aaron mai

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Peter Parker is a 15 year old boy who should be worrying about homework and homecoming but worries about keeping people safe and protecting his Aunt. HE IS JUST A CHILD WHO DESERVES SO MUCH AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. DID YOU SEE THAT RUBBLE SCENE? DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH THAT BROKE ME? DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH THAT BROKE PETER? I'M DONE™ AND AM GOING TO GO CRY IN A CORNER NOW.

okay so you know how Aaron Burr is the narrator throughout the entire musical? that’s important, remember that

anyways, in Aaron Burr, Sir, Burr says to Hamilton “fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.” And clearly we all know this is foreshadowing, since burr already knows his fate; it’s no surprise.

But it’s the part afterwards that goes unnoticed.

After burr says that, Laurens is shouting his “what time is it? Showtime!” Being loud as we all know him in the musical.

This eerily relates to what Burr had said before: “Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead.”

Laurens, in this case, could have been ‘running his mouth off’ because after he shouts that, Burr continues to say “like I said” as if he were also applying the phrase to laurens.

Burr KNEW how this story played out. He KNEW that john was going to die, so, in turn, he added the “like I said” to hint at Laurens’s death