aaron liu

You know what would be awesome?

If the english speaking idols came out with some epic collab english album. 

With like solo songs in english but also collaborations like Mark, Jackson and Amber rap track ft. Namjoon. 

And then like Eric, Kevin and Ailee doing an awesome ballad 

and just like tons of other shit with all the others. 

And like have a dvd with mvs and stuff and it’s just a bunch of dumb videos they’ve filmed together and them just like hanging out and stuff 

….maybe I’m the only one who wants this lol

Day 13 - Create a meme about the Olympics

This is the most accurate meme I ever made! 😂 Taken from FSUniverse, this is only a partial list of what awaits us in the Olympic season:

Swans: Sotskova, Osmond, Zagitova, Yu & Zhang, Park, Polishchuk & Vakhnov, Nugumanova, Kayne & O'Shea.

Phantoms: Mura, Aaron, Hochstein, Kayne & O’Shea, Emmy Ma, Alexia Paganini, Lu & Mitrofanov.

La La Lands: Ashley Wagner, Yelim Kim, Liam Firus, Misha Ge, Astakhova & Roganov, Wolfkostin & Zhao, Popova & Colluci.

Les Miserables: Aaron, Murakami, Alysa Liu, Brooklee Han

Cabaret: Galyeta & Brown, Kuzmichova & Sinicyn, Larkyn Austman