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I always wondered how Aang would react if Aaron Ehasz did indeed get to make Zuko and Katara together, Aang would probably be all butt hurt and everything and probably explode at Katara and probably be pissed off at Zuko forever, I don't think he'll really accept the fact that Katara loves Zuko and not him, that'll make him even more unlikable, what do you think?

I think maturity would eventually settle in… a 12/13 yr old might be pretty jealous and upset, but Aaron had plans to keep Zuko and Katara at a ‘close friend’ level for years following the war (granted, in his world, there never would’ve been Mai.ko or Kat.aang). Plus, Aaron had plans to develop Aang, far beyond what Bryke pictured for the airbender. 

In Aaron’s world, Aang may have been upset at first, may have been jealous at first, but he would’ve had the maturity and the growth to handle his childhood love and best friend coupling up— he probably would’ve learned to be happy for them, too. 


okay so you know how Aaron Burr is the narrator throughout the entire musical? that’s important, remember that

anyways, in Aaron Burr, Sir, Burr says to Hamilton “fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.” And clearly we all know this is foreshadowing, since burr already knows his fate; it’s no surprise.

But it’s the part afterwards that goes unnoticed.

After burr says that, Laurens is shouting his “what time is it? Showtime!” Being loud as we all know him in the musical.

This eerily relates to what Burr had said before: “Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.”

Laurens, in this case, could have been ‘running his mouth off’ because after he shouts that, Burr continues to say “like I said” as if he were also applying the phrase to laurens.

Burr KNEW how this story played out. He KNEW that john was going to die, so, in turn, he added the “like I said” to hint at Laurens’s death

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34 for andreil?? (No rush of course 😊💖💖)

34. “The way you flirt is shameful.” (sorry this took two weeks ahhajkha)

“Can you hold this for me?”

Andrew stares contemptuously at Neil’s outstretched hand, annoyed but hardly surprised to find nothing in it. 

“Josten… that’s just your hand,” Andrew says, slowly as if to make it easier for Neil to understand.

“Astute observation.”

Andrew chooses to ignore the comment for Neil’s benefit.

“Are you asking me to hold your hand?” he says after a pregnant pause.

“And if I am?” Neil challenges, holding Andrew’s skeptical gaze. 

He never gets the chance to reply because, just then, Kevin bounds into their room, muttering about freshman shirking practice and Aaron’s lack of motivation. Andrew tries his best to ignore what just happened. 

The next day, it escalates. 

They’re on their way to the Court when Neil looks up from his phone, his attention snapping towards a recklessly driving Andrew. 

“Hey Andrew, are you words on a page?” Neil asks. 

“Why the fuc-” 

“Because you’re fine print.”

There’s approximately five seconds of silence out of pure shock before Nicky, in the backseat with Aaron, starts coughing violently in between fits of laughter. Aaron, for once, has nothing to say besides a resentful ‘let this car crash’ glare at no one in particular. 

“Jesus Christ, Neil, what the fuck!” Nicky chokes out, hand clutching his side as he gasps for air. Aaron continues to stare blankly into the abyss. 

But Neil is still watching Andrew for his reaction, none too surprised to find the absence of one. Andrew keeps his eyes on the road, not even sparing a glance at Neil to acknowledge him or his pick-up line. 

Yet, it continues. 

N: “Are you a magnet?”

A: “….”

N: “Because I’m attracted to you.”

Matt: “Neil, that only works for metal…”

N: “Are you google?”

A: “Neil.”

N: “Because you’re the answer to everything I need.”

Nicky: “Do you even know what google is?”

N: “…” [ nervous laughter ]

Until, two weeks after its began, Andrew breaks. 

Pressed against the locker room shower after yet another terrible (”Do you play exy?” “Sadly.” “Because you’re a keeper.”) pick-up line, Andrew finally gives up.

“Why. The. Fuck. Do. You. Keep. Saying. Those?”

“Saying what?” Neil replies with all the faux innocence of a man walking out of a brothel. 

“You know what I mean.”

“Do I?”

Andrew huffs uncharacteristically, hands still gripping the front of Neil’s t-shirt. Neil looks down at Andrew’s hands before grinning devilishly up at the goalkeeper. 

“Hey Andrew-”

“Oh no.”

“-wanna know what my shirt is made out of?”

Andrew all but jogs out of the locker room, but still hears the echo of ‘boyfriend material’ follow him onto the court. 

If this week is gonna teach us anything (apart from the fact Emmerdale just love those plot devices) is just how much of a grasp Aaron really does have on Robert. Robert is weighed down completely, you can almost feel the stress radiating from him. He has Liv to contend with, her skipping school, getting up to mischief, sending fines their way, being expelled, him taking on the firm parenting role, constantly doing his best for his little family and his responsibilities. Renovating Mill, keeping a watch on the scrapyard, stuck with two teens in his pub home with neither landlady present, fighting tooth and nail for Aaron’s appeal to get him back home where he belongs because boy does he miss him, pine for him, worry frantically at the thought of him in prison, alone and vulnerable and getting caught up in incidents.

I mean, yeah, he’s not sleeping great, he’s snappy, sad, mopey and desperate but he’s managing relatively ok up until this point to say he’s not really got any moral support to back him up. He’s running more errands than he can technically handle, he’s forcing lies upon himself, he’s pretending and trying to stay positive for his husband’s sake but he’s just about functioning and getting through the days one by one.

It’s inapt for him to crack so quickly under pressure, right? Surely if he’s got this far he can keep going? Only there’s one thing that changes that in an instance and triggers that inevitable heavy low point, and that’s the one man who holds so much power and leverage against him, has the key to his heart. We all know this has always been the case for Robert all through the affair era up until current married life - Aaron lashes out, alienates and pushes him away and Robert’s so devastated by the force of words, the idea that he’s no longer needed, that he subconsciously decides to take a downward spiral to the voyage of pity and destruct. 

The moment Robert discovers Aaron’s taking drugs, jeopardising his fate, breaking his promises, lying to him and telling him he’s useless despite giving him his everything is the moment the gravity of the situation and the extent of Robert’s emotions will superficially surface because ultimately, without Aaron’s desire for him, without being able to help Aaron free himself from this horrific ordeal, Robert is swiftly set for a collapsed breakdown into oblivion where he finds a purpose elsewhere. That’s the Aaron effect.

both aaron and robert need some serious communication and actual therapy otherwise they will always end up destroying each other until there’s nothing left of either of them


Ready, Love?
 Sooo, I just wanted to draw Cain giving Robert his blessings feels sketch and somehow I got carried away end up doing this whole thing. who’s ready for a wedding?