aaron koh

The Bible in 90 days

Okay hey yay happy christian posts are back lol

So 3 months ago, Aaron Koh asked me to do this plan/challenge with him and Sam Shim to complete the whole bible in 90 days. NINETY. DAYS.

At first, I thought “that’s just too crazy. 66 books, INCLUDING PSALMS. In 90 days?” I’ve heard of the 365 day plan but not 90 days. But I decided to accept the challenge anyways. This was because

1. I wasn’t studying or working, so I thought i should at least do something useful and accomplishing in the meantime.

2. I started reading the whole bible maybe 5 years ago, give or take. I would read as many as I want (and as little as I wanted) whenever I wanted. I kinda stopped as I reached 2 Samuel, due to lack of motivation and my gr8 procrastination skills. And I’ll read like 1 chapter every 3 months… So this was my chance to finally achieve what I wanted to 5 years ago.

So I accepted the challenge. It was pretty tough at times cos it was legit 11-20 chapters A DAY. And I kinda slacked a little when I got sick and when I went to India and when I went for PS conference (my excuse was that I was holy enough for the day HAHA obviously no such thing BUT I WAS TIRED OKAY)

But i somehow motivated myself and got myself back on track and even managed to finish it while on holiday in New Zealand. I was almost 100% sure I would be at least a day late because holidaying is a full time job (HAHAHAHAH) but I managed to finish it on time and it was honestly the greatest feeling. So proud of myself, so relieved and excited.

Why was I excited? Well, the Bible was never the most interesting book to me (well, no books are interesting to me) but I always knew there was so much to learn from it. And after completing the plan, I started to realized how much more I could learn from rereading this book over and over again. I’ve started and have planned to start a bunch of plans on the Bible app that I use and I’m really excited to learn and grow more.

I really encourage everyone to start a plan or to read the whole bible (maybe not in 90 days, it was pretty intense) because I want everyone to experience what I have been abled to experience through reading an ancient book that is yet so relevant to us now.

Thanks Aaron for asking me to do this plan. It’s really because of you that I’m so fired up about it now. All the best completing the plan. You can do it! :)