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Aaron Tveit - Use Somebody (Kings of Leon)
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Who do you think the 10 hottest NHL players are?

ok this took me longer than i thought but i enjoyed it so much

1. Carey Price

because holy shit

and that brows

and smile

2. Roman Josi

aka European supermodel

3. Zach Parisé

just. look. at. that. American. Hollywood. smile. pure Captain America

also this pic right here changed my life

4. Adam Henrique

he is just. perfect mix of angel and Devil (because he’s playing for New Jersey Devils hahaha ok this joke was bad)

…..I see you pornstache

5. Gabriel Landeskog

we all know how beatiful he is but still, here are some examples

+bonus aka the cutest gif ever

—————-so now i’m gonna add just one pic to others————–

6. Leon Draisaitl

beatiful German-Czech person and Connor McDavid and me and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins are his dates. I can’t blame them–us.

….also I hate this pic has watermarks but he’s still hot here….

7. Tom Wilson

he is my husband, no words needed, we all know him too.

much hotter after he got haircut

8. Alexander Wennberg

hot young Swedish ass

9. Aaron Ekblad

or better said– my daddy ok. 

he is hot both shaved and with beard, don’t fight me on this

10. Matt Duchene

he is a cutie with great hair and uncommon face and eyes

Ok but honestly Nimah and Ryan and Alex and Harry’s friendships are lot more important and precious than any love story that happened in Quantico. And their scenes are what I look forward to watch in every episode.
I also hoped that Dayana and Leon could have developed a nice friendship, bc they actually seemed to get along well initially.

Things you probably didn’t know about hockey players (part 1)
  • Part of Jack Eichel’s right ear is plastic, he took a puck to the ear when he was 17.
  • Jack Eichel has always been an introvert and only cared about hockey his entire childhood. He loved skating alone in freezing weather since he was 5 years old; he never used to sleep over at his friends’, he rather came back home early to wake up really soon next morning to go skate; he started lifting and doing pushups when he was 10 years old; he used to spend his evenings improving his shooting and controlling puck in the basement instead of watching TV.

  • Connor McDavid’s parents had to lie about his age when he was 4 years old so he could play actual hockey (only 5y.o.+ kids could play).

  • Auston Matthews’ mother Emma helped her son celebrate his 18th birthday on Sept. 17 by preparing a favorite meal (tortilla soup) for him and his Zurich teammates.

  • Aaron Ekblad’s last name is Swedish, his great-grandfather moved from Sweden to Canada.

  • 4 Czech players: Jakub Voráček, Ondřej Pavelec, Jiří Tlustý and Jakub Kovář starred in ‘Babovřesky 2′ (Old Gossipton 2), a Czech comedy from 2014where they played quite important role through the entire storyline.

  • Evgeny Kuznetsov’s older brother Alexander died of “special circumstance” at event of celebrating May 1st in Chelyabinsk. At the funeral, Evgeny (12) said to the casket: “One day I’ll be a hockey star, earn much money and organize a big hockey tournament named after you.” 

  • Anže Kopitar’s daughter Neža was conceived at the night the Kings won their 2014 Stanley Cup on Friday the 13th and was born exactly 9 months later, also on Friday the 13th.

Complete list of all one-shots made by me. If your favorite player isn’t here, its okay, plenty of more are in the works and coming soon!

* = one shot on its way, coming very soon!


Aaron Ramsey:

Claudio Marchisio:

Rejection at Its Painfullest

Cesar Azpilicueta:

Open Relationship

David Luiz:

Disappointed *

Erik Durm:


Fernando Torres:

Interior Disaster

Gerard Pique:

Gregory van der Wiel:

Tattoo Shop Memories *

Iker Casillas:

Isco Alarcon:

Confessions of a Player

Loss *

James Rodriguez:

The WAG Room *

Jesús Navas:

A Champions Prize

Julian Draxler:

Karim Benzema:

The Importance of Music

Kevin Trapp:

Leon Goretkza:

Lucas Piazon:

Lucas Silva:

Midnight Memories

Manuel Neuer:

Paradise in Barbados

Marc Bartra:


Marcelo Vieira:

Mats Hummels:

Ten Things I Never Got to Tell You

Neymar Jr:


Olivier Giroud:

Can’t Quite Live Up *

Rafinha Alcantara:

Tamales and Babies

The Yellow Beetle

Thiago Silva:

Stubborn Plus Clueless *

Toni Kroos:

Treasure Hunt *

and much much more (:

Cantonese Music Masterpost

I’ve tried my best to compile a balanced list of Cantonese songs, with both modern and classical Cantopop, and both male and female artists. This is obviously not an extensive list, but rather just an overview of some of the more popular singers. There are still tens of thousands of Cantonese songs out there, but hopefully this list will give you an idea of where to start. 

  • recommended* 
  • strongly recommended**  
  • must listen***

- M O D E R N   C A N T O P O P - 

Alfred Hui (許廷鏗)

螞蟻 / 面具 / 登對 / 我的離開也是愛 / 對白 / 知己 / 歲月無悔* / 記住忘記我*

Dear Jane

遠征 / 不許你注定一人 / 到此為止 / 最後一次 / 咖啡因眼淚

G.E.M (鄧紫棋)

喜歡你* / Get Over You / 失真

Pakho Chau (周柏豪)

百年不合** / 傳聞* / 還記得* / 我的宣言* / 磨牙 / 相安無事

Joey Yung (容祖兒)

女皇 / 天窗 / 花千樹* / 續集** / 連續劇** / 我的驕傲** / 世上只有*

Louis Cheung (張繼聰)

離人淚* / 雙生焰 / 永和號 / 烏蠅鏡 / 瑪莉殺死小綿羊

Ivana Wong (王菀之)

小俠 / 妳的名字我的姓氏 / 生命之花* / 好時辰** / 最好的 / 末日** / 畫意** / 留白

Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞)

高攀 / 化蝶 / 暗戀 / 交替之間 / 明知故犯** / 相信明天

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣)

最幸福的事* / 其實我不快樂 / 發誓 / 一顆不變的心 / 預防針 / 不顧一切 / 鋼琴哭 / 一人晚餐 / I’ll be Waiting for You 

Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘)

當狗愛上貓 / 投降吧 / 我就是我 / 熊貓* 

J. Arie (雷琛瑜)

你死我活** / 不想再見 / 第一志願 / 我就是主角

Hins Cheung (張敬軒)

靈魂相認 / 找對的人 / 叮噹可否不要老 / 緋荔榭‧少年 / 井 / 春秋 / 留低鎖匙

JW (王灝兒)

矛盾一生* / 多少年

Juno Mak (麥浚龍)

耿耿於懷 / 念念不忘** / 羅生門*

Kay Tse (謝安琪)

你們的幸福 / 雞蛋與羔羊 / 家明 / 獨家村

Andy Hui (許志安)

你的男人 / 流淚行勝利道 / 豬先生 / 男人最痛* / 灰飛煙滅

Phil Lam (林奕匡)

高山低谷* / 有人共鳴 / 安徒生的錯

Jinny Ng (吳若希)

眼淚的秘密** / 越難越愛* / 愛 / 錯過了 / 我們都受傷* 

C AllStar

逾越生死** / 天梯** / 夜幕天星 / 薄情歌*

AGA (江海迦)

一加一 / 一* / 問好* / 若 / Superman / 認

Fiona Sit (薛凱琪)

那一個我 / 告別我* / 9:55pm

Leo Koo (古巨基)

戀無可戀 / 時代 / 任天堂流淚 / 愛得太遲** / 友共情 / 地球很危險 / 告別我的戀人們  

Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣)

好心好報 (with 方力申) / 不要離我太遠* / 分手的情書 / 戒心**

Alex Fong (方力申)

ABC君 / 無雙譜* / 在你遙遠的附近 / 如果世上没傻瓜 / 好好戀愛 / 只愛一個人*

Charmaine Fong (方皓玟)

哭乾了眼淚 / 你是你本身的傳奇 / 分手總約在雨天

Justin Lo (側田)

美麗之最 / I Miss Love / 情永落

Jade Kwan (關心妍)

逆來順受** / 人生銀行 / 失戀哲理 / 如何離開你*

Angela Hui (許靖韻)

仍未心死 / 不如告白 / R U OK? / 單身派對


森林** / 昨天** / 現在** / 兩大無猜* / 等不了 / 黑色狂迷* / 一句 / 無謂再假 / 如果我是陳奕迅 / 想太多*


發現號 / 你和我** / 放 / 語言藝術 / 阿波羅* 

Supper Moment

無盡** / 小伙子* / 幸福之歌 / 是你令我再次找到心跳 / P.S. I Love You

- T H E   C L A S S I C S  -

This section is extremely varied, extending from the 1960s to the early 2000s, with a bigger focus on the 80s to late 90s, because a lot of absolute classics that really defined Cantopop were from this time period. I’ve included the “4 Heavenly Kings” (Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok) and tons of other extremely well-known artists like Eason Chan, Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam, and Danny Chan. If you’re studying Cantonese, you should get to know some of the songs I’ve starred! 

Jacky Cheung (張學友)

愛是永恒 / 妳的名字 我的姓氏 / 李香蘭 / 分手總要在雨天 / 我等到花兒也謝了 / 相思風雨中 

Andy Lau (劉德華)

如果有一天 / 一起走過的日子 / 謝謝你的愛**

Leon Lai (黎明)

對不起我愛妳 /  沒名字的歌,無名字的妳

Aaron Kwok (郭富城)

風裡密碼 / 愛的呼喚 / 誰能代替妳 / 錯愛的呼喚** / I Love You So 太愛你 / 我為何讓你走 / 是最好人生

Anita Mui (梅艷芳)

夕陽之歌 / 心債 / 夢伴 / 赤的疑惑 / 千年女王 / 風的季節 / 似水流年 / 抱緊眼前人 / 壞女孩

Leslie Cheung (張國榮)

有心人 / 有誰共鳴 / 當年情 / 千千闕歌 / 追 / 今生今世 / 左右手 / 風繼續吹

Alan Tam (譚詠麟)

一生中最愛** / 愛的根源* / 曾經 / 再見亦是淚* / 誰可改變** / 愛的替身 / 暴風女神 Lorelei / 愛在深秋 / 忘不了您 / 只想孤單一個自己  / 雨夜的浪漫** / 朋友** / 愛情陷阱*** / 小風波 

Vivian Chow (周慧敏)

痴心換情深 / 最愛 / 孤單的心痛 / 自作多情*

Danny Chan (陳百強)

戀愛預告*** / 一生何求 / 偏偏喜歡你** / 等 / 深愛著你

Roman Tam (羅文)

獅子山下** / 家變 / 滄海一聲笑 / 幾許風雨

Sally Yeh (葉倩文)

情人知己 / 祝福* / 紅塵* / 黎明不要來

Hacken Lee (李克勤)

月半小夜曲* / 情非首爾 / 冬暖夏涼* / 孔明燈 / 十年前後** / 眷戀 / 一生不變 / 大會堂演奏廳 / 紅日**

Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文)

放不低 / 默契 / 不拖不欠* / 插曲*

Chris Wong (黃凱芹)

感受 / 傷感的戀人 / 雨中的戀人們* / 如果你知我苦衷** / 易愛難收 / 晚秋 / 青蔥歲月** / 誰明白愛** / 流離所愛** / 望星星

Eason Chan (陳奕迅)

陀飛輪**  / 於心有愧** / 任我行 / 遠在咫尺 / 浮誇 / 富士山下* / 明年今日 / 十面埋伏 / 幸災樂禍 / Katrina / K歌之王** / Lonely Christmas** / 歲月如歌** / 沙龍


光輝歲月** / 海闊天空** / 情人* / 喜歡你* / 我是憤怒 / 不可一世

Faye Wong (王菲)

約定* / 容易受傷的女人** / 愛與痛的邊緣*

Johnny Yip (葉振棠)

忘盡心中情 / 難為正邪定分界 / 找不著藉口 / 戲劇人生


下一站天后 / 風箏與風 / 眼紅紅 / 多謝失戀 / 死性不改 / 你不是好情人 / 亂世佳人

Individual Songs

上海灘 (葉麗儀) / 相逢何必曾相識 (蔣志光 / 韋綺姍) / 狂潮 (關菊英) / 大亨 (徐小鳳)** / 傻女 (陳慧嫻)* / 越吻越傷心 (蘇永康) / 好心分手 (盧巧音)*** / 小城大事 (楊千嬅)***

Thanks to @petitbabelfish for helping me with the Classics section! If there are any major songs that I missed, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.