basically think any gif of an explosion and that’s what was constantly going on inside your head - permanent explosion, shrapnel everywhere, like mental shrapnel - they were going to hate you and this was going to suck. 

Frantically, you sped across the room, decked out only in a mismatched set of bra and panties, putting pair after pair of jeans, skirts, blouses, and tanks, trying to figure out the best outfit to wear to make the best impression. Spencer was just staring at you slack-jawed. “What? What’s up babe?”

“Why are you panicking?” he asked. “You’re flustered. You’re indecisive. You’re exhibiting a level of self-doubt I’ve never seen from you before.”

You couldn’t but giggle. “Yup. Sounds about right. Welcome to a relationship with me, my love.” Pulling on a pair of jeans, you toppled back on the bed, doing you best to shimmy them on before realizing they just weren’t worth the effort. “I’m freaking out.”

Skirt. Flowing, non-constricting purple skirt. That was going to have to do because that was honestly about all your body could handle right now. 

“Why are you freaking out?”

You popped up and rested your hands on your hips, still not having decided on a shirt yet. “Do you really not know?” You asked, completely dumbfounded. Spencer had an IQ of 187 for fucks sake and he didn’t understand why you were about to burst? “Seriously?”

“No!” he shrieked. The decibel he hit was astounding, and rather funny. 

Running over to the closet, you pulled out a range of tank tops and graphic tees. Again, you needed freedom; you were panicking enough. “I am bugging out because I am meeting your friends today. The people you talk about all the time. The people that even though I’ve never met you would absolutely kill for. I’m meeting your family basically.”

“Yea,” he said confused, “So?”


Eventually, you decided on a possibility of three different tops - a plain, white tank top, a black graphic t-shirt with Black Panther on it, and a gray graphic tee with the Wonder Woman symbol on it. “Which one?” 

Without missing a beat, he pointed toward the Wonder Woman one, which you pulled on and then realized that the skirt was purple and didn’t match, so you pulled out the same one in blue and switched to that. “Why wouldn’t they like you?” he asked.

“Because I’m your complete opposite!” you cried as you ran over to your dresser to pick out some jewelry. “I am loud, obnoxious, I’m not ugly, but I’m basically average looking, I have nowhere near 187 IQ…have I said I’m loud and obnoxious? I could go on all day. What if they think I’m not good enough for you?”

After finally settling on the right necklace and your great-grandmother’s old ring, Spencer grabbed your wrists just as you were about to go into a tailspin again. “It sounds to me like you don’t think you’re good enough for me. My friends would never think that about you. All they want is for me to be happy.” He hesitated a few seconds as his face dropped. “D-Do you not think you’re good enough for me?”

“Well, no,” you said. “Not really. I wanted to go out with you more than anything so when you asked me out, I said yes, but in all honesty, I figured you’d realize that we were too different for this to work and you would walk…I’m kind of still waiting for that day.” Your face fell, never having actually admitted the thought out loud. “You know my self-esteem issues, I’ve never really felt good enough for anyone.”

Spencer had small tears in his eyes. He caressed the side of your face, his fingers getting tangled in your hair. “You are more than good enough,” he said softly, as he kissed your forehead. “I-I love you.”

“Really?” you asked, your panic from earlier dissipating into something even scarier - reality. “I love you too.” 

For a few seconds, all of your worries faded to the background as Spencer took his lips in yours. You did love him, so much; you’d just always been afraid the feeling would never be returned. “We don’t have to do this tonight if you don’t want to,” he said as he kissed the tip of your nose. “We could always do something else.” He raised an eyebrow and you couldn’t help but laugh; he was such a dork. 

“As much as I’d love to do that something, we’ve been trying to do this for a while, so let’s go and hope they don’t hate me.”

“They won’t.”


Penelope was an easy one to convince. She showed up looking a lot like you - bright and colorful, with the add on of streaked hair and way too many pieces of jewelry. Immediately, she’d pointed to your shirt and made a comment about Wonder Woman, and from there, you started talking about the wonder of Diana Prince while you waited for everyone else to arrive. 

Every now and then, Spencer would interject a little fun fact about Wonder Woman, but for the most part he beamed while you spoke with Penelope. Emily was another person you got to talking with quickly. It was mainly the two older ones, Aaron and David, who could easily profile and pick apart every piece of you, and JJ and Morgan, who were probably Spencer’s closest friends. If the latter two didn’t like you, you were screwed. The four you were worried about arrived at the same time, of course. Again, explosions, shrapnel everywhere. “Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N. You must be Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, JJ and Morgan, yes?” God, you sounded like an idiot. 

“Love the shirt,” JJ said.

Morgan made a comment that took you off guard. “Pretty Boy, you didn’t tell us how pretty she was. I think she out-pretties you.”

“It’s so nice to meet you,” Aaron said. “And please, call me Hotch. Spencer talks a lot about you.”

“Spencer just talks a lot,” you laughed. He cut his eyes at you, but everybody else laughed.

“You get that too?” Emily asked, as you all made your way inside. 

Nearly two hours later, you were all still sitting in the restaurant. “Oh look at that phone case,” Penelope said, “It’s so cute.” She reached across the table and began to program everyone’s numbers into it. “Us girls need to get together soon and drink our faces off.”

“I’m good for that,” JJ laughed; she was still twirling the straw from her drink in the glass.

“Yea, you’ll have to dish on Spencer in bed,” Emily laughed. Hotch and Rossi were just rolling their eyes at their overgrown children while the rest of them giggled. 

Morgan took back the rest of his drink, which at this point seemed to be just ice. “Oh, man, I don’t want to hear about that. Good thing I won’t be there.”

“Really now?” Spencer exclaimed. He put his head in his hands. 

You leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “Don’t worry, babe. All good things.”

Everyone cooed at how cute you were as you leaned over and convinced Spencer that his friends would have to get you very, very drunk in order to get anything truly embarrassing out of you. And by the time the bill came, which Rossi snatched out of the middle of the table, everyone was insisting on going out again sometime soon. 

“Feel better?” Spencer asked as you walked back to the car.

For the first time in quite a while, you could answer honestly. “Yea. Much. I think I’ve won them over.”

“I told you, you would.”

Quick introduction to my favorite, ridiculous, super #extra OC, Aaron Finch-Dursley. 

  • Aaron Finch is the Muggle older brother of Justin Finch-Fletchley. 
  • The brothers were really close as kids, though Aaron is two years older. Their parents divorced when the boys were six and four, and their mother was remarried by the next year. Their stepdad Alan Fletchley is a better dad than their own, so much so that he offers his last name to both boys to make it official. Justin, remembering less of their biological dad, adds it to his name. Aaron chooses not to, but still loves him as much as he loves their mom. 
  • Had Aaron attended Hogwarts, he would have been Sorted Hufflepuff before the hat even settled on his head. He’s kind, patient, and fair enough to rival Helga herself. 
  • It takes hard work and patience for Justin to be able to explain everything he experiences at Hogwarts and in the Wizarding World, but he is true, loyal, and unafraid of the toil of writing out long, detailed letters. It’s harder than one might think to contextualize everything about Hogwarts, to convey the scale of the moving staircases, the history and mentality of the House Elves, Dumbledore’s omniscience, the Transfiguration coursework. Understanding it all is hard sometimes even for Justin, who lives it every day, but all the same, it just doesn’t seem fair to keep Aaron out. The only time Aaron ever sees Hogwarts is during Justin’s second year, when the family is allowed to visit him in the hospital wing after he’d been Petrified. 
  • That’s when he suddenly gets it - understands why Justin loves this world so much, and is able to get a clearer picture in his head of what the life of a wizard is even like. 
  • He has a pretty normal Muggle upbringing, though admittedly he does spend it at Eton. He has a close-knit group of friends that he grows up with, and gets on with nearly everyone around him. He never focuses too much on the coursework, it seems secondary anyway. He befriends the friendless, protects the helpless, and somehow seems to remain on good terms with everyone. 
  • When he comes out as gay when he’s sixteen, not one person is surprised, but everyone is as accepting as he could have asked them to be. He takes to dating wizarding boys off from Hogwarts for the summers. Eaton is such a dreadfully small dating pool. 
  • When Justin comes back from his sixth year at Hogwarts, saying that he won’t be able to return the next year because of highly anti-muggleborn sentiments, Aaron is secretly - shamefully - a little bit relieved. It’s gotten more and more dangerous each year, and if the newspaper is to be believed, the ensuing year in full out war would be even worse. 
  • When a letter from a Muggleborn friend of Justin’s warns that members of Dumbledore’s Army are going to be hunted down more viciously than other Muggleborns, Justin decides to move to America rather than go into hiding. He has some friends help him put wards over their family home to keep their parents safe. 
  • Since he’s taking a gap year anyway, Aaron tags along. They get a flat in Boston with a couple of roommates - a set of American twins, one witch and one Muggle - and learn the Muggle and Wizarding area surrounding. 
  • Aaron enrolls in some classes, and does some volunteer work to figure out what he wants to do with the the rest of his life - and ends up settling on an education major. He’s always liked school and thinks sixth form might be ideal to teach - he’ll be able to do some good with kids that age, he decides. 
  • He decides to take his actual credits when they get home. Justin seems to think that the tension is going to break any week now, and he can give his all in the final battle and then return back to normal life and Hogwarts like he never left it. 
  • Eventually, he gets a letter from the Muggleborn kid he was Petrified with - Colin - saying that it’s going to happen in a matter of days. They return home, and Justin goes to fight. Aaron and his mother stay the entire night in the Three Broomsticks, under the care of Madame Rosmerta, with some other Muggles whose loved ones are in danger. It’s the worst night of either of their lives. 
  • But then the war is over, and Justin returns to Hogwarts - to the anxiety of the whole family. Aaron enrolls in university to work towards his teaching degree. Life settles back into what it used to be, even though he still feels stuck in an odd position on the fringes of wizarding society. 
  • One day, during a summer that feels particularly fortuitous with its Muggle and Muggleborn-friendly legislature and new Ministry programs, Justin drags Aaron to a shop in Diagon Alley. 
  • Aaron is a little overwhelmed by all the overt wizardingness of it all. He feels a little like he’s missing pieces he should know in order to exist comfortably in this spaces. “God,” he says to Justin, after nearly knocking over a display. “They shouldn’t let Muggles in here.” 
  • A low slow voice from behind him says, “You wanna say that again?” 
  • He turns. The guy is cute, smiling a little, and wearing a smock that matches the logo on the outside of the store.
  • Aaron backpedals frantically. “No no no, I mean - I’m not, I was being - I’m a Muggle.” 
  • The guy grins. “Yeah, I know. Me too. I heard you ask how many Knuts to a pound.” 
  • “And I suppose you know? Justin is bloody useless and couldn’t tell me.” 
  • “God, no. I wish we were using pounds. I promise I know less than your boyfriend does,” the guy says, a question in his voice. 
  • “My brother, actually,” Aaron corrects with a smile. 
  • “I’m, uh, Dudley.” 
  • “Aaron.” 
  • They learn each other slowly. Dudley is hesitant to show the parts of himself he’d been hiding since the beginning of the war, hesitant to open up about his past, hesitant to let himself be loved. Aaron, though, is patient. And loyal, when he learns the truth. 
  • They adapt to the two worlds together, living mostly Muggle, although Aaron does help Dudley reconnect with Harry after a few years. It’s rocky, but the fact that Ginny and Aaron become fast friends - and both really want their respective partners to have peace - really helps. 
  • Aaron finishes his degree, and lands a teaching position in a suburb of London. He enjoys his job teaching history and government, and tries to teach his students to view the world with fairness and patience. 
  • Dudley gets a data entry job at a firm partnered with Grunnings. 
  • They rent a little house together, with a garden for Dudley and a huge kitchen for Aaron. Justin, still healing and helping his friends heal, is in and out of their guest room for a number of years, still trying to get back on his wizarding feet and figure out where he fits in the new order of things. When he finally gets a job and his own appartment, Dudley helps Aaron throw a housewarming party for him and some old school friends. 
  • Aaron does most of the household chores, and most of the cooking - some of Dudley’s leftover spoiled child habits spill over into his adult life, after all - but he’s okay with it. It makes him feel in control of his life, quiet and safe and secure. 
  • They have their issues, of course: Dudley has food issues that never quite dissipate, and lots of leftover guilt from his childhood. He has some sort of crisis about every other week about whether he deserves this or that good thing. His testy relationship with his parents and his cousins cause unnecessary tension in their lives. Aaron has unrealistic expectations - he thinks life is beautiful and is very comfortable with his place in it, and gets a little uncomfortable when that belief is shaken. He takes on the problems of his friends and family, too, and doesn’t notice the amount of stress he puts on himself that way until it culminates in him blowing up. They work through these things, though, and they’re happy. 
  • Dudley proposes on the spot one night in their living when Aaron mentions wanting kids during a football match commercial. He hadn’t had a ring or a plan, but it worked out fine. Aaron said yes, and within a year, they were married in a little civil partnership ceremony in the Fletchley’s back garden. Petunia Dursley cried through the whole thing, Vernon Dursley harrumphed uncomfortably at their kiss, but Harry (and his friend Hermione, since Ginny was on off flying for her team) wished them well. As a joke, Aaron throws a bouquet off one of the tables. Justin’s friend Hannah catches it, and her date’s face turns crimson, making Aaron smile proudly.
  • Their surrogate, Jessica, is a dream, and Aaron’s life changes forever the first time he holds little Myna Jean Dursley in his arms. He cannot imagine, in that moment, ever doing anything besides that, besides holding his daughter and watching her breathe. The feeling isn’t any less strong a year and a half later when he holds Rhea for the first time, although he’s wiser now, and knows the road he has ahead of him. 
  • Fatherhood suits him quite nicely, him and Dudley both, and their little family is just about as happy as can be. 

There more to him, of course, and I’m probably going to start mentioning him on this blog fairly regularly, but I’ll link back to this post so people don’t think they’ve forgotten about a canon character, haha. If you’re wondering about a visual, Ross Marquand is a great face-cast. 

Four months.

Anonymous: Hi! (You already know who this is😂) Can I request a Rossi/Hotch threesome fic? Love your writing, btw.

 Cont. Anonymous: … I want it R O U G H man. Fic where Rossi & Hotch are fighting for dominance. Maybe it starts off where the reader is talking to JJ or someone else that she hasn’t had sex in a while & when she does, it’s never good & Rossi overhears & ROSSI AND HOTCH ARE HAVING A CONTEST TO SEE WHICH ONE GIVES READER THE BETTER ORGASM

SMUT WARNINGS, i think i need to edit this tomorrow but its early hours in the morning so forgive me for now haha

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chaosgiver  asked:

Um... I really like your writing. I was wondering of you mind doing 93. Burrens (Burr x Laurens). Seriously love your work!!

listen buddy…… i know i dont write burrens, like, ever, but i LOVE this ship??? it’s so perfect and i just love them and wish i actually knew how to write this ship because i absolutely don’t :/// this fic doesnt do it justice and i’m sorry because i really dont know how to write them but here it is anyway! 


Aaron eyed Laurens, unsure of whether he should say anything. The man had walked into their dorm, limping and beaten half to death. There was a hideous bruise swelling on his forehead, and his left eye was swollen and purple. He was limping as he walked, clearly favouring his right leg over his left. Aaron was willing to bet money that there was an issue with his ribs too, considering how stiff his upper torso was and how his arms came up repetitively to wrap around it

“Maybe you should go to the hospital,” Aaron suggested cautiously. This, apparently, was a bad idea, as Laurens turned around to glare at him, a fire in his eyes. It was fierce enough that Aaron took a step back - a feat, considering they had been rooming together for two years now. Aaron liked to think he was desensitized to Laurens’ aggressiveness, but it was moments like these that reminded him that it would take far longer time to get used to it.

“Yeah? Well, it’s a real shame that nobody asked for your opinion,” Laurens spat.

Aaron was silent, waiting. Two years ago, Laurens would have simply walked away, but Aaron had seen him mature and mellow out in those years. Laurens still snapped at people when feeling cornered or vulnerable, but he tended to give a somewhat sincere apology afterward.

Sure enough, Laurens turned to him again, looking marginally guilty. “Sorry,” he said gruffly.

“It’s fine,” Aaron said easily. He followed Laurens into the kitchen, watching as he struggled to reach the first aid kit that was at the top of the cupboard. He seemed to be unable to lift his arm up high enough to reach the kit. Knowing Laurens, he would be too proud to ask for help. “Here, let me,” Aaron said, gently guiding Laurens away so he could reach the kit.

“Thanks,” Laurens said. “Could you… uh…” he trailed off, looking uncomfortable.

“Sure,” Aaron said. It was the closest Laurens would get to asking for help.

He guided Laurens to a kitchen chair, watching as he winced whilst sitting down. The most obvious of his injuries were the bruises, so he dealt with those first, handing Laurens an ice-pack to press against both his forehead and his eye. He opened Laurens’ shirt (thank god it had buttons - Aaron wasn’t in the mood for a completely shirtless Laurens when he was supposed to be focusing on helping him.

His ribs weren’t nearly as bad as Aaron was expecting, all things considered. Slightly bruised, but would heal with time and rest. Aaron took a second ice pack and pressed it against that too, ignoring Laurens’ pained hiss. Next, he began tending to the various little cuts across his face and hands.

“Any chance there’s glass in these cuts?” Aaron asked as he stepped away to wash his hands. The last thing he needed now was for the cuts to get infected.

“Doubt it. It was a pretty clean area, not the usual back alley.”

“What happened this time?”

Laurens looked at him, then away. “Just some asshole bein’ an asshole. You know. The usual.”

“What did he say?”

Laurens tensed and, for a while, was silent. Aaron didn’t mind letting him drop the conversation, especially if it was something so upsetting to him that he felt the need to get into a fight despite promising Hercules he’d stay out of any violent altercations. He continued to carefully wipe the cuts, applying antiseptic and covering them with plasters decorated with Spiderman. So when Laurens answered the question Aaron had almost forgotten, Aaron was startled.

“He was being a dick to this trans woman,” Laurens said suddenly. “She was… Jesus fuckin’ Christ, she wasn’t even doin’ anythin’, she was just havin’ a drink and he was gettin’ all up in her ass about it… it’s just… fuck.”

Aaron hummed.

“She literally didn’t say a word, and one minute he was callin’ her all sorts of shit and the next he was gettin’ all physical. So, I had to, you know?”

“I get it,” Aaron reassured. “Stay still, please.”

Laurens fell silent again.

Aaron was finishing with the last cut, sticking the plaster on. Laurens seemed to be too busy brooding

“What are you thinking?” Aaron asked. Laurens wasn’t the type for a deep heart-to-heart with someone he wasn’t extremely close with, but he looked like he was having an existential crisis and Aaron knew from experience that keeping everything bottled up would never be healthy (not that he listened to his own advice, but that was irrelevant to the point). Laurens needed to vent, and Aaron was willing to listen if the other man chose to take the opportunity.

“It’s just… Why do they hate people like us?”

Ah. Aaron couldn’t exactly answer that. “I’m not sure. But all that matters is that we don’t hate ourselves.”

Laurens went silent again. Aaron got the feeling he wasn’t done though, so he remained there, kneeling on the kitchen floor with an open pack of first-aid next to him and a broken man sitting on a chair in front of him. Strangely enough, it was a situation that he was more than used to. That was… a little sad, now that he thought about it.

“I hate myself sometimes,” Laurens admitted. His voice was quiet, much quieter than it normally was, and he sounded painfully broken. He sounded like a man whose world had shattered to pieces in front of his very eyes and was alone to pick up the remaining shards. “I just think it’d be so much easier if I was a white cishet dude, you know? But I’m not, I’m a trans gay Latino and I’ve got an entire fuckin’ cocktail of mental illnesses and daddy issues on top of that. And every time I wake up, I think about how much easier my life would be if I… weren’t me. And I hate myself for being me.”

Aaron wasn’t entirely sure how to respond to that. Strangely enough, Laurens’ little monologue was one that he was very familiar with, wondering how much he was being held back by his identity and fantasising of a life where being a black trans man didn’t sabotage his chances in politics. 

“My mother used to say,” Aaron began, ignoring the twinge of pain he felt in his chest as he thought of her kind face. “That we are given our struggles because God believes we can handle it.”

Laurens gave him a strange look. “I don’t believe in God.”

“Neither do I,” Aaron said lightly. His hand seemed to move of its own accord to rest on Laurens’ cheek - the one with the least cuts. It was a bad move, considering Aaron was never touchy with people and Laurens didn’t seem the time to appreciate a good snuggle either, but… shit. His hand was there now, and there was no point moving it. Plus, Laurens had surprisingly smooth skin for someone whose skincare routine consisted of washing his face in the morning. Aaron wasn’t going to begrudge a chance to touch it. “But it’s nice to think that we can handle something others can’t. Imagine switching positions with a rich cishet white dude. He’d be a mess in a single week.”

Laurens snorted, looking more like himself than he had since he came home. “Are you tellin’ me to stay alive out of spite?”

“If that’s what it takes,” Aaron agreed, smiling.

The smile slid slowly off Laurens’ face but he didn’t look sad. He looked… contemplative, like he was considering something and maybe questioning the existence of humanity and the meaning of consciousness and other philosophical things. His brow was furrowed, and Aaron’s gaze lingered on the creases in his forehead. Surely that would mean he was more likely to get wrinkles when he grew older. Aaron wasn’t entirely sure, but he made a note to research it later on when he got his-


Laurens was kissing him.

Aaron barely had time to react before Laurens was moving away.

“Shit, sorry, that was… inappropriate,” he said quickly, avoiding Aaron’s gaze.

“A little,” Aaron agreed, dazed, before realising what he had said. “Not that that’s a bad thing. Appropriateness can be somewhat overrated in certain situations.”

Laurens looks bemused. “Does… this count as one of those situations?”

Aaron smiled. “Hm. I’m not sure. It looks like you’ll have to kiss me again so I can figure it out.”

Laurens snorted, the smile from earlier reappearing on his face as he grabbed Aaron by the collar of his t-shirt.

“You’re not smooth, Mr. Burr,” Laurens said before he was kissing Aaron roughly. Now that Aaron was more prepared, he got to appreciate how soft Laurens’ lips were, how his hand wandered gently and traced his neck and jawline and cheek gently, a direct contrast to the roughness of the kiss, as he nipped and bit and sucked. It was aggressive, and Aaron hadn’t expected anything less from John Laurens, of all people. His own hand had found its way back to Laurens’ cheek, cradling his face gently and stroking his cheekbone with his thumb.

When they separated again, both were panting.

“Jesus Christ,” Aaron said.

“Just John is fine.”

“Don’t be so big-headed, Laurens.”

Laurens pulled a face. “Don’t call me that. You can’t make out with me then call me by my surname.”

“Did you not just call me Mr. Burr?” Aaron asked, amused. “I’d say that’s more formal than ‘Laurens’.”

“Unironically, I meant,” Laurens said, rolling his eyes. He leaned in again to press a soft kiss against Aaron’s lips again. “Call me John.”

“Only if you kiss me again.”


this !!! isn’t great and i’m sorry but i wARNED YOU I’M NOT GOOD AT WRITING BURRENS 

I Won’t Back Down - Negan x Reader The Walking Dead Fanfiction Part of Music Quote Challenge @bulletscrossbowpie

Quote: I’d rather die on my feet, then live on my knees.

Warnings: violence, blood, smut, blow job male receiving, fingering, and language

Summary: Y/n volunteers to marry Negan so he won’t kill her brother Aaron's​boyfriend Erick and when she gets to the Sanctuary she’s got a sinister an for her husband Negan.

It was a fairly quiet day in Alexandria people were going about their daily lives. Which for Y/n was keeping watch at the back of Alexandria. She lived in a house with her older brother Aaron and his boyfriend Erick. Erick had become family she loved him like another brother, she knew Erick before the apocalypse. Y/n, unlike their parents accepted Aaron was gay, she accepted Erick into her family.

She was shaken from her thoughts by yelling and screaming coming from the front gate. She grabbed her gun and climbed down the ladder and started running towards the gate. When she got there she saw a large group of people and several trucks. She also saw a man in black jeans, a leather jacket, red scarf and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. “That must me that giant asshole Negan” she thought to herself, while watching them take all their stuff. “So if I shot the fucker in the head, could I hide fast enough” she mumbled. Her brother Aaron was standing behind her, “please don’t do it, it won’t end well either ways” he said.

She was just about to cuss him out when they heard Erick​ scream in fear, they both ran towards the scream. They saw Erick on the ground on his knees and Negan was in front of him waving Lucille in front of his face. Negan was yelling the anger seeping from his voice, “I can’t believe you have the balls to steal from me, I think Lucille is angry and anger makes her thirsty” Negan said raising Lucille up over his head. Just as the bat was right above Erick’s head, Aaron and Y/n ran over. “Whoa, no I will shut this shit down” Negan said, “no, no please don’t hurt him, take me instead” Aaron said. “Now why would I do that” Negan said, “I know you make deals, so me for him” Aaron said, “ I don’t think Lucille cares who dies today​” Negan said. “Fine if you want to take his place fine with me” he said, he got in front of Aaron. She stood there thinking she couldn’t let her brothers die and break one of there hearts. “Take me, leave my brother’s alone and take me” she said. Negan looked at her, “oh no way I’m killing a woman, I don’t do that shit, but if you wanna make a deal, and save these guys we can talk” Negan said.

“Y/n no, don’t do anything” Aaron said, “Y/n just let him kill me” Erick said, “no I’m not letting you guys die, Negan what do you want, I’ll give you whatever you want” she said. “Well doll there’s an easy solution to this, marry me, be my wife and I’ll spare the dumb asses” Negan said. “No, Y/n don’t” Aaron pleaded, “I marry you and you leave them alone” she said. “You have my word doll” Negan said, “fine, yes I’ll marry you” she said. Negan had a cocky smirk on his face, “let them up, let them go” he said. “Say goodbye to your family and get your stuff it’s time to go home new wife” Negan said. Y/n got her things from her room, “you guys take care of each other, don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl I can take care of myself, I love you guys” she said giving them both a hug and kiss.

She took Negan’s arm and followed him to the truck and got in and she watched out the window. All the way to the Sanctuary she tried not to cry thinking about her brothers​ and the rest of her family in Alexandria. “We’re here doll, welcome to your new home” Negan said extending his hand. She took his hand and he helped her out of the truck and she saw a huge factory. As Negan led her through the Sanctuary she looked around and saw so many people. The people were working, until they saw Negan and they took a knee and waited for him to walk away before getting up. “Here’s your new digs your beds here, these are my other wives, this is my new wife Y/n” Negan said.

Negan left her with the res of his wives, “hi I’m Sherrie, I’m sorry” Sherrie said, “yeah, me too, but I had no choice he was going to kill my family” Y/n said. “I’m sorry, I know what that’s like, I married Negan so he wouldn’t kill my husband Dwight” Sherrie said. “This is Amber, she married Negan so her mom could get her medicine” Sherrie said. “So what did I get myself into here” Y/n said, “well we have free range here, we don’t have to work for points” Amber said. “The only thing we’re really here for is to have sex with Negan, whenever he wants to” Sherrie said. “Great, tell me there’s alcohol” Y/n said, “yes we definitely have that” Amber said. “Here’s your new crappy black dress, or as I call it my ball and chain” Sherrie said. Y/n changed into the black dress in the bathroom, she was looking in the mirror and a thought jumped in her head. She thought back to the prison and the Governor and the conversation she had with Carol and Andrea. Where Carol told Andrea to give the governor the best sex of his life. Then when he falls asleep, stab him in the chest and get out of there.

She went back out to the rest of the wives, she sat down next to Sherrie and Amber. After dinner the wives were waiting to see which one of them was going to have sex with Negan that night. Negan walked into the wives quarters “which one of my lovely wives wants the pleasure of fucking me this evening” Negan said. Y/n thought what did she have to lose, “I will” Y/n said, “oh yes I was hoping you’d say that, I get some new pussy, I love new pussy” he said. Y/n followed him to his bedroom and he closed the door and led her to the bed. “How about you strip for me doll” he said, “yes Negan” she said, she unzipped her dress slowly. She slid it down her body leaving her completely naked in front of him. “Fuck doll, I knew you were sexy, I didn’t know you were naughty” Negan said. He took his jacket and scarf off, then his shirt, he took her hands and put them on his pants. She unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants and pulled them down his legs. “Suck my cock doll” he said she stroked his cock and took him in her mouth. She licked the tip tasting the pre-cum that leaked out, she licked the vein at the bottom of his cock, while taking him as far down her throat as possible.

She licked and sucked and bobbed her head and hollowed her cheeks, “holy shit doll, you’re good with that mouth” he growled. Negan felt his dick twitch, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up off his cock. “I wanna cum in your pussy doll face” he said, she laid down on the bed on her back. Negan crawled on top of her, he firmly planted his lips on hers, he shoved his tongue in her mouth. He put his hands on her breasts he squeezed them softly. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked it, he put his thumb and index finger around her other nipple and pinched it. She moaned as his free hand slid down her stomach, between her legs and opened her slit and slid a finger in her. “Fuck yes” she moaned, he pumped his finger in and pulled it out. She moaned at the loss, he added a second finger and pumped at a fast pace. He built her up all the way to near orgasm and he yanked his fingers out again.

“Negan stop teasing me and fuck me already” she said, he spread her legs with his knee. “Now you remember you asked for this” Negan said. He lined himself up with her entrance and slammed into her pussy entrance. “Yes fuck Negan” she said as he gave her no time to adjust, he just pounded into her making her scream his name. Negan felt her pussy clench around his cock, he pounded into her faster and harder. “I’m so close Negan, gonna cum” she cried out, “me too doll” he said, he moved her legs over his shoulders. The new position drove his cock deeper and at the new angle he hit her G spot with each thrust. He put his hand between them and found her clit with his finger and rubbed circles on it. Causing her orgasm to rip through her, her thighs shook, her eyes rolled up in the back of her head. She screamed, “Negan, Negan yes fuck”, he came undone right after she did. Negan fell down onto the bed and she laid next to him.

After she recovered and caught her breath she went to stand up, “where you going doll” he said. “I thought after great sex I go back to my bed” she said, “normally yes, but tonight’s your first night here you sleep with me tonight, lay down doll” he said. Y/n laid back down on the bed with Negan and he pulled her close to him and she put her head on his chest. He went to sleep, he started snoring, “Negan, Negan” she said. When she didn’t get any response, she got up out of bed and she went to his pants and grabbed his knife. She walked to the bed and she stood above Negan and she lifted the knife over her head. She went to bring it down, his hands popped up grabbing her arms and his eyes popped open.

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im pretty sure ive said this before but I don’t remember so:
Historically, Burr graduated from Princeton at 16 with his Bachelors. Also historically, Hamilton was one year older than Burr and went to Columbia. So picture this:
Modern day 18 year old Hamilton at Columbia, believing he’s pretty hot shit and at some point finds a kid that looks like he shouldn’t be on campus is like ‘ah hey little dude(Ham’s shorter) you need some help?’ and this kid (Burr) brushes him off but Ham is still like 'as my role as a college student I am obligated to help this child’ and keeps pestering him until Burr’s just 'I’m getting my fucking law degree/Masters bitch step off’ except more polite and underhanded insults bc he’s Burr and leaves this dumbass freshman in his dust and yeah that my Hamilton college au